Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 8

Chapter 8


Doctor: Was that more important than yourself??

Maan: Yes, my existence has no meaning without that someone. (leaving the doctor speechless)


They took him to the OT to re-stitch him up. Here finally Geet gained consciousness. She was surprised to find herself in hospital. All she remembered was getting dizzy in the middle of the road and someone preventing her from falling. After that all was blank. She was perplexed as to who was that person, his feel was so familiar, but who was he?


Geet (to the nurse): How did I reach here, sister.

Nurse: No-one knows who was the kind person to bring you till hospital. All we know is that Mr. Adi found you at the hospital door and got you admitted.


Geet was surprised as to why would someone leave at the hospital door and was sad that she didn’t even get to thank him. Suddenly her thoughts went towards Maan, that he was also in admitted in the same hospital and she thought of asking nurse about him.


Geet: Sister, there is a patient Maan Singh Khurana, how is he now?

Nurse: Oh, Mr Khurana, don’t even ask. He is the limit. Doctor had told him to not put pressure on his leg and do you know what did he do. He went out yesterday and came back after bursting all his leg stitches. And you know what he said, “It was necessary to help someone”. God, I don’t know how careless someone can be on self, how can helping someone be that important.


Geet’s heart felt hurt, she didn’t know why, was it because he was hurt again or was it beacuse of jealously that he cared so much for someone else that he got hurt again or both (I pity her, she is so unknown of the pure love she is blessed with). Just then Pinky burst into her room


Pinky: Geet, tu kaisi hai. Adi called me that you were admitted so i came running. You know what, I didn’t even have evening snacks.

Geet: I am fine Pinky.

Pinky: Chalo good, lets order something then.

Geet: Nahi yaar, I will be discharged soon, let’s go home and eat.

Pinky: Chal, ye bhi thik hai.


Soon Geet was discharged and they left. Here Maan’s operation was successful and the doctors gave him strict instructions of complete bed rest otherwise his case would become more complicated, already he had spoiled it by his childishness. He remained in the hospital that night. Next day Annie and Dadi returned to the mansion. They were shocked to know that Maan was admitted and rushed to the hospital.


Dadi: Aap ne hume inform bhi nahi kiya Beta, kya hum itne paraye hai??

Maan: Dadi, aap ye kya keh rahe hai. I was alright, so I didn’t want to unnecessary scare you people and it was important for you to attend the wedding.

Dadi: It was not more important than you, beta.


Maan hugged her and Annie to console them, they were very disturbed seeing him all bandaged up. Doctor agreed to discharge him, but told them that he needs to take complete bed rest for a week to recover. Maan agreed as he was scared that doctor will spill the beans of his night venture otherwise.


The next week Maan told complete bed rest and worked only limited hours from home. Here Geet also mostly rested the week since doctor had told her to take care.


The following Monday Geet decided to take up a job in an orphanage named “Care”. She saw an opening for a dance teacher and applied there. Here Maan got to know that Geet had got a job in “Care” which was maintained by his company. He was very close to the kids there and would teach them martial arts during weekend. It seemed as if destiny was trying to make them meet. Maan heart jumped in joy that she had decided to move on in life and he could get a glimpse of her whenever he wanted.


Geet was very happy that she had got a job, she now had a mission on hand and that was to prepare the kids for their annual function which was 2 months away. She had been informed that they wanted a mixture of martial arts and dance in this year’s function. Martial arts was already being taught on weekends by a male teacher, while she would have to teach dance and later they would merge.


Geet reached “Care” next day and met with the kids. The kids soon became fan of her sweat nature and were following her everywhere. She was curious to know how the martial arts was going since she would need to merge their acts later.


Geet (to a kid Anant): Beta, how are the martial arts classes going.

Anant: Didi, Bhaiya has not been able to teach us last week since he got injured but otherwise we had been practicing for long and Amar is very good in it. Bhaiya always comes on the weekend to teach us.

Geet: Only weekends?

Anant: Yeah didi, he works on weekdays. You know who he is…


Anant was interrupted by the head mistress who wanted to discuss something with Geet and they left from there.


The week soon flew by and Geet was much happier now. Even Maan was in good mood now-a-days since he would steal glimpses of Geet while going to and returning from KC by visiting “Care” and admiring her from hiding.

It was weekend and Geet’s holiday. She got up late but was very unhappy that she won’t be with the kids. Then she thought that she could give them a visit and even meet the martial arts teacher so she got ready and left for “Care”.


Here Maan was teaching kids martial arts but making sure not to hurt his leg since though his stitches had healed doctors had advised caution for one more week.


Geet reached “Care” and was shocked to see Maan there. Maan saw her, he was tensed about her reaction now. He had thought that since she would have an off on weekends she would never come to know that he taught martial arts. Geet didn’t know how to react, whether she should continue the job or not, how was she to work with her brother’s murderer. She left from there in a confused state. Maan rushed behind her and came in front of her.


Maan: Geet, please don’t leave the job because of me (she was listening to him so he continued). The kids really love you and have become very attached to you in a short spam. Please Geet.

Geet (thought for a while and said): Ok, but you will not come in my way.

Maan: Sure (and he left contended that she won’t leave the job now)


It was Sunday and Geet thought of making some chat for the kids and give them a surprise. The kids were very happy to see Geet.


Kids: Didi, didi (and they ran and surrounded her)

Geet: Look kids what I brought for you.

Kids: Wow!! Chaaattt


They soon laid the table. Geet had made special non spicy chat for kids and spicy chat for others. She handed everyone the chat even Maan. When she handed him the chat, Maan felt as if he had got the world. Oh… he was over the world.


When he took a bite he realized it was full of chillies (Maan was highly allergic to chillies), but Geet had made it how could he not have it and he ate it all. As soon as he had finished it, his eyes became all red and started watering, his stomach started grumbling and he rushed to the wash room.


When the head mistress took a bite, she asked Geet.


Head Mistress: Geet, you didn’t give this to Mr. Khurana, did you.

Geet: I gave him, in fact he ate all.

Head Mistress: What, he is highly allergic to chillies, he starts vomiting if he has even a little spice.

Geet: Whaaattt!! Then why did he eat??

Anant came running.

Anant: Didi, Didi. Bhaiya is not well at all, he is continuously throwing up.


They rushed to the wash room and helped Maan clean up and took him to the room and called the doctor. Doctor gave him an injection.


Doctor: Mr. Khurana, you are highly allergic to chillies, then why did you consume him.

Maan kept quiet, how could he tell, that this was the first time his love had made something, how could he not eat.

Doctor: Take rest.


Head mistress and Anant went to leave the doctor, leaving Maan and a furious Geet alone.


Geet: Are you crazy!!! Why did you eat chillies when you are so allergic??? Have you lost your mind.


Oh… Maan reached heaven hearing her, she cared for him, Oh…God… He was loving her concern, he would keep eating chillies if she would scold him like that, like she owned him… Yeah, he was hopelessly in love with her. He just kept looking at her with pure love in his eyes.


Geet realized that she had spoken a little too much and felt embarrassed and rushed out of the room.


Precap: Keep Guessing (may be another anger bout of Geet, Let’s see Wink)


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