Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 12

Chapter 12


She felt as if even his body was slipping away, his heart and soul had already been lost. She got scared and started shaking him, trying to break the barrier which she only created.


Geet (Holding his shoulders shaking him, she screamed again, her voice filled in panic): Maaannn


But her voice fell on deaf ears. He was slowly getting lost in the darkness. It felt as if his being was getting sucked into the black hole of infinite nothing and he simply collapsed.


Geet was horrified, guilt was eating her. Her soul blamed her. She felt as if the entire universe, the sky above, the ground below, the air which blew, the water that flowed, was cursing her. She could hear their abuses.


Voices: Look at what you have done. He saved you without even bothering about self and see what you gave him in return. You are a murderer, you butchered his pure, innocent and selfless soul. You don’t deserve this life.


Geet (Covered her hears not able to bear their charges any more. Guilt engulfed her and she screamed out loud, tears flowing from her eyes): Nooo



Here Adi on receiving Geet’s call that Maan’s car was at the secret place, had immediately left for there. He had just reached when he heard Geet’s scream and he rushed in.


He saw that Maan had collapsed and Geet was screaming with her ears covered. He shook Geet vigorously bringing her back to reality.


Adi: What happened Geet?


Geet (tears flowing uncontrollably): Pata nahi kya ho gaya. (Shaking Maan). Please do something, Adi, Please.


Adi: Geet, sumbhalo apne aap ko. We need to rush him to hospital


Geet somehow collected herself and they managed to drag his lifeless body to the car and rushed towards the hospital.


Maan was totally drenched in rain. He had been getting wet for past many hours and was having very high temperature and weak pulse. The doctors hurried him into the operation theater. Doctor came out after a long time.


Adi: How is Sirrr, Doctor?


Doctor: We managed to save him somehow but with great difficulty. But I don’t understand what is wrong with Mr. Khurana, he hardly has any will to survive. Last month also he was brutally injured and now again he was thoroughly drenched. He is such a successful business man and I have never heard anything negative about him, then why …..


Adi kept quiet not knowing what to say.


Doctor (continued): There was something strange we noticed. I just thought of bringing it to your notice, in case it is related to his condition when we were bandaging his hand, he tried to snap it away even in his sub-consciousness saying “No, don’t cure it, for it has sinned …” and his voice died. Anyways, he is better now and fortunately he didn’t catch pneumonia. You can take him home once he gains consciousness.


Adi: Thank you doctor.


Geet couldn’t bear it anymore and she sank down on the ground sobbing uncontrollably.


Here Pinky came with a pair of clothes for Adi and Geet and one for Maan’s discharge as Adi had instructed her.


Adi: Pinky, please get her to change, she has been weeping continuously, I am afraid that something might happen to her.


Pinky: Let me see.


Pinky went to Geet and shook her. On seeing her friend, Geet immediately hugged her and started crying.


Geet (in a broken voice, or rather she was questioning herself): Pinky, ye sab…. Kya ho… gaya. I… I… don’t know what kind of a monster this hatred has turned me into… par… mein kya karti…. Woh… woh… MMS dekh kar, I… I… don’t know what happened to me. Ye…. Anjane me mujse kya ho gaya. How was I to know he didn’t sent the MMS. I… I… really hurt him…. I just want to ask for his forgiveness… I don’t know what happened.


Pinky caressed her back trying to soothe her.


Pinky (after sometime): Chalo Geet, change kar lo, else you will fall sick.


After much cajoling she changed. Here Maan was shifted to a room.


Adi (to Pinky): I don’t want to call Dadima and Annie. They will get very scared.


Pinky: Don’t call, he will be discharged tomorrow anyways. Just message from his cell that some important work came up and he would return tomorrow.


Adi did as she asked.


Adi: Pinky, take Geet home, she is too disturbed.


Pinky nodded and went to Geet


Pinky: Geet, chalo let’s go home.


Geet: Nahi, I will ask for his forgiveness for accusing him of such sick and cheap things, and then only will I go anywhere.


Seeing that Geet was not ready to budge, they let her stay. Since only one attendant was allowed, they both left.


Geet sat crouched on the sofa sobbing bitterly at how her life had changed and after some time she fell asleep in her crying.


Next morning Maan gained consciousness to find Geet sleeping on the sofa. His legs automatically started moving towards her, his heart ached to see her crouched like that with tear stained cheeks. He was about to wipe her tears when he remembered her words


You are the most pervert and filthy man I have ever met in my life.” “you gave me a job here so that you can bed me any time.


He moved back recalling her acquisition “you must be repenting that why didn’t you sleep with me that night I offered myself


He kept staggering back remembering her say “You think I am a SL** and tomorrow you will pass me around to your friends
Her each accuse was like a stab in his already scarred heart. He felt like a lifeless body just dragging himself on Earth, living but was he alive. He felt as if his soul had left his body. He couldn’t bear it anymore and left from there.


Precap: Will Geet be able to talk to Maan


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