Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 6

Chapter 6


Maan (disheartened that she was misunderstanding his concern): I will do whatever you say, but not at your cost. Just say what you want and I will do it.


Geet (shouted with anger): I want to see you bleed. (and wore the gown back)


Maan was shocked at her demand, but if that is what will heal her, so be it. He went to the other side of the room and banged his hands on the glass table, shattering it. Blood oozed out of his hands which were badly and deeply cut by the glass.


Though her heart flinched but Geet showed no emotion, hate and anger can really turn a loving lively person into a monster.


Maan then took the alcohol bottle and smashed it on his leg hurting it badly, then he smashed another and another and another till blood didn’t start gushing out of his leg.


Geet’s heart started cursing her seeing his state but it was as if her mind had built a rock solid wall of unreasoning around itself, not even letting the voice of her soul enter it.


He then smashed his head on the room mirror with so much force that the mirror shattered. He kept on banging his head on the broken pieces which remained struck on the mirror making his forehead bleed profusely.


Seeing his plight, her heart finally managed to scream and out power her brain.


Geet (screamed): Stop it, please just stop it.


She ran out of the room with a bleeding heart, not sure what she actually wanted.


Here Maan kept banging his head until he just collapsed owing to the stress, pain and hurt. The pain was not of the physical wounds but it was his heart which was bleeding, which just got hate in return of his unconditional love. His soul felt shattered by her hatred.


Here Pinky was feeling very very guilt for her actions of sending Maan knowing what was Geet’s plan. She went to the room and saw blood flowing out of the door. She was shocked and called the housing people to open the door. They broke the door and were taken aback by the sight. There was glass mixed with blood scattered all over the room and Maan was lying in the middle of a large pool of blood. They immediately called for an ambulance and rushed him downstairs. Pinky informed Adi and he rushed to the hospital along with the ambulance to take care of everything.


Pinky went looking for Geet and found her cuddled in a corner of the hotel lounge sobbing bitterly hugging her knees.


Pinky (holding her shoulders shaking her): What happened in the room, what happened to sir?


Geet just kept sobbing.


Pinky (shaking her more): Speak Geet, speak, what happened there.


Geet (in between sobs): I… I… tried to… seduce… him… But he … didn’t … cross … his …limits. He… came to know … my intensions… he agreed to… take blame…but … didn’t… want to… spoil… my image…He …asked …want I wanted…I … I told… him … to … bleed and he… kept hitting… himself… bleeding (she just broke down holding her face in her palms).


Pinky: He didn’t scold you even after knowing your intensions, any other man would have slapped you, rather actually raped you. What did you do, how could you be so mean to ask someone to bleed. You have lost it completely, Geet. Look at him, he cared do much to not say anything to you, rather he gave into your worthless demand of making him bleed. How could Geet, How could you be so heartless. What happened by his hands was an accident in which your brother died, but what you are doing is consciously hurting him. What has taken over your soft and beautiful heart, Geet.


Pinky’s words were like acid in her wounded heart which was bleeding in the horror of what had happened because of her and she begged Pinky.


Geet: Please take me to him, please Pinky. What did I do? Oh, God


Geet and Pinky rushed to the hospital. Adi had finished all the formalities and Maan was being operated upon.


Annie and Dadi had gone out of station today for a weeding, hence Adi didn’t think appropriate to call them at night as it would just tense them as they won’t even be able to come as there were no flights at night.


All waited impatiently for 2 hours after which the doctor came out.


Adi: Doctor, how is sssir now.

Doctor: Though the operation was successful, but he is still very serious. His response to the medicines is not as it should be, it looks like he doesn’t have the will to get better. He is in a very agitated state, though we have given sedatives and he is not conscious but it looks like his body and mind are tensed, they need to relax for him to get better. (Pinky glared at Geet while Geet was feeling guilty about her actions.) We are continuously monitoring his situation in the ICU and will keep you informed.


An hour passed and there was still not much improvement in his health. Doctors were worried of losing him, if he didn’t relax and respond to medicines soon. Then a nurse came rushing out of the ICU.


Nurse: Doctor, he is whispering something like “Geet, I will do anything you want, but don’t hurt yourself”… “Anything, just anything”.

Doctor (to them): Please call Ms Geet, maybe he can calm him and get him to respond to medicines


Geet was stunned hearing the nurse.


Adi: Who is Geet?

Geet: I … I am

Adi and Pinky: Please go in.


Geet went inside the ICU. Maan’s soul seemed to sense her presence around him and this body showed the signs of restlessness. Geet went near the bed, her heart flinched on seeing his condition, she cursed herself for causing so much pain to him and slowly sat on the stool next to the bed.


Maan (murmuring): “Geet, I will bleed to death but please don’t hurt yourself”.


Geet’s heart loathed her for what she did to him while her soul wanted to soothe him, take away his pain and without her knowledge her hands moved and held his hand. Feeling her touch, a layer of calmness took over Maan’s body. It was as if their souls connected and he felt at peace.




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