Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 20

Chapter 20


Please watch the VM I have made especially for this part depicting the pight of Maan and to some extent of GEET



Here Maan was feeling so helpless and frustrated that he couldn’t take it anymore and cancelled all his meeting and left from office. He raced his car trying to get a grip on his life but alas how could be when his heart ached so much for the pain he had caused her. And when he couldn’t bear it anymore he jumped out of the car and screamed at the top of his lungs trying to vent out his frustration, his helplessness at causing so much anguish to her


He left his car and started walking trying to calm himself but he kept getting flashbacks of her suffering. He remembered how she was begging him to tell her the truth, how she was urging him to say that he was innocent and how he broke her heart by his silence. He banged his fists on the tree out of frustration wanting to end his guilt but how could he when his love was burning under the effects of his deeds.


He went to the majar to seek solace for her, wanting to beg God to grant her peace. But was that even possible, their souls were so deeply connected that if one was in pain could the other get solace? He bowed his head.


Maan:  Mujhe raah dikhaiye. Meri khamoshi ne ushe tarpaya hai, jiski mein Pooja karta hoon. Meri bebasi mein ushe kyon saza de rahe ho. Uska hare ek dukh mujhe de do, uski sari takleef mein bugatne ko tayyar hoon par usko khushiya de do please. Uski khusiyon ke badale mein aap jo bhi saza mujhe dena chahe woh mujhe manjoor hai, mere khoon ka ek ek katra leh lo. Meri khaal udher do, mujhe jitna tarpana hai tarpa do. Mere saath jo bhi karna chaho wo karlo par ushe sakoon de do, uski jholi ko khushiyon se bar do. Please punish me God so that I can take away her pain. Pleaseee.


Baba: Beta tum kiska dard apne par lena chahate ho, kiske liye sari takleef uthane ko taiyar ho. Woh kaun hai teri.


Maan: Woh meri aatma mein basti hai, mere dil mein, meri hare k dharkan mein rahti hai. Aaj meine ushe aisa dard diya hai, jiske liye Khuda mujhe kabhi maaf nahi kar sakte, meri khamoshi ne uska dil tora hai. Mein apne aap ko khabhi maaf nahi karoonga.


Saying so Maan starting banging his head on the ground not able to bear that he was the reason of her breaking, that she was begging for his innocence and he couldn’t even do anything. He wanted to die that very instance rather than be the cause of so much anguish to her. Baba held Maan.


Baba: Beta, yeh kya kar rakhe ho.


Maan: Mujhe saza chahiye, uski khushiyon ke badle mein mera sab kuch le lo, par ushe sakoon de doh, yeh meri aakhri guzarish hai.


Maan didn’t find solace even in God’s house, he went outside and his legs automatically went to the burning coal path. He stepped on the angare trying to offer his soul to God in return of her happiness. He kept taking steps forward as if wanting to take away all her sufferings, he wanted to suffer on her behalf, he wished he could take away all her pain.


All the people standing there were surprised as to how can any person make himself suffer so much and not even scream in pain. But what did they know that this pain was nothing when compared to what his heart was feeling. It felt as if someone had ripped his heart out and was torturing it and the irony of the situation was that he himself was responsible for traumatizing his heart, his silence was responsible for all her pain. He remembered her tears, how she fell and he just stopped on the edge of the burning coal path not wanting to get down, in fact he turned around wanting to offer himself in return of her peace. He walked on them again. People were urging him to get down.


People: Arey bahi what are you doing get down, people are not able to cross even one length of it and you have turned to cross another. You will suffer serious injuries, please get down.


But Maan was in a world of his own, he was only seeing how much she had suffered because of him and no pain nothing could even be compared to that. Hearing the people Baba also came out. Even his eyes became numb seeing how a person was willing to sacrifice to give happiness to another.


The heaven opened and it started pouring heavily, even God could not see him suffer. The angare went cold and Maan had to stop torturing himself


Baba: Beta, allah ki bhi yehi marzi hai ki tu apne aap ko istarah na tarpaye. Uski bhi rooh kaap gayi hogi tumhari yeh halat dekh kar. Aapne aap ko maaf kar de beta.


Maan: Kaise maaf kar du, woh to meri wajhe se abhi bhi tarap rahi hai na. Meri mauth ke baad bhi mein apni rooh ko in gunaho ki saza doonga. Maine usko rulaya hai jiski mei ibadat karta hoon, mujhe maafi ka koi hak nahi, mere liya ab bas saza hogi, sirf saza.


Saying so Maan got up determined to sacrifice himself.


Baba: Beta, khuda ne tujhe maaf kar diya hai, tujhe bhi apne aap ko maaf karna hi hoga, wo aisa kuch karega beta, jaroor karega ki tu bhi apne aap ko maaf kar dega.


He just looked at Baba but his eyes were far away lost in infinity, it was as if he no longer was in this world, his soul was roaming in hell scorching himself, trying to absorb her pain, her suffering.


Song video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w7uCO8VO5I


Here Geet was suffering due to his silence.


Main toh jiya na mara
Hai ve das main ki kara


She couldn’t believe or shall I say she didn’t want to believe his silence.
Dil jude bina hi tut gaye hath mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne


She didn’t know what she was doing or where she was going. Her senses just became numb and she kept walking aimlessly.
Baar baar rod akhiyan tainu jo na vekh sakiyan
Khole aaye aaj kudrat ne


Heaven was pouring as if even nature was weeping at the 2 souls wanting to sacrifice themselves for the other. He wanted to wash away all her pain while she just wanted to prove his innocence, her soul could never believe he could do any wrong.
Kataan main ki ve din teri soth tere bin
Main toh jiya na mara


Geet was walking in the middle of the road when she collapsed in front of Dadima’s car. The driver stopped the car.


Dadima: Kya hua Rakesh.

Rakesh: Maaji, koi larki behosh ho gayi hai.


Dadima and Rakesh went out to look at her.


Rakesh: Maaji, yeh toh teacherji hai, CARE mein parathi hai.


They lifted her up and Dadima took her to the mansion. She called the doctors.


Doctor: There is nothing serious. Due to over stressing and getting drenched for so long she collapsed. I have given her injection she should gain consciousness soon. Just give her these medicines for 3-4 days. Yeah and take care she doesn’t stress too much.


Here Maan walked back to the mansion and straight away headed for the gym. He did intense Tai Chai breaking ice slabs, wooden slabs, he kept hitting the wooden stand but nothing could soothe him today.


Here Geet was gaining consciousness.


Geet: Where am I?

Dadima: Beta, how are you feeling now?

Geet: Better, but why did you save me?

Dadima: Arey aisa nahi kahate beta.


Ramu came running.


Ramu: Dadima, chote sahib gym mein hai aur woh apne aap par gussa nikal rahe hai.

Dadima (holding her head): Mein is Maan ka kya karoon.

Geet: Maan

Dadima: Mere pothe hai beta. You work in his orphanage.


Geet was stunned to know she was in Maan’s house and he was torturing himself.


Geet: Kya mein unse mil sakti hoon

Dadima: Koshish kar lo beta, woh meri baat toh nahi sun rahe.


Maan had started fire Tai Chai. He was sweating profusely trying to feel her pain, suffer her suffering.


Geet saw him from above and was dying each second seeing his condition. She couldn’t bear to see him torturing himself and ran to the gym.

She reached the door and fell on her knees seeing him destroy himself.

Please watch the VM I have made especially for this part depicting the plight of Maan and to some extent of GEET



Do let me know how was the VM dears




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