Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 23

Chapter 23

Maan had got the goons caught and since they had done other crimes he got them arrested for that. He didn’t want to bring Annie’s case or the accident since that would require Annie to give witness account which was life threatening at that time and for the same reason he had taken all the blame for Lucky’s accident.


Maan: Doctor, can I see her?

Doctor: Yeah, you can meet her, but she is still very agitated. Please try to calm her down otherwise it will have an extremely negative effect on her health.


Maan nodded and rushed in to meet his kid sister. Here Geet was still in daze, she was still trying to grasp what had happened that night. She was feeling sorry for what all Annie had to undergo. Geet being a girl could easily imagine what hell Annie must have undergone that night and could very well feel how helpless and scared she must have felt when the goons attacked her and chased her. Also hearing about how his brother got killed re-opened the still healing wounds of his death and Geet felt as if she was re-living those torturous moments of his death and felt numb, emotional, weak, broken all at the same time. She sat rooted on the hospital chair still contemplating the truth.


Annie was feeling restless when Maan entered. He rushed to console her and held her hand. He caressed her forehand with the other.


Maan: Bacha, kuch nahi hua hai. Don’t take tension everything will be fine. Please calm down kiddo. (Bacha, nothing has happened. Don’t take tension everything will be fine. Please calm down kiddo.)


But Annie’s anxiety increased on not seeing Geet.


Annie: Bhaiya, yeh meine kya kar diya. I killed someone (tears rolled down her eyes) (Bhaiya, what did I do. I killed someone)


Maan (wiping her tears trying to soothe her): It was not your fault bacha. Please don’t cry.

Maan: It was an accident and if you still want to blame someone then I am the culprit for I couldn’t protect you.


Annie: Nahi Bhaiya. Aap ki koi galti nahi hai (she gripped his hands tight). (No, Bhaiya. It wasn’t your fault)


Maan realized that she was trying to find someone and he immediately understood what would release her tension.


Maan: Annie, one moment, I will be back in a minute.


He went outside where Geet was sitting.


Maan: Geet (on hearing no response from her he shook her shoulders slightly)


Geet (coming out of her trance): Haan


Geet’s face was so blank that Maan wasn’t able to understand from her expression if she was angry on Annie but right now only Geet could comfort her. He went down of his knees. Geet wasn’t able to comprehend what was happening or what he was doing.


Maan (he folded his hands): Geet, please forgive Annie. Give me any punishment you want but please don’t be angry on her. I will do anything you say but I beg of you, please come with me to comfort her.


Geet was so stunned by his words and got jolted out of her thoughts. She held his hands with one hand and silenced him with the other.


Geet: What are you saying Maan. How can I be angry on Annie, it was not her fault. I can imagine the distress she must have gone through that night. The whole ordeal must have been so torturous for her. How can I blame her after all that she had to undergo that night. How can I (and tears flowed out of her eyes for the helplessness Annie must have felt and for the death of Lucky Bhaiya).


Maan wiped her tears and they both went to Annie’s room whose gaze was just stuck on the door, her eyes were searching for Geet to ask her forgiveness. When she finally saw Geet coming in behind Maan her eyes filled up again. She tried to get up but wasn’t able to, Maan rushed to her and supported her to sit up with the support of the bed rest.


Annie: Geet I know what I did is unpardonable but please forgive me.


Geet came near Annie and held her hand.


Geet: Annie, it was not your fault. You are also the victim here. The whole mistake was of those four guys who troubled you and who hit your car causing the accident. Isliye don’t blame yourself dear.


Annie: Par, Lucky Bhaiya…


Geet: Annie, unki maut se mujhe bahut jyada dukh hua hai. Par it was not your mistake Annie. Un charo ko unke kiye ki saza zaroor milage par tumhari koi bhi galti nahi hai. (Annie, I am deeply saddened by his death. But it was not your mistake Annie. Those 4 people will surely get the punishment for what they did but it wasn’t your fault)


Annie was overwhelmed with emotions and tears of gratitude flowed from her eyes. Geet wiped her tears.


Geet: Annie, bas ab aur aasu nahi. Babaji has given me such a wonderful sister and I don’t want to see tears in her eyes. Smile now dear. (Annie, now no more tears. Babaji has given me such a wonderful sister and I don’t want to see tears in her eyes. Smile now dear.)


Annie smiled amidst tears, she was feeling truly relieved today. Here Maan was awestruck at Geet. He knew she was an angel and he just kept falling more in love with her.


Doctor came for Annie’s checkup and he requested Geet to wait outside as only one attendant was allowed. Geet came out and sat down. All the memories from the day of the accident started flashing in front of her eyes. She remembered how she had kept slapping Maan in the hospital blaming him and then when he had come home for the funeral she had again slapped him and cursed him. She recalled how she had sent goons to beat him up and when her plan failed she had asked Romeo to create trouble in his construction site. But when nothing worked how she had emotionally blackmailed Pinky to send Maan to the hotel room where she had tried to seduce him with the intention of accusing him of rape later on and how he didn’t even touch her yet was ready to take the blame of raping her for her happiness but not at her cost. How he bled just to keep her stupid word or rather how she made him bleed himself by saying “I want to see you bleed”.


Oh God, how ruthless she had become. How much she had made him suffer but he didn’t as much as flinch and endured all. Rather in order to save her he didn’t even once think about his wounds just carried her all the way to the car. She couldn’t believe how much she had loathed him for no fault of his. Oh God, what had she done, she was always so harsh with him, hating him while he kept pouring his pure love on her. She was dying a thousand deaths remembering how she had accused and abused him in the whole MMS fiasco and all he did was try to cover her up with his shirt. Oh… what unforgivable grave mistakes she had made. She kept on torturing him with her words and actions and he bore it all silently scorching his soul just for her.


She winced in pain thinking of all her deeds and how much he had to suffer as a result, yet he never ever complained or raised his voice on her. She re-called the look of helplessness in his eyes that day when she had bombarded him with questions about the accident wanting to prove his innocence. Now she understood what all he must have undergone wanting to answer her questions yet having to remain silent for his sister. Oh… how much he loved Annie and her. He just kept on absorbing both their pains, suffering, bleeding, sacrificing himself for their happiness.


But what did she gave him in return, nothing absolutely nothing except pain and grief, she always misunderstood him, no she wasn’t worthy of his divine love. She felt so small in front of his immense love for her. She felt suffocated under the burden of her actions and didn’t have the guts to face him anymore because she knew he still loved her despite all her horrible mistakes but today she had fallen in her own eyes. How could he be so selfless, so true, so pure and she so cruel. Geet felt very small in front of Maan’s selfless love for Annie and herself and not able to bear her guilt anymore left from the hospital.


Precap: Yet to decide … still thinking Wink

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