Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 21

Chapter 21


Maan had started fire Tai Chai. He was sweating profusely trying to feel her pain, suffer her suffering.



Geet saw him from above and was dying each second seeing his condition. She couldn’t bear to see him torturing himself and ran to the gym.



She reached the door and fell on her knees seeing him destroy himself.

Maan was slowly losing control on himself. His anger was getting hold of him and he threw the fire rod and grabbed a chain weapon with spiked round edges. He whipped himself with it is so harshly that flesh peeled off his back and it started bleeding. Geet was stunned to see him destroying himself to this extent. It felt as if the spikes had stuck her heart and it was dripping blood. Not able to see him in this condition she screamed.


Geet: Maaannn


But Maan was fuming in a world of his own. He was shivering in anger on self. He cursed himself that because of him his angel had tears in her eyes. He just couldn’t punish himself enough. It was as if he wanted to pay for her tears in his blood and flesh. He leashed himself again, causing flesh to scrap off from another portion of his back.


Any other normal person would have died in pain at how much he had been torturing himself but Maan felt nothing. This suffering was nothing compared to what he felt when he saw Geet begging him. He was all hers and yet he couldn’t give what Geet had begged for. His silence had tortured his soul. Oh… he cursed his existence, he couldn’t even make her smile. What was the use of his living when he broke her heart. He was about to whip himself again when someone held his wrist.


Geet wasn’t able to witness him tormenting himself so much. It was as if she was weeping blood which was flowing from his body. When her voice couldn’t pierce his thoughts, she rushed to him and held his hand from behind wanting to stop him from torturing himself.



Maan was furious as to who had the guts to stop him and looked back which so much anger in his eyes that it could burn anyone alive. But when he saw Geet his anger vanished and guilt took over. He bowed his head in shame to see her condition, she looked so broken, tears pouring down her eyes. His self loathe only increased seeing her state and he wanted to rip himself apart. Tear himself bit by bit, bleed till the last drop of blood left his body and his each dripping drop of blood would beg only for her happiness. He gripped the spiked part of the chain in his hand making it pierce his skin.


Geet (unaware of his hand gripping the spikes): Maan, please is tarah apne aap ko takleef mat deejiye. I know you are torturing yourself because of me. I will not ask you anything, for I know you can never hurt anyone intentionally, so please don’t torture yourself. I promise I will never ever mention anything about the accident, so please forget about it and forgive yourself. Let us leave the past behind and start afresh. Please Maan look at me. (Maan still didn’t look at her)


Maan: Meri wajah se tumhari aakhon mein aason hai. Mein apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar sakta, kabhi nahi.


Saying so his grip tightened causing blood to drip from his hand. Geet was shocked to see his hand and she grapped the chain for his hand and threw it away.


Geet (holding his shoulders and shaking him): Maan aap yeh kya kar rahe hai. It is not your fault, it was an accident. Joh insane meri ek muskurahat ke liye meri sari bewakoofiya, sari gatliyan maaf kar sakta hai. Mein bachkani aur ghenoni harkate haste hue seh sakta hai. Mere pagalpan ke liye apna katra katra baha sakta hai woh insane sapne mein bhi mujhe kabhi dukhi nahi kar sakta.


He fell on his knees overwhelmed to hear her but he could never forgive himself. He had to pay for her tears. Damn it, had he picked up that phone that day nothing would have happened.


Maan: Nahi Geet yeh sab meri wajah se hua hai. Mere ko maafi nahi sirf saza ka haq hai.


Geet went down on her knees. She cupped his face but he lowered his gaze.


Geet: Nahi Maan, yeh sab Babaji ki marji hai. Jo bhi hua woh unki hi marzi se hua, aap ka koi bhi dosh nahi hai. Look into my eyes Maan, what do you see in them?


He saw immense respect for him and the beginning of love in her eyes.


Geet: Your pure love has washed away all the hatred I had. It cleanized the monster in me. You bore all my autrocities without  a word of complaint. You gave into even my most horrible demands, you bleed for me. You forgave me despite all the accusitions I made, all the abuses I leashed out on you. You loved me irrespective of what all I said and did to you. You suffered to save me, you sacrified yourself for me. You purified me of the sinful person I had become. You bore all to save my soul. What happened that day was an accident but what I did was unforgivable so if you want to punish, punish me for I am a bigger culprit. If you have to suffer then I should be scorched in burning fire.


The mere thought of Geet getting hurt killed Maan and he kept his finger on her mouth silencing her.



Maan: Chup, bhilkul chup.


Geet looked into his eyes which only shed love … pure love on her. She wondered what good she had done to deserve someone so true. Whose love was so pure that it could be sworn on. She was truly blessed to have him.


Geet: You can’t even hear about me getting hurt. Just think how much it must be hurting me to see you bleed like this. I don’t know if I will ever be able to reciprocate how much you love me, I don’t even know if I love you but I can’t see you suffer like this. (She folded her hands) I beg of you, please stop torturing yourself. It hurts my soul to see you like this.


Maan held her hands


Maan: Jaisa tum chaho. (how could he ever not give her something what was in his power) But please don’t cry.


Geet was overwhelmed by his love, even in such a state all he ever thought was of her. She knew he was saying that to make her happy and still was repenting his action. She smiled for him and instantly hugged him wanting to take away all the guilt, all the remorse. The hug was like magic to Maan and it took away all his pains, she had hugged him for the first time. Her smile was to die for, he would have laid himself before her to see that one smile. Oh… he felt over the moon to see her happy, it was all that ever mattered to him. Geet could feel him relax in the hug, she was happy that she had finally managed to calm him down otherwise God only knows what he would have done to himself. She slowly caressed his back to soothe him when she felt something wet and was reminded of the painful injuries he had adorned himself with. She immediately broke the hug.


Geet (her voice full of pain): Maaan

Maan (Was surprised): Kya hua Geet.

Geet: Dekhiya aap ne kya kiya (she showed her hand covered in his blood.)

Maan: It’s ok Geet, I am absolutely fine.

Geet (gave an extremely angry glare, which shut up Maan): You think it is fine, you are bleeding so badly and you think it is good. Just tell me where the first aid kit is.


Maan told her the location and she fetched it. She slowly and very carefully wiped the blood from his back wounds and applied antiseptic. Though it was stinging a lot but Maan didn’t even flinch as it would hurt her more. She put the gauge and covered the wounds.


Geet: Bahut dard ho raha hai na, kyun kiya aapne aisa.

Maan: Tum ne choo liya sare dard apne aap mit gaye.


Geet was speechless and just go lost in his deep eyes filled with love. Maaahiii (yippe first Mahi J). Some noise in the background disturbed their moment and Geet blushed at being lost in him. She carefully put ointment at all the burn marks on his chest and hands which he had suffered owing to his intense Tai-Chai.


Next she bandaged his hand and tears dropped from her eyes to his palm seeing his condition.


Maan: Please Geet don’t cry.


He wiped her tears.


Geet: But you promise me you will forgive yourself and not hurt yourself again

Maan: I promise, now please smile


Geet smiled for him and he was lost in her mesmerizing smile.


Geet: Chaliye, everyone must be worried


Maan nodded and they started walking when Geet noticed that he was leaving bloody footprints and she stopped.


Maan: Kya hua Geet?

Geet: Your feet are bleeding.

Maan (he knew she would kill him if she got to know what he had been up to): Oh… its nothing, let’s go.

Geet (Smelled something fishy): Nahi we aren’t going anywhere. (Maan tried to interrupt but Geet gave him a stare which instantly shut him up) Sit down and show me your feet.


Very reluctantly Maan showed his feet to her and she was horror stuck at their sight. They had been scorched by the burning coal.


Geet: Maan yeh aap ne kya kiya, koi aapne aap ko aise tarpata hai kya. (Fresh tears flowed from her eyes). Yadi aapne dobara aisi harkat ki toh mujse bura koi nahi hoga.


Maan simply nodded not wanting to pain her more. She very gently cleansed his wounds and bandaged them. 


Precap: Will the truth be finally come out??


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