Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 4

Chapter 4


But Geet got more agitated, she just couldn’t believe it and now her ego was too heavy on her and it literally crushed the voice of her heart.


She called Pinky, her friend. Pinky worked as Maan’s secretary in Khurana Constructions. She was married to Adi who was the head accountant in KC.


Geet (on phone): Pinky I want to go to shopping tomorrow and want to talk with you. Can you please come over to my place tomorrow morning?

Pinky (she was glad that finally Geet decided to step out of the house, this would be good for her, also it was a Sunday, so she had an off): Sure Geet, I will come over at 10am they we will go shopping.

Geet: Thanks, yaar.

Pinky: Oye, friendship mein no sorry and no thank you. Got it?

Geet (smiled for the first time after the incident): Got it.


Geet was restless the whole night thinking of how she would avenge her brother’s death. She was a little nervous regarding the strong step she had decided to take. Her heart and soul were against it, which was making it difficult for her, but her ego, hurt and hatred came in the way.


Next morning Pinky came over.


Pinky: Geet, ready? Let’s go.

Geet: Coming


Both left for the mall and reached the garments section.


On the other hand, Maan’s detective informed him that Geet was finally leaving the house. Maan immediately rushed to follow her dogging Geet’s detectives that were behind him. He was happy to know that Geet had finally stepped out of the house.


Geet was fidgeting the whole while in the shop.


Pinky: Kya hua yaar? What are you looking for?

Geet (shying): Actually…..actually…I…I…wanted…

Pinky: What are you saying yaar? I am not able to understand anything.

Geet (said in a single breath): I wanted to but some sexy lingerie and thought of taking your help.


Pinky gasped at her with her mouth open, without blinking an eyelid, shocked beyond belief. Geet… Geet of all people wanted to buy… ahem ahem sexy lingerie… Geet used to stay a feet away from boys, never had a bf… the very shy types… wanted to buy. Pinky almost collapsed.


Geet: Please help me yaar…Please


Geet’s voice brought Pinky back to reality.


Pinky: Ok… Sure… But why?

Geet: I will tell you at home.

Pinky: Ok


Pinky felt happy that may be Geet had decided to move on in life, away from the grief she was in and happily helped her select very sexy red color lingerie, which was ready to burn any man in lust. After the shopping they left for home.


Maan had been observing Geet from outside the shop since he didn’t want her to see him hence didn’t know what she actually purchased. But he was thrilled to get a glimpse of his love. Oh… she looked so adorable. Finally he had got a chance to see her after so many days, he couldn’t thank God enough.


After reaching the house both Pinky and Geet collapsed on the couch exhausted by the shopping they had done.


Pinky: Now tell, why did you buy this.

Geet: Pinky, I need a favor from you, please don’t deny it. I don’t know what will I do if you don’t help me.

Pinky: What is it, tell me.

Geet: Nahi, first promise.

Pinky: but…

Geet: No if no but… promise

Pinky (didn’t want to upset Geet, since she had finally shown some improvement after so many days): Ok.

Geet: I know that Maan has a client party tomorrow in XYZ hotel, all you need to do is send him to room number X making some excuse. I have already booked the room so there is no problem.

Pinky (confused): But why should I send him to that room, why have you booked a room. Tell me Geet what are you cooking here.

Geet: Please do as I say

Pinky: No, not until you tell me what you are up to, I won’t.


Seeing that Pinky wouldn’t agree otherwise, Geet relented and said.


Geet: I will be waiting for him in the room and will seduce him, after that when we… we … (tears rolled down her eyes, she had dreamt of a happy married life)… do it, I will accuse him of rape and take my revenge.


Pinky: Geet, are you out of you mind, have you gone mad. What you are doing is very wrong. You will ruin not only his image but also yours. Do you think Lucky Bhaiya would want you to stoop so low?


Geet (falling on her knees): It is already very difficult for me to do all this, please please help me.


Pinky: No, I won’t help you in this, this is wrong. Maan sir is a very nice person. Though he is strict at work, but he always understands his employee’s personal problems and always helps them out. I will not break his trust and demean him.


Geet (hearing Maan’s praise she just lost it): You are insulting me Pinky… he is a goddam killer. He crushed my brother, what does he think he rules the world… that he can get away with murder.


Pinky tried to intervene but when her own heart could not fill any sense in Geet how could anyone else.


Geet (she couldn’t take it anymore, she was blinded by hatred, even her friend didn’t support her. She was already feeling very lonely and now her will, her patience, everything broke): Why would you care if I live or die… Fine, don’t help me… you will never see my face again. (Saying so she rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the knife to cut her wrist. Pinky anticipated her action and rushed in time to snatch the knife from her and threw it away)


Pinky (shaking her up): What do you think you were doing?

Geet (falling on her knees and sobbing bitterly): Please help me this once … please.

Pinky (didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want to do it since it was wrong but then her friend’s sanity and probably life was at stake. She thought of agreeing and praying to Babaji to help resolve the mess): Ok, I will help you.

Geet: Thank you, thank you so much… You don’t know what this means to me.


Saying so Geet almost collapsed. Pinky helped her till her room and tucked her in the bed and left with a very heavy heart unhappy at the immorality of what she had agreed on doing.


Precap: Keep guessing Wink


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