Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Prologue

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Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The
(I was never unfaithful)

Character Sketch


Maan: He belonged to a very rich family but then one day disaster stuck and his parents died in a car accident, he was very small around 10 years old and his uncles manipulated and took away all that Maan had and left him and his younger sister Pinky on the footpath to fend for themselves. Maan did odd jobs along with his studies so as to earn enough to survive in this big bad world and even provide for his kid sister. Since he was a computed wiz he participated in programming competitions as he grew older and earned money for their bare necessities and schooling. He became aloof from the world due to the hardships he had faced till he met his angel, his whole world lit up with her one smile till the ill-fated when all hell let loose.


Pinky: Maan’s kid sister, she was 7 years old when their parents died. Her whole world revolves around her brother whom she considers and respects as her mom, her dad and her brother. She looks up to him as her idol and wants to help him in every way possible but Maan never lets her do anything. He kept her cocooned in his protective embrace showering his sister with all the love and care, shielding her from this evil world. She is like his little princess and he always took care of all her needs however small they may be. In the early days he would go hungry but never ever let his sister sleep on an empty stomach.


Adi: He is Maan’s best buddy since childhood. He has been with Maan through thick and thin. He even used to save his pocket money in order to help Maan though Maan would always refuse unless it was really urgent and that too for Pinky. He was Maan’s true buddy ready to lay his life for his friend. He really respected Maan for what he was as a person absolutely honest, hard working, self-made, kuddar (having immense self-respect), always standing for the right and truth come what may even in the worst of situations. He secretly loves Pinky and even she feels for him.


Geet: She was really bubbly by nature, very naive and innocent, always laughing, very jovial and ready to make new friends. She was the only child of her parents. Her mother died when she was really young. Her father was a very rich and influential person who gave her all the riches but couldn’t spend enough time with her. She looked up to her father and loved him a lot. She understood that he was really busy but still she desired to be loved. Her that desire was fulfilled the day she met Maan in college and slowly he became her life. His love and care wiped away all the loneliness from her life till the fateful day when everything was destroyed.


Geet’s father (Mohinder Handa): A very rich and powerful man who didn’t have any values and considered that everything in this world has a price tag but he didn’t understand that some things can never be bought.


Will introduce the other characters as they come…



Geet (self thought):

I gave you my heart

Your simply tore it apart


Mere pyaar, meri wafa ka yeh sila kyon diya? You ruined my soul today, you destroyed my very existence on Earth, why Maan why? What did I do to deserve this in return of my never ending love for you? What’

(Why did you do this to me return of my love, my faithfulness? You ruined my soul today, you destroyed my very existence on Earth, why Maan why? What did I do to deserve this in return of my never ending love for you? What’)


Her heart shattered beyond repair that day.


Maan (self thought):

I know I broke your heart

But I simply can’t stay apart


I know I ruined your soul

But I had no control


I wanted to give you all the happiness

But I, myself pushed you in the dungeons of darkness


I wish I had died

Before due to me you ever cried


I can neither live nor die

Will I be ever be free from this lie


Oh Lord, to your tunes I will dance

But I beg her for one chance


My soul seeks her forgiveness

Please grant me a chance to give her happiness


From this universe remove my every trace

But please grant her solace


Give her every pain, every grief to me

But make her life sorrow free


Please grant this sinful soul one wish

Give me back my love, my worship


He fell on his knees tears pouring down his eyes


Hum bewafa hargiz na the
Par hum wafa kar naa sake


(I was never unfaithful

Yet I could never be faithful to you)

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