Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 2

Chapter 2


Mr. Patel was lost in his thoughts when Maan’s voice brought him back to reality.

Maan: One more thing Mr. Patel, I have deposited XYZ amount of money in Lucky’s account. Tell Geet that Lucky had earned it in business or anything, but she should not know that I have given the house and money. (with MSK stare) Is that understood?

Mr. Patel (meekly): Yes

Maan: I have made all the funeral arrangements, tell her that you did it.

Mr. Patel: Ok.


Mr. Patel left from there lost in this thoughts as to whether, what he was doing was correct or not. He knew that the accident case was registered in Maan’s name hence taking any money would be like compensation to Lucky’s death. But he also knew that it was accident and Lucky was brought to hospital by Maan so he would anyways be freed, also he had so much power that no one would have questioned Maan anyways. He didn’t want to hide from Geet, but then he thought that if she came to know she will refuse and then what will happen to her in this bad world with her job (She hardly took money for the teaching she did). Thinking this he thought he will hide the information until it is absolutely necessary for Geet to know. He called Pinky (Geet’s friend) to come to the hospital and when she came, he went to check on the funeral arrangements.


When Geet gained consciousness, Maan immediately left for home, since Pinky was there. Maan rushed to his mansion, where another problem awaited him.


Maan: Dadima, how is Annie. I know I should have come along with her from the hospital but you know there were so many problems that I had called you to accompany her. She was so disturbed, how is she now.

Dadima: She is not well, beta. You know, you are the only one who can console her. She is so terrified with the whole thing. She is in her room.


Maan rushed to Annie’s room. She was sitting on the floor hugging her knees and crying profusely. She still hadn’t changed her clothes, her sleeves were torn and she was wearing Maan’s jacket. Maan ran to her and sat beside him trying to console her.


Maan: Annie, it is over, don’t cry kiddo.

Annie: Hugging him, Bhaiya yeh kya ho gaya. It is all my fault. I should never have gone to that party.

Maan (wiping her tears): Shhh. Don’t cry. It is not your fault. It is over now, don’t think about it, I was late, not their to protect you, I am sorry.

Annie: Aap sorry kyun bol rahe ho, it is all because of me.

Maan: Annie, will you make a promise to me.

Annie: Anything Bhai.

Maan: Then you will not tell what happened today to anyone, not even Dadima. (He didn’t want her to go through the torture again)

Annie: But Bhai.

Maan (with pleading eyes): Promise me Annie

Annie (she could never see her brother helpless, he was her strength, her everything): Ok, Bhai

Maan (Getting up and making her get up): Chalo change and go to sleep.

Annie: Ok.


Annie went to change will Maan left from there and headed straight to the gym. He started practicing furiously thinking about what all happened today, his sister’s condition flashed his mind, then Lucky’s death and finally Geet’s unhappy face. He was very agitated and angry since nothing was in his control, the only people who mattered so much to him were in pain, such deep pain and he was so helpless. The business tycoon, who was undefeatable to the world, stood today so helpless.


Geet gained consciousness to find Pinky sitting next to her. She hugged her and cried.


Geet: Pinky, Lucky bhaiya…..

Pinky: Geet, ro mat sab theek ho jayega.

Geet: Kaise Pinky, kaise. I lost my everything today, everything. And all because of that man, what is his name, yeah Maan Singh Khurana. What does he think that the road is his property, he can just storm on the footpath and kill people and nothing will happen. He may have the police and the world under his feet, but I Geet will not leave him. Today I vow on my brother’s death that I will destroy his killer.

Pinky: Geet, shant ho ja. Anger is not good for you. Please sleep now.


After much convincing by Pinky, Geet finally slept. Geet was discharged next morning and went to her house where there was mourning going on. Hardly few people had visited, though the house was surrounded by media. It was the first time in 5 years they had found something that the MSK had done which was not correct. He was involved in an accident, though neither was it hit and run and also it was shown in police’s file that the car had skidded and lost control (hence he was free from charges), but then everyone knew his power, he could have manipulated the report.


Suddenly Maan appeared at Geet’s residence. He wanted to see if she was ok. His guards blocked the media outside the house and he went in. On seeing him Geet was very furious. She immediately got up and held him by his collar.


Geet: Kya dekhene aye ho. You crushed him. I know you have bought everyone and are free, but I will not leave you.


She slapped him again, her eyes were spitting fire. She for the first time looked into his eyes. She was taken aback by what she saw. She saw pure, unconditional love for her, pleading her that he wasn’t guilty, that he would have died before he could have ever harmed her, that no harm can reach her till he was alive. She left his collar, she was shocked that his eyes were pleading not guilty, but then if he was not guilty why didn’t he say anything when she slapped him. Why didn’t he say anything to the case against him? Why? Her heart was urging her to believe his eyes, believe that he didn’t do anything wrong. But then why was he silent, if she believed her heart, then there were so many unanswered questions.


The media managed to break through and asked Geet.


Media Person: Do you think Mr. Khurana manipulated the case.

Geet (her head said to say yes, but her heart denied it, her heart wouldn’t let her demean him in front of others): No.


Maan was stunned by her reply, he didn’t know how to react. Here media was also dejected that now what and the guards rushed in to move them out. The house was now clear of media. Geet was also surprised by her reaction.


Geet: But Mr., don’t think I will leave you. I know you have closed the case by your power, but I will take my revenge.


Maan felt happy that she defended him in front of the world, he was now hopeful that she could never misunderstand him, that his love had a chance. He was ready to lose his all if she demanded it. She can do whatever she wants with him, he was always hers.


Precap: Geet’s revenge begins.

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