Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 18

Chapter 18

Here Dev had landed and he came to know that Geet was performing with a guy. He was burning with jealously and rushed there just in time to see Maan and Geet burn the dance floor. Dev’s eyes spit venom on seeing Maan touching, lifting ad swirling Geet. If looks could scorch, Maan would have been ash by now. He crushed the glass in his hands vowing to destroy their relationship. He pledged to take his revenge with Maan who had dared to touch his Geet.


Dev knew that confronting Geet right now may not be a good idea so he thought of first finding about Maan and his weakness which he could use against him and then get back his Geet. He left from there with these dirty intensions.


Here Geet was feeling unknown sensations and butterflies in her stomach owing to the passionate dance they shared. She was feeling different today and was hyper venting under his touch. She was still lost in her world influenced by his closeness when the dance ended and applaud started. Every one’s clapping brought her out of the reverie, she blushed at being so lost in the passion to have forgotten the surroundings completely, it was as if her whole life had submerged in the moment of their closeness. She felt embarrassed at her thoughts which wanted the time to just stand still and she be in his arms till eternity. She had never felt more secure and free as she did with him around her.


Maan was feeling over the moon, he had lived his entire life in that one dance. He had nothing more to ask from life, those few moments were so precious that he was willing to wait for her till eternity cherishing those memories. The fact that she also emoted the same passion as him was priceless for him.


It was time for dinner and everyone went to the dining area. Geet was still trying to calm her raised breathing when head mistress (HM) came to her.


HM: Beta, your dance was amazing.


Geet blushed more remembering the close moments they shared. She just nodded her head not taking the chance of speaking, God only knows if her voice would have come out or not and if it did come out who knows what she would have blabbered.


HM: Chalo beta, let’s have dinner.


They went to the salad counter. Geet was so lost in her thoughts (or shall I say his thoughts 😉 wink Wink) that instead of the salad she kept the decoration around the salad in her plate


HM: Geet beta… (On hearing no response from her, shaking her) Beta, where are you lost?


Geet (coming out of her dreamy land): Ji…


HM (pointing to her plate): You sure, you want to eat that?


Geet (smiled like a fool trying to hide her embarrassment): Woh…


HM: Where are you lost Beta?


Geet: Nahi, aaisi koi baat nahi hain, woh… mein… woh…


HM: He really loves you.


Geet (surprised or rather stunned, how did HM know what she was thinking… still pretending): Ji… Kaun… I didn’t understand.


HM: You know who, beta. That is what you are thinking na, he really adores you. His eyes shine in your love waiting to pour it all on you. He really cares for you Beta. Though he is a great businessman, a stunning entrepreneur but he is very reserved in his personal life. He does take good care of his employees but for him you are special. He has never performed in the annual dance, he always refused it but for you he consented. He never takes spices as he is allergic to them but for you he cherished them as well. In order to save you he didn’t even once think about himself, he bore all the pain to protect you. Understand his love, my child. You are very lucky that someone truly loves you, cherish it dear and accept your feelings.


On the other hand Maan was completely lost in the lovely memories throughout dinner and was grinning like a fool, that Annie thought of teasing him.


Annie: Bhai, Kya hua. Kiske Khyalo mein koye hua ho?


Maan (she broke his thoughts): Kya…


Annie: Aur nahi toh kya. Who is the lucky girl Bhai?


Maan (feeling embarrassed on being caught) What girl, there… there is no girl.


Annie: Acha ji, you are grinning ever since the dance got over, lost in her thoughts and now blushing and you are saying what girl. Common Bhai, tell na (pointing to Geet) is she the one?


Maan nodded slightly


Annie (hugged him): I am so happy for you Bhai, so when are you introducing me to my Bhabhi.


Maan: Arey, wait… There is still time, she is still angry.


Before Annie could ask him any further some clients interrupted their conversation.


Geet kept pondering over HM’s words. Yeah he loved her but did she? She wasn’t able to understand her feelings, was it infatuation or was it love? Was it still that one night which was holding her back? Not able to contemplate her emotions she finally fell asleep.


Dev spent the whole night and the next day researching about Maan and he came to know that he was the person accused of Lucky’s accident. He got to know that Geet knew this fact.


Dev (self thought – shocked that she knew it): She knows he killed her brother, yet she was dancing away with him. She has no morals left or what. Nahi nahi Geet is pure, that Bas**** must have trapped her in his sweet talks. Don’t worry Geet, now I have come back, I will get you out of his clutches. You are mine, only mine (saying so he broke the mirror of the bar with an alcohol bottle)


Dev got to know that in the police files it was written that Maan’s car had skidded and lost control and since he had admitted Lucky he was set free. He came to know that this was the truth and Maan had not used his money or power to fudge the reports. He got all the more frustrated as to how to poison Geet against Maan when an idea struck him.


He called up someone and arranged for a false witness Raghu to admit in front of Geet that Maan was drunk and he had purposefully ran the car over Lucky. Raghu agreed as Dev gave him a lot of money and he only had to say the lie in front of Geet, no police would be involved or anything of that sort.


Dev (self thought): Now let’s see, what can you do Maan Singh Khurana, Geet will despise you and will be mine, only mine (hahahaha he laughed hysterically)


With this plan Dev along with Raghu went to Geet’s place. Geet was getting ready to leave for the orphanage when Dev reached. Geet was happy to see her childhood friend and greeted him in.


Dev: I am so sorry Geet, to hear about Lucky Bhaiya. But I swear to you I will not leave that Bas**** Maan Singh Khurana for his deeds.


Geet (tried to interrupt): Nahi Dev, you are getting him wrong. It was just an accident…


Dev (cut her in between): Accident, my foot. He fudged all the reports. He has so much money and power that he can make this world dance on his fingers. He bought everyone from top to bottom to get away scot free.


Geet (again tried to interrupt as she was not able to hear anything against Maan): Nahi, this is not true Dev.


Dev (trying the emotional blackmail trick): You don’t believe me Geet, your childhood friend. (seeing that Geet was doubtful) Acha theek hai, this is Raghu he saw the whole so called accident with his own eyes, but Maan threatened his life and his family because of which he couldn’t give witness. With great difficulty I was able to convince him to speak the truth in front of you since he is mortally scared of the consequences if Maan gets to know.


Raghu (voice modulation to pretend that he was scared for his life): Woh… Maan was totally drunk that day, he couldn’t even walk straight. He was racing the car as if he owned the world and then he purposefully rampaged on the foot path, with 2 tyres up on the foot path and 2 tyres on the road, where Lucky ji was walking. Then in front of my eyes he crushed Lucky ji under his car. Then he stopped the car and said “Saale dekh ke nahi chal sakta, yeh bechare gareeb log”. He then called someone “Oye mere se accident ho gaya hai, use admit kara de” and he sped from there. I was trying to get help when someone came and put Luckyji in the car threatening me to keep shut and left. After that day my life has become a living hell, Maan sent his people to threaten me and my family. Please aap kisi ko yeh baat mat bataiyega nahi toh…


Geet was shocked at Raghu’s description of the accident but her heart refused to believe all this.


Geet: Dev, please leave me alone for sometime.


Dev left with Raghu feeling contended that now Geet will hate Maan and he will get her back. He thought of giving her time to get adjusted to the facts and then she would come running to him for a shoulder to cry on.





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