Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 14

Chapter 14


Adi kept informing Geet about Maan’s whereabouts from the mobile company and she somehow managed to reach the camp site. She was shocked to see Maan torturing himself by brutally cutting the woods.



Geet (screamed seeing him all sweating): Maaannn


Maan looked at her, his one look conveyed all his feelings. His anger which was trying to mask his helplessness, his frustration, his irritation, his annoyance ,his hurt, his pain and his sufferings which didn’t seem to end.



Maan: Why have you come here?? What more do you want to accuse me off?? Oh, how can I forget you love to see me in pain and have come here to enjoy seeing me destroy myself. Don’t worry I will fulfill even that wish of yours.


Geet (trying to interrupt): Nahi…


Maan (but he continued facing his back to her, trying to hide his emotions, trying to hid his breaking down at her hate): Why have you come to meet a sick pervert like me? (his grip on the axe tightened) Aren’t you afraid what a scoundrel like me would do? According to you I am such cheap, disgusting animal that I would… (he couldn’t even repeat what she had accused him of You think I am a SL** and tomorrow you will pass me around to your friends“)


The stitches in his hand burst owning to the amount of pressure he was exerting on his hand while gripping the axe. Blood started dripping from his hand, torturing Geet, increasing her guilt further. She felt as if it was her heart which was bleeding, each drop of blood which dripped for his hand was like an acidic drop of poison scorching her soul.


Her soul was burdened by the crime of torturing him so much that he had broken. She could not take the guilt anymore, her knees gave way and she collapsed weeping profoundly in the remorse of her words.


Maan couldn’t bear her crying, it no longer mattered how hurt he was, how could he let his life, his love break. He turned around and fell on his knees wanting to soothe her. He so much wanted to wipe her tears, he extended his hands towards her face but stopped himself as her words echoed in his ears (“you must be repenting that why didn’t you sleep with me that night I offered myself“). He fisted his hands in pain, cursing himself that he wasn’t even capable of giving happiness to his love. He hit the ground in frustration bringing Geet back to reality.


Blood was gushing out of his hand, she could bear it no more and grasped his hand. She tore her dupatta and tied it around his hands tears streaming down her eyes.


Geet: Aap ye kya kar rahe ho? Meri gulti ki saza apne aap ko kyun de rahe ho?


Maan tried to interrupt but she placed her hand on his lips.



Geet: Please, mujhe bolne dejiye.


She looked into his eyes afraid to find hatred in them, but she was stunned to see only pure unconditional love for her being reflected in them, giving her the strength to continue.


Geet: I am very sorry Maan about what all I said that day. I know that sorry is not enough for the accuses I made, for the abuses I leashed out on you. But please hear me out once Maan, please.


She removed her hand from his mouth as if waiting for his permission to continue, tears of regret pouring out of her eyes. Maan couldn’t bear to see his love in pain, it on longer mattered how much her words had tortured him. It was not important that she had ripped his heart and torn it to pieces. It was insignificant that his soul was burning under her abuses. But he would never be able to forgive himself if he was the reason of her tears


Maan: It is ok. You can give me any punishment you want to, but please stop crying.


Geet (overwhelmed by his concern): I am really sorry Maan, but it was all a big misunderstanding. I received an MMS from your number and thought that you had sent that filthy MMS.


Geet fiddled trying to take out her cell and browsed to the message. Maan was confused as to what MMS Geet was talking about. Geet showed the MMS to Maan. He was shocked to see the MMS. It was so cheap and dirty that his blood boiled as to how someone could send it to Geet, he was stunned to see that sender showed his name. He immediately checked the number which was saved under his name, another shock awaited him, it was his number. He immediately took out this mobile and searched the sent items and was astonished to find it in his sent items.


Maan: Geet, I know that all the proofs are against me Geet but please trust me I didn’t send it.


Geet (nodded amidst tears as if assuring him that she believed him): That day when you came to the teacher’s room, I had just received this MMS. I was outraged to see the MMS and when I saw you, I just couldn’t control my anger and don’t know what all I accused you of? After you left that day, I came to know that you didn’t send it. I am really very very sorry Maan, I didn’t know that it wasn’t you when I blabbered that day. Please believe me.


Maan (cupping her face, wiping her tears, trying to reach out to her soul): I believe you Geet, I trust you, please stop crying.


Geet looked up at him, loosing herself in his deep, loving and caring gaze.


Maan: But Geet, do you know who did this.


Geet narrated the whole incident as to how Anant had taken his mobile and asked Bittoo for a love message and he forwarded her the message without even seeing it. Maan felt a sudden pang of guilt when he recalled that he had slapped her that day. He softly caressed her check as if trying to remove the pain he had caused her.


Maan (closing his eyes in pain): I am so sorry I raised my hand on you… (he suddenly got up and banged his bandaged hand on the tree) How could I hit you, I have sinned. (He banged his hand again)


Geet rushed to him and held his hand.


Geet: It is not your fault, what I said that day was unpardonable but yet you forgave me. Please don’t hurt yourself


Precap: Geet: Maan, let’s start afresh, can we be friends?


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