Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 24

Chapter 24

But what did she gave him in return, nothing absolutely nothing except pain and grief, she always misunderstood him, no she wasn’t worthy of his divine love. She felt so small in front of his immense love for her. She felt suffocated under the burden of her actions and didn’t have the guts to face him anymore because she knew he still loved her despite all her horrible mistakes but today she had fallen in her own eyes. How could he be so selfless, so true, so pure and she so cruel. Geet felt very small in front of Maan’s selfless love for Annie and herself and not able to bear her guilt anymore left from the hospital.

Here Maan was busy with the doctors enquiring about Annie and what further treatment she needed that he didn’t realize what Geet was up to.

Maan: Doctor, what should be the future treatment.

Doctor: It looks like she has calmed down after her outburst. It seems like she has finally gained the peace and solace she was looking for. His sister’s forgiveness is a big step and from what I see it seems that she should soon recover and be back as the bubbly girl we all knew.

Maan was feeling so grateful of his angel that she had showered so much love on his sister and cured her.

Maan: When can we take Annie back home?

Doctor: We would like to keep her under observation for a couple of hours and then you are free to take her home.

Maan was very happy that his kiddo would be discharged soon and he went to share the good news with Geet but he got tensed on not finding her.

Maan (to the passing by nurse): Sister, did you see the lady sitting here?

Nurse: Yeah, she left some time back. I think since only one attendant is allowed she must have returned home.

Maan tried to reach Geet on her mobile but finding it switched off he got tensed and immediately called his detectives to locate her. He was very worried as to what she was undergoing but he couldn’t leave Annie alone in the hospital and decided to wait for the detective’s call. Within 10 minutes the detective reported back.

Detective: Sir, she is in a taxi heading back home.

Maan: Ok, keep an eye on her and let me know when she reaches home.

Detective: Ok, sir.

Maan felt a little relieved that she was going home but deep in his heart he was very anxious as what she must be going through. He knew she must be feeling bad, probably guilty as she didn’t even inform him before leaving. He decided to meet her once he dropped Annie at home as Dadima would be there to take care of her.

The doctors were very happy with Annie’s program and decided to discharge her.

Maan: Chalo bachcha, let’s go home.

Annie (hugging him): Thank you so much Bhaiya. I am really blessed to have a brother like you and a would-be Bhabhi like Geet.

Maan faked a smile not wanting to disturb Annie but his heart ached on not able to reach out to Geet and comfort her.

They soon reached home and Dadima ran to meet Annie.

Dadima (hugging her): Beta, how are you feeling now?

Annie: I am much better now Dadi, don’t worry.

Dadima: How can I not worry when both brother and sister are hell bent upon giving me heart attack.

Maan: Please don’t say like this Dadi, you know we love you so much.

Dadima: I know you love me dear but you both don’t take care of yourselves and you both are my life.

Maan and Annie: Sorry Dadi, we promise we will take care of ourselves. But you don’t worry please.

Finally Dadima smiled and hugged her grand children with all her love and they reciprocated the same.

Maan: Annie, Chalo you need to take complete bed rest.

Annie made a baby sad face.

Maan: Nothing doing kiddo, you are resting and that is final.

Annie: Ok, Bhaiya, as you say (she smiled for him and left for her room).

Maan: Dadi, I need to go some place urgently. Please take care of Annie.

Dadima: Sure Beta, but you also take care of yourself and don’t stress.

Maan: Ji, Dadima.

Here Geet had reached home but she was numb with remorse for all that she had made Maan undergo for no fault of his. Her heart ached as she remembered her brother Lucky and the grave pain of losing him but her soul burned with guilt of having made an innocent ad selfless soul scorch for her revenge. She made him go through hell, probably move in return of his divine love. Oh… her consciousness loathed her, making her remember how her heart had tried to stop her but she ignored her inner voice and kept torturing the one person who loved her so much after her Bhaiya.

Tears flowed non-stop from her eyes as she walked lifelessly in her home not able to contemplate how to repent her deeds. There was a knock on the door and she was stunned to find Dev outside.

Dev had been expecting Geet to come rushing to him after what he had enacted along with Raghu. But when she didn’t come even the next day he thought of paying her a visit. Seeing her broken state he smiled inwardly that his plan had worked but little did he know what all had happened since then.

Dev (in a sympathetic voice hiding his happiness): Geet, don’t be sad for that bas***d.

Geet (grabbing his collar): Don’t you dare say a word against Maan. All he ever did was protect me and try to keep me happy. You and your stupid Raghu are nothing but full of faults (her grief and remorse overpowering her. She left him and walks inside totally shattered) But how can I blame you when all I ever did was to hurt him. I am so unworthy of his love. Oh God what have I done. There is no fit repentance that can cleanse my soul.

Dev was shocked that his plan had totally backfired and he quickly thought of ways to win her back. Then his cunning brain had a plan on how to use her grief since he didn’t want to use force as that would only push her further away.

Dev (fake tears): Geet, I am so sorry. I … I didn’t know that rascal Raghu was a liar. You toh know how naive I am, I just believed his words. I am truly, extremely sorry Geet I only wanted to help you, support you. Even in my dreams I can never think of hurting you,

Geet. You… you are my best friend.

Geet, being Geet who was so naive and pure, it was the circumstances that her made her misunderstand Maan and her grief which had made her commit the worst mistake of her life which was torturing her heart and soul, that she believed Dev, that probably he was also fooled by Raghu.

Geet: It is ok, Dev. Just leave me alone.

Dev: Nahi Geet. I am really sorry for making you suffer. I want to help you, you know you can confide in me.

Geet: There is nothing you or anyone can do. I have to pay for my deeds alone.

Dev (trying to formulate a new plan): Please Geet tell me, I want to help you.

By now Geet had made up her mind that she would not let even her evil shadow fall on Maan. Her consciousness cursed her that Maan was totally pure while she was totally cruel. She didn’t even deserve an iota of his divine love and that he would be much better off without her monstrous presence in his life.

Geet: Dev, if you want to really help me, then just leave me alone. I need to sort of my life and re-start it again in a new city far away from Maan where I can repent my grave mistakes.

Dev started to protest but hearing that she was planning to move away from Maan he thought it was probably best to leave her alone.

Dev: Ok Geet, anything for you. But please keep in touch and let me know if you need anything. Do remember I am always there for you and let me know where my best friend is moving to.

Geet: Ok, bye Dev.

Dev left feeling ecstatic that she was planning on leaving Maan and he didn’t even had to do anything.

Geet started packing determined to leave town.

On the other hand Maan was driving at full speed to reach to Geet as fast as he could.

Precap: Will Maan reach in time…

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