Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 3

Chapter 3


Geet: But Mr., don’t think I will leave you. I know you have closed the case by your power, but I will take my revenge.


Maan felt happy that she defended him in front of the world, he was now hopeful that she could never misunderstand him, that his love had a chance. He was ready to lose his all if she demanded it. She can do whatever she wants with him, he was always hers.


He simply nodded and left from there. Geet was feeling very frustrated with herself, with her reaction and just cried. Later Mr. Patel came, Geet hugged him and started crying, she considered him like her father.


Geet: Uncle, yeh sab kya ho gaya…

Mr. Patel: Geet beta, sumbhalo apne aap ko. Lucky would be so disappointed to see you like this. Please beta.

Geet wiped her tears thinking about how her brother could never tolerate her tears.

Mr. Patel: Beta, I came to read his will. He has left everything to you and one more thing, he recently brought a flat and he wanted to move there with you, but… And also this is his account details, he had made this much profit lately, now it is all yours. We should move to the flat now and I will clear all the dues of this place.

Geet just nodded and did as he told her.


Many days had now passed since then and Geet was yet to come out of the depression. She was spending most of her time gathering information regarding Maan. She was surprised that though he was such a big business tycoon there was nothing negative about him that she could use. She also found out the hardships that he had overcome to become what he was, whenever she read such things her heart would point to her that she should believe his eyes that he wasn’t guilty, but then her mind would remind her of her brother’s death and the war went on. Finally her mind won and she decided to plan her revenge. Since she wasn’t able to find any negative habit or incident about him, she was in a fix on what to do. She started following all his moves by hiring a private detective. The detective reported his events of the day which were mainly going for jogging, spending some time at home and working in his office. Occasionally he went to client parties, but every where his body guards followed apart from jogging.


On the other hand Maan was in a foul mood since he could no longer get a glimpse of Geet (like he used to by waiting on the bus stop) since she had stopped going out of her house. Though he knew that she was getting him followed but he didn’t know as to what she was up to, not that he could ever refuse her anything but still he was worried if she harmed herself.


Here Annie had slowly started getting her routine back due to the constant support of Maan and was back to college.


Geet’s frustration was increasing as the days passed and she thought of hiring goons to get back at Maan. Though her heart protested but her mind over ruled it.


Geet (on phone): I want him beaten, break his bones but don’t kill him. (However much she hated him but she could never kill him). He goes for jogging alone in the morning.

Goon: Keep our payment ready and I will call you tomorrow evening with good news.


The whole night Geet couldn’t sleep since her heart kept taunting her, but alas her mind wouldn’t budge.


The next morning Maan went for jogging, where 4 goons attacked him. But he is the MSK, a tai-chai champion, what were 4 goons to him. He trashed them left, right and center. In the evening Geet impatiently awaited the phone, then decided to call the goon.


Geet: What happened?

Goon (in a broken voice since he was all broken LOL hehe): We don’t want you money, whom did u send us to beat? He showed use stars in day light. God, he is unbeatable… ahhh


Geet threw the phone in anger while her heart felt at peace hearing Maan was ok. She decided to take help of her college friend Romeo who was working in Maan’s new construction site as the manager. She called him.


Geet: Romeo?

Romeo (he didn’t know about her brother, she had really bottled up after that and not contacted anyone): Hi Geet, what’s up?

Geet told him all about his brother’s death and that Maan killed him.

Romeo: But yaar, it must have been an accident, sir is a very good human being, though he is tough on the outside but I have heard he is a gem of a person and helped any people out.


Geet’s heart: See I told you

Geet’s mind: Shut up


Geet: Shut up, Romeo. If you don’t want to help then just say it but atleast don’t insult me by praising my brother’s killer.

Romeo (realized that she was very upset and his saying anything you just aggravate it. He also knew that she was very sensitive towards her brother and must be feeling very insecure after his death since he was everything to her, he didn’t want her to take any wrong step so he agreed): Ok, I will help you.

Geet: I want you to cause a strike at the site.

Romeo: Ok.


Romeo did as she said and caused a strike by pumping some people against the administration and creating false alarms. At night Adi called Maan.


Adi: Sir, there is a strike at the new Noida construction site.

Maan: But, everything was fine, I just visited it yesterday.

Adi: I don’t know what happened sir. I am rushing there, you also please reach.

Maan: Ok Adi, I am coming.


Maan rushed to the site. This was his dream project and he didn’t want any delay in it. On seeing Maan the people on strike quieted a little, he asked them to explain the situation rather than raising their voices. They did and brought out all the points. As usual Maan’s charm worked and he was able to pacify the workers and the management and sorted out the strike which in any other place would have taken weeks to resolve. Everyone was happy and Maan left. Romeo felt guilty for having created so much problem but what could he do, but today his respect for Maan increased seeing how efficiently he came to the right solution without letting anyone’s faith die on him.


But Geet got more agitated, she just couldn’t believe it and now her ego was too heavy on her and it literally crushed the voice of her heart.


Precap: Pinky: Geet, what you are doing is very wrong. You will ruin not only his image but also yours. Do you think Lucky Bhaiya would want you to stoop so low?


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