Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 7

Chapter 7

Maan (murmuring): “Geet, I will bleed to death but please don’t hurt yourself“.

Geet’s heath loathed her for what she did to him while her soul wanted to soothe him, take away his pain and without her knowledge her hands moved and held his hand. Feeling her touch, a layer of calmness took over Maan’s body. It was as if their souls connected and he felt at peace.

Finally Maan relaxed and the medicines started working. The doctors were very happy to see his response. Since he had moved into deep sleep, they asked Geet to wait outside, since the danger had passed. Geet came out of the ICU.

Adi: How is sssir now?

Geet: Doctor said that the danger has passed.

Adi (signed in relief): Thank God!

Pinky thought that Geet must be really stressed out at what all happened and she was attracting lot of eyes since she was dressed in a gown not that it was revealing but was highly inappropriate and out of place, hence she should go home.

Pinky: Adi can you please drop me and Geet.

Adi: Ok, I will drop you guys and come back. (Though he didn’t want to leave Maan alone but it was too late to send the girls alone. Also Maan was out of danger now.)

Adi dropped Geet first.

Pinky: should I stay over, Geet?

Geet: Nahi, I will be fine.

Pinky: Promise me, you wouldn’t do anything rash.

Geet: Don’t worry Pinky. I will be fine.

They dropped her at home, later Adi dropped Pinky and went back to the hospital.

Here Geet ran into the house crying, her heart not able to accept what had happened, what she had ended up doing. She sat under the shower getting all drenched up, her heart ached with pain, it felt as if it was bleeding and not Maan. She sat there slowly getting numb, she felt as if she had blood on her hands and was desperately trying to wash it away (her heart was cursing her for what she had done to Maan and she was feeling like his condition was because of her, hence she thought that she had blood on her hands)

After what felt like ages, she finally got out of the shower somehow composing herself and changed and cuddled on the bed. She tried to sleep, she wasn’t sure what was she crying for, was it for her dead brother or was it on Maan’s condition.

Next day, it was afternoon when Maan woke up. He was feeling light, it was as if his soul knew that she had come to see him. But still he wanted to make sure.

Maan (to Adi): Adi, how did I come here and how was I saved.

Adi: Sssir, we found you in a pool of blood and rushed you here. The doctors said that you were very restless and were not responding to medicines. You were calling for Geet and murmuring something. Then she came in the ICU and your condition stabilized.

Maan’s heart missed a beat, hearing she had come, so his heart was right, it had felt her. Oh God… maybe his love had a chance.

Adi (continued): She looked very disturbed though when we dropped her home.

Maan instantly got worried about her, how would she be feeling. He hoped she wouldn’t take any wrong step. He asked Adi to leave him alone and called his detectives.

Maan: Did you call her up? Is she picking?

Detective: No sir, she is not picking since yesterday.

Maan: Damm it, keep trying and keep me posted.

The way Maan used to keep track of Geet’s safety when she would not venture out of her house was in the following manner. He had hired detectives who would keep calling her time to time pretending to be calling from various mobile companies and other companies stating some package they were selling, with Maan on conference call. This way Maan would hear her voice and assure himself that she was fine.

On hearing that she was not picking her phone he panicked and started to get out of bed.

Nurse (who had just came): What are you doing Mr. Khurana? Doctor had advised complete bed rest and has said to not put pressure on your right leg since your thigh stitches are yet to heal and if you put weight on it they will burst open.

Maan: Don’t worry sister, I will be using the stick as doctor said and not put pressure on my leg.

When was anyone ever able to stop the MSK, so what could poor nurse or Adi do. Maan left the hospital driving his car rapidly, in order to reach Geet’s house.

Here Geet finally got up. She realized that maybe she had gone too far in order to take revenge and decided that she will no longer harm Maan and stay as much way from him as possible. Because she could never ever forgive him for what he did to her brother but maybe just maybe he repented and maybe he suffered his punishment. After she made up her mind to not take any more revenge unless Maan deliberately came in her way, she called up her detectives and discontinued their services. She also thought of giving life a new chance and decided to take a walk in the nearby park. She left her house walking.

Maan’s detectives saw her coming out of her house and immediately informed Maan. Maan relaxed hearing that she was fine and silently followed her to the park. Once inside the park, he hid behind a tree and watched her slowly getting lost in nature, he saw her smile maybe for the first time after the incident and his heart jumped seeing her happy. He forgot all his pain and suffering seeing her smile. Oh… he felt so content, he had no complaints from life now.

Then after a couple of hours, Geet started walking back to her house, she was crossing the road when in the middle she started feeling dizzy. Maan was watching her, when to his horror, he saw that she was dizzy and a car was approaching her. He left his stick, forgot whatever the doctor had said, and just ran for her. He caught her in the nick of time and held her out of harm’s way but they were still in the middle of the road. She had collapsed and wasn’t responding. His wound had started bleeding, but he hardly noticed. He just picked her up and carried her across the road and to his car. By the time he got her to his car, his stitches had burst and blood was gushing out of his leg, but all he cared was for Geet, who was still not responding.

He drove like mad to the hospital, but when he was about to reach, he realized that Geet may not like to know that Maan had saved her. She hated him and knowing that she had to take his help may cause her unimaginable pain. He immediately called up Adi.

Maan: Adi, meet me at the hospital entrance with a stretcher.

As soon as Maan reached, he let Adi and ward boys rush Geet inside the hospital, making sure that no one knows who brought her there. They rushed Geet to the emergency.

Adi (called Maan): Doctors said that she fainted since she hadn’t had anything since yesterday morning and looks like she was stressed lately. They have started glucose and she should gain consciousness soon.

Maan: Adi, no one, I mean no one should know I got her hear. Did you get it?

Adi: Yesss, Sssir.

Maan felt relieved hearing it and went to his room where the doctors and nurses were shocked at his carelessness.

Doctor: Mr. Khurana, what have you done?? We advised you against putting any weight on it and look what you did, you opened all your stitches, you are worse than a kid. (Maan was smiling thinking that Geet was fine and he was reminded of her smile, which irritated the doctor further) You think it is a joke, Mr. Khurana.

Maan (back to reality): No, doctor.

Doctor: Then

Maan: It was necessary to help someone

Doctor: Was that more important than yourself??

Maan: Yes, my existence has no meaning without that someone. (leaving the doctor speechless)

Precap: Keep Guessing Wink

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