Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The Part 1

Chapter 1

She lost her smile, her love, her everything that night while Maan slipped into the darkness of guilt and remorse. Within a span of 24 hours their entire world came crashing down. Geet’s soul was destroyed beyond repair while Maan fell in the black hole of guilt.

Geet immediately left the country that night itself far far away from the dark shadows of Maan while he too had to leave the city that night. Even Pinky and Adi had to escape the country a few hours ago and by sheer coincidence Pinky, Adi and Geet all landed and settled in London.

One and half Years Later

Geet was trying hard to move on in her life but the hatred and sadness he filled in her heart was just not letting her live. She was living like a lifeless corpse whose heart had been ripped out and burnt by the one she loved the most. Her life was full of sadness now and she was just dragging her life.

She tried to keep herself busy so that his betrayal didn’t hurt her but little did it all help. She joined the masters program and started teaching in a computer course in the institute in the evening to kill her time wanting to tire herself so much that she could at least fall asleep. But sleep still eluded her and she had to take sleeping pills to get some rest.

Here Maan buried himself completely in work. He tried to keep himself totally occupied with his software company developing various softwares wanting to fulfill her dream to make a mark in this world, wanting to prove himself to her awaiting her one chance. He kept himself hell busy so that he won’t feel guilty during the day but at night his conscious blamed him, accused him for destroying her.

Not able to bear his guilt he would indulge in intense Tai-Chai, cutting and chopping the air with his harsh, ruthless and torturous stunts on self, wanting to suffer her pain trying desperately to heal her soul.

Some days he would break wooden slabs making his hands bleed,

sometimes breaking thick ice slabs wounding his hands
while sometimes just scorch his body indulging in fire stunts. He would keep on tiring his body till every muscle screamed in pain, begging his mercy and he would literally collapse on the gym floor totally exhausted, hurting badly and some days bleeding and limping just dragging his worthless life waiting for that day when she would let him speak his heart out.

It was just like another dull day in Geet’s lifeless life when she headed in the evening to take the computer class but that day came with a new ray of hope as a new student had enrolled in her class, Pinky. Geet hardly used to interact with her students and that too was completely professional. She never got personal with them but she felt an instant liking for this new girl.

Pinky’s bubbly nature reminded Geet of herself and her past, the past she was running away from yet she felt a magnetic pull towards Pinky and it was as if she was forced by her dying heart to befriend her. Slowly their friendship grew and they became the best of friends, despite the fact that Geet was Pinky’s teacher in the computer classes, in fact they were so close that they shared their day to day lives though Geet hardly told her anything about her past.

Geet didn’t know that Pinky was actually Maan’s sister and had no idea about who Pinky actually was from except that she had a traumatic childhood but her brother protected her from all harm, somehow Geet started respecting her brother a lot, maybe somewhere in her heart he reminded her of Maan though she always ran away from the fact that her heart still beat for Maan.

Geet and Pinky shared a sisterly bond and Pinky told her about Adi, how they both knew each other since childhood and how they gradually fell in love. That day Pinky came running to meet Geet, she was really happy and over the moon today.

Pinky (really excited, very happy, puffing as she ran hard): Di, di… pata hai aaj kya hua?

(Di, di… you know what happened today?)

Pinky was the only one who could bring a smile on Geet’s face.

Geet (slight smile): Arey Pinky relax yaar… saas toh le le dear.

(Arey, Pinky relax yaar… breathe atleast)

Pinky: Pata hai… Adi proposed to me today.

(You know… Adi proposed to me today.)

Pinky was really excited today and started telling Geet about what all happened while Geet went in flash back


Maan had been slogging real hard for the past whole week making some computer program for a competition. As a result Geet had not been able to meet her Maan and was very gloomy. She too skipped college the whole week as life just didn’t seem the same without her best friend or shall I say love.

Yeah Geet had started developing feelings towards Maan but she kept them to herself afraid of his reaction, what if he didn’t feel the same. She didn’t want to risk telling him how much she wanted to feel him, love him, be his for her entire life in fear, what if it affects their friendship. She didn’t have the heart to risk it all as she knew she just didn’t exist without him and would die if he broke their friendship.

She was desperately missing him and was in a really grumpy mood. Though she understood his financial condition and that it was not in his control to meet but she so much wanted to be with him that she went to the lake park they used to spend their free time to breathe in his aroma which filled the air there. She felt peace and solace there as she could always feel his divine presence there.

Maan was really excited today, his hard work had paid and he had won the prestigious competition and even got big prize money using which he could carry out the surprise he had been planning for his life, his Geet. He wanted to share his joy, his happiness with his love, his angel, his Mishti. He knew where to find her and rushed there as even his heart was restless to get a glimpse of his Jaan.

He saw her sitting there lost in her own world feeling various emotions and her expressions changed depending upon the sentiments she was experiencing sometimes she was sad missing him, sometimes happy as she remembered their closeness and Maan was completely lost in her.

He stood there admiring her, totally lost in her splendor, drinking her pure and divine beauty via his eyes. Time stood still for him as he kept on looking at her with true love pouring from his eyes.

He was absolutely lost in his angle as dusk drowned and the sun went done breaking his day dreaming session when he signaled to someone and Geet was stunned as the whole park lit up with beautiful lightening and a message displayed amidst the gorgeous lights.

Will You Marry Me


She was over whelmed with emotions as she turned around to find her Maan down on one knee extending his hand for her flashing his ever so charming smile. She ran to him as she nodded for a yes as tears of happiness flowed down her eyes.

They hugged each other finding solace merging into one. Geet realized how much he had loved her, he was working day and night to win the competition so as to make it a perfect proposal for her and she was completely lost in his pure love.

Flash Back Ends

Pinky: Arey Geet Di, where are you lost? You aren’t even listening to me.

She said waving her hands in front of Geet’s eyes and she snapped out of her past as the clouds of betrayal clouded all around and she once again submerged in the darkness of her present.

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