Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 22

Chapter 22


Very reluctantly Maan showed his feet to her and she was horror stuck at their sight. They had been scorched by the burning coal.


Geet: Maan yeh aap ne kya kiya, koi aapne aap ko aise tarpata hai kya. (Fresh tears flowed from her eyes). Yadi aapne dobara aisi harkat ki toh mujse bura koi nahi hoga. (Maan, what did you do. Does anyone torture himself like this? If you do anything like this again then you see what I do)


Maan simply nodded not wanting to pain her more. She very gently cleansed his wounds and bandaged them.


She caressed his leg wounds very gently as if wanting to soak away all his pain. She was awestruck at his love for her but was deeply pained at how much he had made himself suffer. She could not fathom how someone could be so selfless that he was willing to bear so much torture on himself just for her sake.


Here Maan was totally lost in her care, it felt as if she was soothing the wounds on his soul. He was finally feeling relieved of the burden which was slowly killing him. Her happiness and delicate touch had the power to heel even his deepest of scars. At last he was at peace with himself and was willing to forgive himself for the tears he had caused her.


Majar ke Baba ne sahi kaha tha Allah kuch aisa jaroor karenge ke woh apne aap ko maaf kar de ga (Baba at Majar had truthfully said that Lord would do something that he will forgive himself for sure).


Dadi’s voice brought both of them out of their respective thoughts.


Daadi (voice full of concern): Maan beta, what have you done there is blood all over.

Maan: Daadi, I am absolutely fine. Please don’t take tension.

Daadi: Beta, how can I not take tension when you are hell bent upon destroying yourself. It has hardly been a month when you were hospitalized with such tortuous wounds and now this.


Geet felt guilty that she was always responsible for his self-destruction. That day because of her stupid and obnoxious wish he destroyed himself and today also because of her questions he tortured himself.


Daadi (to Geet): I can’t thank you enough beta for stopping him and bandaging him.

Geet: Aap aise kyun bol rahe ho, yeh toh mera farz tha (Why are you saying like this, it was my duty)


Daadi (hugged Geet and kissed her on her forehead): God bless you beta.


Maan smiled seeing the bonding between Daadi and Geet.


Maan: Daadi, aap Geet ko janti hai (Daadi, you know Geet)

Daadi: When I was returning home she fell in front of our car. Doctor said that due to too much stress and drenching she had fallen unconscious. At that time her smile was missing.


Maan cursed himself at what his silence did to his angel. Daadi was sensing something between the two due to which they were tensed but it seemed that they had sorted their problem so she didn’t want to touch the topic. She was happy to see both of them smiling


Daadi (continued): But now it seems she has found her smile back.


Geet smile hearing Daadi and Maan felt so relieved to see his angel smile that he was completely lost in her.


Daadi: Chalo, I will lay dinner for both of you.

Geet: But I should leave.

Daadi: Beta, doctor said complete bed rest tonight so if …

Maan (interuppted before Daadi could ask about her family): Then you are staying here otherwise you will strain yourself alone (he stressed on alone looking at Daadi and she understood that Geet’s family was not there with her)


Maan went to his room and changed and headed to the dining table where Annie joined them. Annie hugged Maan on seeing his bandage.


Annie (With tears in her eyes): Bhai, what happened why is your hand bandaged.

Maan (breaking the hug): Kuch nahi bacha, tore si kharoch hai. I am absolutely fine (Nothing bacha, it is just a slight cut. I am absolutely fine)

Annie: Pakka

Maan nodded.


Geet’s eyes filled up seeing the sister-brother bonding and was immediately reminded of Lucky. Maan could sense her discomfort and felt helpless at not being able to take away her pain.


Annie saw Geet and was very happy.


Annie (hugging Geet): Aap wohi ho na joh bhaiya ke sath dance kar rahe the annual day par (You are the one who was dancing with Bhaiya on annual day, right)

Geet: Yeah


Annie breaking the hug but still holding her shoulders, voice full of excitement.


Annie: Pata hai I have never seen Bhai so lost, happy and content as he was in that dance. Hayee you both looked so heavenly.


Geet blushed while Maan cleared his throat to stop Annie.


Annie (continued ignoring Maan): Hayee, it was so dreamy we all were so lost in it. Aap dono ne toh stage par aag laga di (Hayee, it was so dreamy we all were so lost in it. You both set the stage on fire with your performance).



Maan and Geet both were blushing hard remembering the close and passionate dance they shared.


Maan (not wanting to embarrass themselves further): Let’s eat dinner, it will get cold otherwise.


Daadi smiled at his excuse, she was happy to see her grandson smiling and she knew somewhere in her heart that he was finally getting ready to move ahead in life and settle down. She could sense the same feeling in Geet. Somehow in the first meeting itself Geet had won Daadi’s heart. Daadi always had the nack of judging people and she could see that Geet was an innocent angel that had brought happiness in Maan’s life.


During dinner Annie was nonstop chatting about all the mischief they did in college and all had a gala time laughing over them.


After so many days Geet was finally feeling as if she had found her family back, she had never enjoyed herself so much after Lucky’s death. But who was to know that this happiness would be so short lived.


After dinner Maan showed Geet her room.


Maan: Let me know if you need anything.

Geet: Aap haldi wala doodh pee lete toh jaldi theek ho jate (If you drink turmeric milk then you will get better faster)

Maan: Ok, I will drink you don’t worry. Here eat these medicines and take rest and please don’t strain yourself.

Geet: You also please take rest and remember your promise, no anger on self.


Maan gave his lop sided smile. Hayee he looked so adorable that Geet was for the first time lost in his smile. He turned breaking her thoughts.


Geet: You should smile more often it really suits you.


Maan smiled, blushed and left for his room wishing her good night.


Both slept peacefully, he was freed from the guilt of torturing her with his silence while she no longer needed the answer as to what happened that night. But both were unaware of what the next morning had in store for them.


It was Raksha bandhan and Geet was feeling an emptiness in her life when she woke up.

Here Annie had tied Maan rakhi and he gave her the present. Daadi blessed both while Geet was in her room.

On some pretext Annie took Maan to her room.


Annie: Bhaiya, if I ask you for something today, will you give it to me.

Maan: Anything kiddo, what do you want.

Annie: Maan, he had a sister na, I want to meet her.

Maan (he knew who she was talking about but still pretended) Who?

Annie: You know whom I am talking about (Maan tried to escape her gaze) you can’t escape Bhaiya. Yes, I am talking about Mr. Lucky. He had a sister right.


Geet was passing by when she heard Annie talk about Lucky and just stopped in her tracks. The room door was slightly ajar and she could hear easily.


Maan: Yes, he has a sister.

Annie: Bhaiya, I want to meet her I want to talk to her.

Maan: No Annie, doctor has advised against it and anyways it wasn’t your fault.

Annie: Bhaiya, please mere dil mein yeh bhooj hai, I will not be able to live peacefully, I need to confess, please Bhaiya (Bhaiya, please it is a burden on my heart, I will not be able to live peacefully, I need to confess, please Bhaiya)

Maan(holding her shoulders): Bacha, please don’t strain yourself. It was my mistake you didn’t do anything kiddo.


Annie started weeping profusely while Geet entered the room.


Geet: I am his sister.


Maan was shocked to see Geet there.


Maan: Kuch nahi Geet, please leave, it was all my mistake, please go away from here.

Annie: Bhaiya, please let me tell.


Maan couldn’t see his kid sister so distressed but he was stopping her for her own good, doctor had strictly advised against her recalling the incident.


Annie: Bhaiya, apna promise wapas le lo please, I will die in this burden. Please let me tell… I beg of you (Bhaiya, please take back your promise, I will die in this burden. Please let me tell… I beg of you)


Maan finally consented because her condition was already deteriorating with all the tension and weeping.


Annie: That day, I went to the party but didn’t take my body guards much against Bhaiya’s wishes. We were in the disc and enjoying ourselves when somehow a gang of 4 bad boys tricked me into going outside the disc. They tried to misbehave while I tried to run away. (she stopped recalling crying profusely)


Maan: She called me but I didn’t pick up the phone. Oh… God (he banged his bandaged hand on the wall)


Annie (holding his hand): Nahi Bhaiya you are not at fault. They caught me and tore my sleeves scratching my arms (Maan closed his eyes in pain at what all his kid sister had to go through) but I somehow managed to free myself and ran to the car. I started driving it but wasn’t able to think clearly I was very panicky as they were following me, shouting lewd stuff. (Maan was slowly dying to hear her pain) Bhaiya called me and I told him, he rushed to save me in his car. They kept banging my car and I tried to drive fast but was constantly looking back. Then suddenly they hit my car badly and my car skidded and it hit Lucky Bhaiya (and she weeped more). I didn’t know how it happened. But I am very very sorry. The goons ran away and Bhaiya reached there. He took all the blame for me. I am so so sorry.


Saying so Annie collapsed. Maan rushed to Annie and he held her and they rushed her to the hospital. Doctor immediately rushed her to the OT. After a couple of hours he came out.


Doctor: Mr Khurana, I had advised you to not let her remember the incident, especially the part about the accident. As you know she is very sensitive after your parent’s death and the mental trauma she had to undergo that night especially the death of Mr. Lucky by her hands has weakened her more. Any memory of the accident is harmful for her. You need to stop her from recalling the incident otherwise she will start having fits.


Maan: Sorry doctor, I will be more careful.


Maan had got the goons caught and since they had done other crimes he got them arrested for that. He didn’t want to bring Annie’s case or the accident since that would require Annie to give witness account which was life threatening at that time and for the same reason he had taken all the blame for Lucky’s accident.


Precap: Geet feels very small in front of Maan’s selfless love for Annie and herself and leaves from there.


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