Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 3

Chapter 3
Next day as Maan was driving to his office his car suddenly jerked to a halt. As he got down from his car he saw a gol gappa wala on the road side and Maan was drawn into flash back.
Maan remembered how he used to hide behind the tree and secretly adore his angel gulp down the gol gappas one after the other…
Hayee… she looked so cute and adorable with one in her mouth while another in hand ready to be gulped down. He kept on secretly admiring her, never having the guts to do friendship with her till the day after the fashion show when they finally became friends and he hesitantly asked Geet out for gol gappas.
Maan: woh… woh…
Geet: Kya… woh… woh… Maan, now toh we are friends na then why are you hesitating so much.
Maan (gathering courage to ask his Mishti out. He could fight the whole wide world but when it came to talking with his Jaan his voice simply died, he somehow managed to speak): Will you have gol gappas with me, Geet.
Geet simply glowed at the name of gol gappa and Maan was completely lost in his radiating angel. She literally dragged him to the stall totally oblivious to the fact that Maan was absolutely lost in her feel.
Hayee… his Jaan held his hand… he was flying on cloud 9 today blushing slightly.

Geet started gulping down the tasty gol gappas while Maan was totally lost in drooling over his innocent beauty when suddenly her expression changed to that of tension as she frowned as realization drowned on her and she stopped eating breaking his day dreaming session. Maan was shocked as to what happened as she had just had two plates (her daily was at least 10 plates na)
Maan (worried): Kya hua Geet? Aren’t they good today? (What happened, Geet? Aren’t they good today?)
Geet (hesitantly): Nahi… woh… woh… actually…
Maan: What happened, we are friends now right Geet, you can tell me anything without hesitation.
Geet (not knowing how to say it, she didn’t want to hurt him or belittle him): Nahi… (thinking of an excuse) yeah actually I was not feeling hungry (Maan raised an eyebrow and she gulped knowing he wasn’t going to buy that especially when the whole college knew what a big gol gappa eater or rather gulper she was… she meekly added) Maan understand na, I really hog loads of them…
Maan (not able to understand): So what Geet, enjoy na yaar.
Geet (hesitantly added fearing his reaction): Maan woh… actually… (she whispered so that only he could hear) it will be very costly na.
Hayee… Maan was completely blown over today, he was totally overwhelmed by her care and concern for him, she thought so much about him… hayee… he was floating in heaven… but of course he had saved enough money for his gol gappa date with his love in fact he had been saving from weeks now and he had collected sufficient money for many more such dates (wink Wink).
Maan (smiled his mesmerizing smile): Don’t worry Geet, I have saved enough, you just enjoy.
Tears brimmed Geet’s eyes. Yesterday in the fashion show she had realized what a gem of a person he was but today she was simply awestruck at his care for her, did it mean that he liked her… she wondered? Actually she had hardly noticed him in college before he saved her self-esteem in the fashion show.
A series of loud horns jerked Maan back to the gloomy present as he realized he was standing alone in the middle of the road far far away from his love.
Here Pinky dragged Geet for shopping and poor Geet had no choice but to oblige. Pinky was completely lost in trying out the various dresses, she tried, re-tried and re-re-tired them and poor Geet had it.
Pinky: Di, see na how am I looking, no… no… wait… let me try this one.
And it went on like that, Pinky was talking to herself only majority of the time and Geet was a mere spectacular nodding her head now and then when her sight fell on an off shoulder white dress and she floated into the sweet memories of her past.
The fashion show was supposed to be tomorrow and Geet’s partner met with an accident. It was supposed to be a couple fashion show and Raj had fractured his leg simply ruining Geet’s chances of winning the trophy.

Geet (totally disheartened): Arey, ab mein kya karoon? (Now, what should I do?)
Pari (shrieked as an idea struck her): Geet, there is one guy who didn’t participate yet, let’s ask him out.
Geet (confused, thinking): Who?
Pari: Arey Maan.
Geet (shocked): Maan, who that Geek. Arey yaar he is only into computers and programs. He looks more like a machine than human yaar. I don’t think he will even agree.
Pari (pulling her): Arey chal toh sahi Geet, it is our only chance. (Come on Geet, it is our only chance)
Pari dragged Geet to the computer lab where Maan was completely engrossed in the computer program.
Pari (sighed): Hayee… he is so handsome, kash ki yeh computer ki jagah mujhe bhi dekhta. (Hayee… he is so handsome, I wish he would look at me instead of the computer)
Geet (waking her): Arey sharam kar, you are committed. (Have some shyness, you are committed)
Pari: Arey toh kya, I can still drool over my Dhak Dhak (So what, I can still drool over my Dhak Dhak)
Geet shook her head, Pari ka kuch nahi ho sakta (nothing can happen of Pari). Here as if Maan could feel his angel’s presence, he inhaled her divine aroma and as he turned around, he was stunned to find her so close to him and was completely lost in adoring his Jaan without even baiting an eye-lid.
Geet dragged a lost Pari towards Maan and she sighed to see even Maan lost (little did she know he was lost in her hehe LOL). Geet snapped her hands and poor Maan blushed at being caught drooling at her while even Pari came out of her dreaming session.
Maan: Yeah tell me Geet, how can I help you.
Geet (she had never talked to him so was hesitant to ask him): woh… woh… actually…
Maan: Yeah, please tell me.
Geet (mustering courage and spoke in one breathe): Actually my fashion show partner met with an accident and he can’t participate. Since you are the only guy not participating would you be my partner.
Hayee… Maan was floating in air… Geet’s partner… and he was totally lost in dreaming their ramp walk together while Geet got confused.

Geet (clearing her throat, trying to gain his attention): Ahem… ahem…
Poor Maan blushed more, he mentally slapped himself for making a complete fool of himself, this was the first time his Jaan was talking to him or rather the first time she had noticed him and he was behaving like a total idiot.
Maan: Yeah sure.

And Pari’s mouth dropped wide open “Maan agreed”. Maan was taking part in the fashion show. He was known to be a complete computer Geek just keeping to himself. All knew that he was on scholarship and had no financial backing and hence he hardly interacted much and didn’t waste his time at all.

Geet (nudged Pari): Pari, close your mouth else a fly will enter.
And Pari shut her mouth totally embarrassed.
Geet: Thank you. So meet you tomorrow at the fashion show and yeah I will register your name.
Maan: Sure, thank you.
Geet literally dragged stunned Pari out.
Geet: Chal, we have loads of preparations to do.
Pari (still not able to believe her ears): I can’t believe it, he agreed so easily.
Geet: Toh acha hai na (Its good na)

Geet too felt strange especially the look in his eyes, it was as if he really cared for her but dismissed the idea and got busy with in the preparations while Maan was still lost in dreaming about his Mishti when the lab assistant dropped something jolting Maan back to reality and he laughed at his condition.

Maan rushed home early that night and spent the whole time rehearsing the cat walk and arranging a decent pair of dress for himself while Pinky grew all suspicious.

Pinky: Bahi yeh sab kya hai. (Brother, what is all this?)

Maan (Hayee… his cheeks became all pink as he slightly blushed): woh… woh… actually there is a fashion show in our college tomorrow na so…

Pinky (shocked, dropping the book in her hand): Fashion show and you are participating, Bhai.

Maan (trying to sound angry when actually he was blushing away inside): Yeah, so what, can’t I participate?
Pinky: Nahi you can but all of a sudden, is there something fishy Bhai, tell me na please please.
Maan (poor guy, his little sister will tease the hell out of him if she came to know he was flat on a girl and didn’t even have the guts to say hi): Arey nahi someone met with an accident and since only I was left, hence I am participating as a replacement (he tried to escape his sisters questions as he told only the half irrelevant truth hehe LOL)

Pinky tried to grill him more but he distracted her by asking about dinner and Pinky was lost in the food talk hehe LOL and Maan signed in relief.

He resumed his practice only after Pinky slept and he was at it the whole night after all he was going to walk with his love, his Geet.
Next day Maan was really conscious of being dressed in the black suit he had somehow arranged on rent while all were stunned seeing Maan the Geek turn into the most handsome and desirable hunk and all girls were lost drooling over his taut chest, chiseled body and bulging biceps so clearly visible in the body hugging suit as he had the top three buttons open. While Maan was on the look out of his angel and then magic happened he finally saw her, hayee… she looked so angelic in that white off shoulder dress that he was floating in heaven when she suddenly laughed… oh… her majestic smile… he was completely lost in her as his feet literally dragged him towards her.

Geet (turned around and was stunned to see Maan looking so handsome): Wow, Maan you are really looking out of this world today.

Hayee… Maan was blushing deep red, his angel found him handsome, hayee… he felt goose bumps erupt all over his body.
Geet (really excited): Chalo lets reach the fashion show arena otherwise we will get late.
Pinky tugged on Geet’s shirt breaking her thoughts as she jolted back to the present miles away from the happy memories of the past which only caused her pain now as she was again reminded of his betrayal.
Pinky: Arey di where are you lost, look I selected my dress, how is it tell na, please.

And Pinky kept on blabbering as Geet tried to concentrate on the present but her eyes brimmed with unshed tears at the scorching pain her heart was bearing.

Geet: It is very nice… (when Pinky shrieked interrupting her)
Pinky: Wow di this white off shoulder dress is so awesome, it will look gorgeous on you…
Geet (tried to interrupt): Nahi Pinky…
Pinky (but she didn’t let her argue): Arey di, you never buy anything, please na di… how my happiness buy it, you will look like an angel di, please please please
And finally Geet agreed, not knowing how to deny her or maybe her heart wanted to re-live their first meeting, the meeting when they became friends, the moment when she lost her heart to his care.
Precap: What happened that day at the fashion show.
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