Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 16

Chapter 16

He settled her in the sleeping bag and came out. He spread the sheet on the ground and lied down. It was very uncomfortable to sleep on the grass as it was continuously poking him but when it came to Geet did he even think about himself. She felt safe that he was outside and slowly drifted to sleep.

Maan woke up in the middle of the night hearing Geet’s screams. He immediately rushed in to realize she was having a nightmare and was screaming “Bhaiya… you can’t leave me… please Bhaiya come back“. Maan held her hand rubbing it softly as if telling her “Don’t worry, I am here to protect you against all harm“. As their hands met, she felt solace deep within, his mere touch was sufficient to comfort her disturbed soul, it was enough to sooth all her fears. She held his hand tightly and soon floated into a heavenly world of deep, peaceful sleep which had been depriving her for so long.

He wondered if his love would ever be able to bridge the gap which got created between them on that fateful night. Will his love ever be able to penetrate those dark clouds engulfing Geet, will be ever be able to reach her and revive her from the sorrow of that one night which destroyed their lives.

Geet looked so angelic in the peaceful sleep which had finally enveloped her that he was lost in her innocent beauty and kept staring at her, his eyes pouring all his love on her. He was scared to even blink his eyes, what if her proximity turned out to be a dream. If it was a dream he never wanted to wake up from it, he just wanted to stay like this for eternity. He kept admiring his angel, without even batting an eyelid, completely engrossed in her radiating beauty.

Soon the early morning sun rays penetrated the tent, making her face shine in it. She flinched a little in the light and Maan immediately shifted so as to block the sun rays from disturbing his sleeping beauty. He just wasn’t able to take his eyes off her and had been admiring her all night. When the sun was up and Geet stirred a lit, finally Maan let go of her hand very reluctantly and moved out of the tent so as not to embarrass her.

Geet felt very peaceful when she woke up. It was as if her heart had finally found solace which she had been searching for ages. She didn’t know why but the emptiness which had surrounded her since Lucky’s death, seemed to have vanished today, she felt alive again. Geet went out of the tent to find Maan preparing something which smelled heavenly.

Geet (lost in the scent): Aap kya bana rahe ho? (then she spoke in one shot, remembering his wound)How is your wound? Why are you exerting your hand? Move I will make it.

Maan (chuckled slightly): Aaram se Geet, saas le lo. I am making omelet and my hand is perfectly fine, so don’t worry. You just relax and tell me how it is?

Maan served omelet to Geet and himself. He kept stealing glances at her while they silently had their breakfast.

Geet: It was very nice Maan. (he smiled, ah… she liked it, oh God he felt like a teenager hopelessly in love) Would you like something Maan, I was making tea for myself.

Maan: I would like black coffee, if it is not too much trouble.

Geet (rolling her eyes at “if it is not too much trouble”): Sure.

She was preparing the tea and coffee while Maan was drooling at her, oh… she looked so adorable in the morning sun. Her natural beauty made her look so fresh and out of the world. Maan wondered how could someone be so cute, charming, gorgeous, attractive, lovely, and delightful early in the morning. Oh God he just kept falling more and more in love with his innocent angel. Geet’s voice broke his chain of thoughts.

Geet: Ye lijiye. How is it?

Maan (lost in the aroma… me wondering was it the coffee’s aroma or Geet’s): Heavenly.

Geet: But you haven’t even tasted it.

Maan (embarrassed on being caught red-handed): woh… woh… it smells so heavenly that it must taste magnificent.

Geet: Very funny, are you trying to flirt with me.

Maan (self thought): Mein toh kab se line mar raha hoon, par … (taking a sip, to Geet): It is perfect Geet.

The atmosphere was so romantic, such a beautiful couple sitting in the shining morning sun breathing in the charismatic jungle aroma, sipping their morning beverages. Maan was deeply in love with Geet while she had also started feeling something for him. Both were completely lost in the surrounding, when the heavenly peace was suddenly broken by a thunderous animal growl. Was it just an incident or was it nature’s way of warning them that their tranquility was soon to be disturbed.

Here in another part of the world Dev was talking with a life size picture of Geet.

Dev (screaming aloud): Geet, tum sirf meri ho, sirf meri.

Dev was Geet’s childhood friend and he was madly in love with her. He couldn’t tolerate her talking with any guy and had made sure she never had any male friends. Geet was oblivious to this fact, she just considered him a good friend, but Dev was extremely possessive about her and had gone completely nuts and blind in his obsession. He had been struck in some very important work and hence wasn’t able to reach out to Geet after her brother’s death. His plan was to take advantage of her situation and emotionally blackmail her into marrying her, but destiny had interrupted not letting him get to her. But now that his work was done, he was going to make amends and make her his.

Dev (laughing out loud): Geet, I am coming to make you mine. You are just mine, I will get you. No more waiting, I will enjoy you to my heart’s content now. Hahahahahaha

Here Maan and Geet were brought back to reality with that thunderous growl.

Geet: Maan, let’s leave we will get late.

Maan (he didn’t want to leave, he wondered if he would ever get another opportunity to be alone with Geet, be able to spend time with her. But alas on what pretext could he stay any longer): Theek hai, common let’s go.

They packed up and left from there. Geet was lost in admiring the beauty of the jungle in the open jeep, nature looked so magnificent. Maan kept catching glimpses of her while driving. Hayee… her smile was to die for, soon Maan was lost in her lovely smile and they strayed off the path and the jeep jerked, breaking Maan’s drooling session.

Geet: Kya hua?

Maan (Blushinggoing red with embarrassment, lying): Woh, nothing, I missed a stone and jeep jerked on it.

Geet just nodded her head not knowing the truth, and went back to admiring the surroundings.

Maan (self thought trying to calm his nerves): Get a grip Maan, what is wrong with me why am I behaving like a teenager. If she comes to know I am opening drooling at her, she may not even talk to me. Concentrate, take deep breathes, relax.

Geet: What happened, why aren’t we starting?

Maan: Just… just starting.

Maan started the jeep hurriedly, oh… he felt so so conscious at his behavior. He was making an utter fool of himself, though it was some relief that she didn’t notice it. He tried his level best to concentrate on the road ahead though he couldn’t resist from stealing glances at her. They were about to exit the jungle when Geet spoke.

Geet: Maan, let’s start afresh, can we be friends?

Precap: Passionate dance
               Dev’s evil plan
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