Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 13

Chapter 13


Her each accuse was like a stab in his already scarred heart. He felt like a lifeless body just dragging himself on Earth, living but was he alive. He felt as if his soul had left his body. He couldn’t bear it anymore and left from there. He collected his belongings (Adi had placed his mobile and fresh clothes there) convinced the doctor to discharge him and left for the mansion.


Dadima: Maan, beta, you messaged that something urgent had come up. Is everything alright beta? You don’t look well.


Maan (hugging Dadima, he so wanted to cry in her arms that all was finished but didn’t want to strain her, as it is her health was weak): I am ok, Dadima, just a little stress.


Dadima: Beta, how many times have I told you, don’t take stress. Office ka kaam to chalta rahta hai, relax for some time.


Maan: Ji Dadima, I have to finish some site visits this week. I think I will end them today and then relax.


Dadima: Teek hai, beta. But take the camping jeep, if you are visiting the XYZ site, the road is all broken there.


Maan: Ok.


Maan freshened himself and thought of engrossing himself in work so that he won’t be reminded of her. But who was he trying to fool, can one ever run away from one’s reason of existence?? He left for the site visits.


Here Geet got up to find an empty bed in front of her. She panicked and ran towards the reception.


Geet: Woh… Woh… where is the patient in room number 203, Mr. Khurana?

Receptionist: Oh… Mr. Khurana… God, he is a specimen, he forced the doctor to discharge him and left.


Geet got scared as to what he might do next and immediately called Adi.


Geet (in a single breathe): Adi, Maan left the hospital. I don’t know when and how. Please find out where is he?

Adi: Geet, cool down. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Sir. I will just find out. You relax, Ok.

Geet: Hmmm


Adi got worried, but didn’t want to scare Geet, since he wasn’t sure how she would react. He immediately called Maan. He got relieved when Maan picked up the phone


Adi: Sirrr.

Maan: Haan Adi, bolo

Adi: Sirrr, aap hospital se chale gaye?

Maan (in anger): Haan, do you have any problem?

Adi: No…no Sirrr.


Adi kept the phone and called up Geet.


Adi: Maan sirrr, is fine Geet, you don’t worry.

Geet: Thank God.


Geet was thinking about how to ask for his forgiveness when an idea stuck her.


Geet (self thought): I will wait for him in his office.


Thinking so she left for his office when she met Pinky.


Pinky: Geet, tu yahan??

Geet: Pinky, I thought of meeting Maan here, I will not be able to rest till he forgives me.

Pinky: Par Geet, sir just called that he will be visiting the sites today.

Geet: Oh… (thinks of something) I will wait here, whenever he returns I will meet him.

Pinky: Theek hai.


Maan was trying his best to keep her thoughts at bay and engrossing himself totally in the work. It was easier when he was inspecting the sites, but during the drive he was even finding it hard to concentrate on driving. Soon evening came and he was thinking of whether to make another site visit or to go back to office.


Here Geet had been restless throughout the day and Pinky was finding it hard to calm her, she hardly had any food also. Pinky was not able to see her bubbly friend dying of guilt, when suddenly her phone rang.


Pinky: Geet Maan sirr ka phone hain (picking up the phone)

Geet (she didn’t realize Pinky had picked up the phone and that Maan could hear her): Please ask when he is coming to office


Maan missed a beat on hearing her voice, his heart said, see she cares… While his mind warned him, this is a mere trap to destroy you again.


Pinky: Sirr… you there.

Maan (back to reality on hearing Pinky): Haaan, I am going to the XYZ site.

Pinky: Sirr… sir when will you be back to office. (but Maan had cut the phone till then, he didn’t know if he would ever be able to face Geet again after her accusations)


Pinky: Yaar, Geet he is visiting another site. (Seeing Geet’s face fall she continued) why don’t you rest for sometime in the waiting room, I will ask Adi to find out where sir will go after that.


Geet reluctantly went to the waiting room and closed her eyes praying to Babaji to give her a chance to ask his forgiveness. She fell asleep. Geet dreamt that a devil was trying to harm her. God sent a savior to protect her, but due to the devil’s power, she mistook her savior to be the evil and attacked him, she threw him down the cliff when she heard the devil laugh at her “He would have given his life to save you and you (hahahahah) destroyed him” Geet looked at the savior, he was Maan, he had somehow managed to cling on to the cliff’s edge but his hands were slipping… She screamed Maaannn.


She woke up with a jerk, tears flowing and Pinky had come running hearing her scream.


Pinky (shaking her): Kya hua Geet?

Geet: Maan kahan hai?

Pinky: Pata nahi.

Geet: Please find him (breaking down) Please Pinky.

Pinky: Tu ro mat, mein abhi pata karti hoon.


Pinky called Adi and asked him to find about Maan. Adi told her that Maan had gone camping. Pinky told Geet that she should wait till he was back, but Geet was in no condition to wait, she left for the jungle.


Here Maan somehow managed to inspect the site. After the site visit was over he came back to his jeep. He switched it on in anger. The song on the radio was portraying his feelings…




Na jee sakein yahan, na mar sakein yahan

Hasne ki baat chhoro, na ro sakein yahan

To jaaye hum kahan, to jaaye hum kahan

To jaaye hum kahan


He wanted to take out his helplessness, his frustration, his irritation and his annoyance and started driving the jeep literally flying it.


Yeh dard ki aahein juda huwi raahein

Bhula denge tumko sanam dheere dheere

Mohabbat ke saare sitam dheere dheere

Bhula denge tumko sanam dheere dheere

Mohabbat ke saare sitam dheere dheere


He was trying his best to erase her memories but he kept recalling her allegations “You are the most pervert and filthy man I have ever met in my life.” “you gave me a job here so that you can bed me any time.”


Abhi naaz hai toote dil ko wafa pe

Abhi naaz hai toote dil ko wafa pe

Ke tootenge saare bharam dheere dheere

Bhula denge tumko sanam dheere dheere


He kept increasing the speed, trying his best to forget her, rushing away towards the jungle. He finally reached a camp site and got down.


He started building the tent in anger, he tied it, hitting the wooden nails down with full force, trying to release his pain.


Dil mera chaahe ke seene se dil main nikal ke phaink doon

Bedard is berehem ko hawa mein uchhaal ke phaink doon

Dhoka diya mujhko dhoka diya dil ne mere haaye yeh kya kiya


He started cutting the wood with immense effort trying to forget her allegations, but still they echoed in the air “you must be repenting that why didn’t you sleep with me that night I offered myself



Dil mera chaahe ke seene se dil main nikal ke phaink doon

Lamhon se haare bujhe nazarein

Ab to saheinge yeh gham dheere dheere

Bhula denge tumko sanam dheere dheere


He kept increasing the force feeling helpless, at not able to forget her allegations, as her voiced echoed accusing him “You think I am a SL** and tomorrow you will pass me around to your friends



Adi kept informing Geet about Maan’s whereabouts from the mobile company and she somehow managed to reach the camp site. She was shocked to see Maan torturing himself by brutally cutting the woods.


Precap: Geet and Maan talk


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