Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 9

Chapter 9


Oh… Maan reached heaven hearing her, she cared for him, Oh…God… He was loving her concern, he would keep eating chillies if she would scold him like that, like she owned him… Yeah, he was hopelessly in love with her. He just kept looking at her with pure love in his eyes.


Geet realized that she had spoken a little too much and felt embarrassed and rushed out of the room. As she was rushing out, Geet met the headmistress who seemed worried.


Geet: What happened Ma’am.


Headmistress (imagine her like Dadima, an old and caring lady): Geet beta, I was thinking that you stay alone, if someday you are in trouble then who would you call? (When Geet didn’t reply) Don’t worry dear just save my and Mr. Khurana’s phone numbers in your phone and in the emergency contacts.

(Seeing Geet hesitant) For my sake beta.


Geet nodded her head and saved the numbers.


As the days passed by, Geet was accepting the presence of Maan in the orphanage. Maan used to come every evening for teaching martial arts or shall I say came to see her on the pretext of martial arts (hehe). She didn’t mind meeting him accidently though they hardly interacted except for the annual play, but still it was a positive signal for Maan. Hope grew in his heart that his love had a chance, that maybe someday will come when she would reciprocate his feelings.


Here the children liked seeing Maan and Geet together. For them they looked like the ideal couple. The elder kids could see the love and care in Maan’s actions. One day Anant and Anamika thought of doing something but who was to know that it would back fire so badly.


Anant (to Maan): Bhaiya, Didi called you in teacher’s room, it is something very urgent.

Maan: Ok.


Here Geet received a very filthy MMS. It showed people in compromising position and the message was “Come to the bed with me you S*** Babe, we will enjoy…” The Sender was Maan. Geet was shocked and very furious that how can someone be so cheap.


Maan went to teacher’s room and knocked on the door. The door was ajar so he went in to see Geet standing alone near the table clutching her mobile phone and her eyes were blood shot in anger.


Maan (moving towards Geet, almost reaching her): What happened Geet?


When she didn’t reply, he slightly touched her shoulder. Geet snapped out and realized that Maan was so close to her in fact touching her shoulder.


Maan: What happened Geet?


Geet (who was already boiling, burst): What the hell do you think of yourself, Mr. Maan Sigh Khurana??


Maan: But what did I do, Anant said…


Geet (interrupted him): What did you do?? You are the most pervert and filthy man I have ever met in my life. How can someone be so so cheap. You think you can buy anything right, like you own this world. Now I know why you gave me a job here so that you can bed me any time. (Maan was too stunned by her accusation to react). (Geet was so furious that she let herself forget about her brother’s murder and was trying her best to be normal with Maan and here his intensions were so sick. She just lost it) You want my body right. (she pulled down her palu and threw it down exposing her upper body which was merely covered in her blouse) Have it.


Maan (screamed in pain closing his eyes): What are you doing Geet, please stop it


Geet (interrupting him): Yeah now I know, this must be why you killed my brother, right so that you can have me (She ripped her blouse out and threw it on Maan’s face). So now why are you closing your eyes, you must be repenting that why didn’t you sleep with me that night I offered myself. (Maan removed his shirt and with his eyes closed only tried to drape her with it but she wasn’t letting him) Why are you covering me this is what you always wanted. You think I am a SL** and tomorrow you will pass me around to your friends


Maan (he could not bear her abusing his love and slapped her): Stop it Geet, just stop it.


Geet was stunned by his slap and let him cover her with his shirt. He just left from there but when he reached the front door, he banged the door on his hand which had dared to slap her. He could take any insult, any abuse which she leashed out on him but he could not bear her accusing his love, his worship, hence he slapped her. But he also had to punish his hand for the sin of slapping her, for hurting his love, hence he banged the door on it, leaving it badly injured with blood gushing out.


He drove his car as fast as he could. His heart was crying today and his eyes were wet. A tear escaped his eyes, this was the first time he cried after losing his parents. He couldn’t bear her hatred any more. He drove up to his secret hideout place, the only place which could give him any solace. He got out of the car and screamed out loud.



He fell on his knees and his heart cried


Why is love full of pain

Not that I expected any gain


But what did I do to deserve her anger

When all I did was to love her

What did I do to receive her hateful stare

When all I do is shower her with love and care


My soul is burning today

Your hatred is killing me day by day

My heart bleeds at each acidic accuse you pour

Please stop it before I can take no more


I gave you my heart

You simply tore it apart

I gifted you my body, heart and soul

But you abused my love as if that is your only goal


Still I can’t make myself to dislike you

I have no control but to adore you

Why can’t I hate you at all

May be because I lost myself to you long back


Even after the more venom you spit

With your mere sight my world gets lit


Will I ever be able to lesson you hate

Or is that my only fate

Will you ever look at me without hatred

Or will it happen only after my death


He felt heartbroken and tears rolled down his eyes.


Precap: MMS truth comes to light

              Geet repents


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