Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 15

Chapter 15


Maan (closing his eyes in pain): I am so sorry I raised my hand on you… (he suddenly got up and banged his bandaged hand on the tree) How could I hit you, I have sinned. (He banged his hand again)


Geet rushed to him and held his hand.


Geet: It is not your fault, what I said that day was unpardonable but yet you forgave me. Please don’t hurt yourself


But how was Maan to forgive himself.


Maan: Nahi, job bhi tha, how could I raise my hand.


Saying so he tried to bang his hand again, but Geet tightened her grip on his hand, not letting him hurt himself any further.


Geet: Is tarah toh, I should also punish myself for the demeaning accuses I made that day.


She left his hand and moved forward to bang her head on the tree. Instead of the hard tree, Geet felt something soft and wet touching her head. She opened her eyes instantly to find his bleeding hand in-between her head and the tree. Her heart ached to see that she had injured him further. Geet held his hand and touched her cheek, tears flowing from her eyes.


Geet (self thought): How can someone be so pure hearted, so selfless. She had left no stone unturned to abuse him and yet he forgave her, not only that he was willing to suffer in order to relieve her of all her pains. He was truly her savior, her angel.


Maan tried to take out his hand from her grip, but Geet stopped him giving him a warning look.


Geet: Don’t even think about it. Where is the first aid box?


He quietly went to the jeep, fetched the first aid box and gave it to her.

She made him sit on the tree stub and squatted in front of him. Maan instantly got up.


Geet (surprised as to what he was up to, getting up): What happened?

Maan (picking up a log): You sit on this.

Geet: Arey, leave it, you will hurt yourself.


As he was keeping the log down, the rough edge hurt him. Maan jerked his hand.


Geet: Bola than na, par nahi, kuch log toh sunna hi nahi chahate.


She literally punched him down on the tree stub and sat on the log. She started cleaning his wound, her heart cried looking at the deep wound and peeled skin around it.

His each flowing drop of blood was like a dagger through her guilty heart. The ointment was stinging a lot but he tried to keep a straight face not wanting to hurt her mire. He kept looking at her innocent face and was soon lost in its beauty. Geet very carefully bandaged his hand.


Geet: Ho gaya …


Her words got stuck in her mouth when she saw him drooling at her, she blushed. It was then that she realized that he was bare-chested. Her blush deepened, she got embarrassed and immediately got up facing her back to him. Her sudden action brought Maan back to reality and he too stood up.


Maan: Kya hua?

Geet: woh … aap ne… mera matlab hai… aapki shirt…


It was now Maan’s turn to blush and his cheeks went red. He immediately wore his shirt.


Maan: Ahem… u can… turn…


Geet turned around.


Maan: You must be feeling hungry. Let me make something.


Maan got some pasta and vegetables, and was about to start cutting the vegetables when Geet interrupted.


Geet: woh, aren’t we going back home now?

Maan: Actually, it is very risky to drive in the jungle at night, so it would be better if we left in the morning. (He felt her to be uncomfortable) But, if you want I will drive now, chalo chalte hai.

Geet: Nahi, you are right, it’s risky to go now. We will leave early tomorrow.


Geet was feeling very scared and was lost in her thoughts. Maan started to cut the vegetables but it was extremely difficult to chop with his wounded hand. Maan moaned slightly in pain breaking Geet’s chain of thoughts.


Geet: What the hell do you think you are doing

Maan (looked at her like a scared school boy being scolded by his head mistress): What… what did I do?

Geet: Look at your hand, your bandage is getting soaked in blood (snatching the knife from him) give it to me, I will chop.


Maan obediently gave the knife and vegetables to her not wanting to irk her. Geet started chopping the vegetables.


Geet (muttering to herself): Pata nahi, log Hindustani khana kyun nahi bana sakte, ab ye kaise banate hai (to him) What do I do next?


Maan kept guiding her, finally the pasta was made. They quietly had the dinner both not knowing how to break the ice and start the conversation. They finished dinner, Maan was about to take the utensils for washing when Geet snatched them from him, giving him that look “don’t even think about it”. He quietly obliged. She washed them and neatly stacked them back in his jeep.


Maan: You must be very tired Geet, you sleep in the sleeping bag in the tent and I will sleep in the jeep.


Geet just nodded her head and went to sleep in the tent. She tried sleeping but as usual she couldn’t sleep, in fact she had been on sleeping pills ever since her brother’s death. She was feeling very scared also as it was the first time she was camping out and the jeep was some distance from the tent. Suddenly some wild animal growled in the distance and she ran out towards the jeep. Maan was adjusting the seat when he saw her rushing towards him.


Maan: What happened, Geet?

Geet: I am feeling very scared alone in the tent

Maan: Acha, let’s do one thing you sleep in the tent, I will sleep outside the tent only, ok?

Geet: Nahi, nahi, how will you sleep on the grass.

Maan: You don’t worry, I will put the spare sheet and sleep on it.


He settled her in the sleeping bag and came out. He spread the sheet on the ground and lied down. It was very uncomfortable to sleep on the grass as it was continuously poking him but when it came to Geet did he even think about himself. She felt safe that he was outside and slowly drifted to sleep.


Precap: Geet: Maan, let’s start afresh, can we be friends?

               Dev(il) entry, will her night mare come true?
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