Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 11

Chapter 11

Geet collapsed on the ground in self loathe: Oh my God what did I do. It felt as if the ground gave way under her feet.

Geet (self thought, her heart was dumb struck at the revelation): Oh my God! What did I do. I accused Maam of such a sick and cheap action. He must have felt so bad especially when he had no clue of what I was saying. I must find him and apologize for my behavior. Is he really this good that he saved my life, at his own cost but didn’t tell me so that I won’t be hurt? Even today he didn’t say a word that would hurt me. Yeah, he did slap me but I think that was hardly anything compared to what I said. God only knows what any other man would have done in his position. Even when I went on abusing him, his only thoughts were to cover me up. Babaji what did I do. I must apologize before this guilt eats me.

All determined to find him, she ran up to Adi.

Geet: Adi, did you find, Maan

Adi: Nahi Geet we aren’t able to track him.

Geet felt dejected as if all hope was lost. She went to the garden walking like someone who had just lost her soul. Her heart cried as if it could feel his pain, as if it knew that he was completely broken today, that he could bear her hatred no more. Her inner voice blamed her, warned her that it would never forgive her if something happened to him today. She didn’t know when his grief started flowing in the form of tears from her eyes, his soul which was connected to hers, had conveyed his helplessness, his angst to her soul. Her soul was burdened by the remorse of her words and actions. Will she be able to redeem their lives was the question echoing deep within her.

Akshay the smallest kid of the orphanage can and sat near her. It felt as if God had sent his angel to guide her, so that she could find him and heal him.

Akshay: Kya hua Didi? Aap kyun ro rahe ho?

Geet (wiping her tears): Kuch nahi beta, aap yahan kya kar rahe ho? Aap ka toh sone ka time ho gaya hai.

Akshay: Didi, I am not feeling good today, need nahi aa rahi hai. Mummy, daddy ki yadh aah rahi hai. Aur Bhaiya bhi nahi hai. Pata hai yadi Bhaiya hote toh woh mujhe apni secret place par leke jate.

Geet (hope arising in her heart that maybe Maan was there at the secret place): Kaun si place, beta.

Akshay: Whenever I am sad Bhaiya takes me there. Pata hai, he even clicked our pictures so that I can see and feel that heavenly place in case it is late or he is not around.

Geet: Do you have the pictures, beta.

Akshay (showing some pictures): This place, Didi.

Geet: Beta give me one picture please and come inside.

Akshay gave her a picture and they went inside. Geet immediately rushed to Adi after handing over the kid.

Geet: Adi, do you know this place.

Adi: Haan, Maan sir had bought this place a few years back. He said that it gives him peace whenever he visits that majestic place. It has a very beautiful lake and is covered with tall and lush green trees all around.

Geet: Please give me the address, he might be there.

Adi: In that case, I will also come with you.

Geet: Nahi, you stay here and try to find him, in case this is just a hunch.

Adi: Ok, call me if you find him.

Geet took a taxi and rushed to the address which Adi had given. It was pouring heavily when she reached the place. She saw his car there and informed Adi that he was probably there. She left the taxi and went inside.

The place which looked so majestic in picture, was having an eerie feeling about it. It was as if something had destroyed the tranquility of the divine place. It was as if nature was portraying his plight, it was weeping in his sorrow. Geet felt as if the lake, the trees, the sky above, everything was accusing her of robbing their peace, for ruining his soul.

She could see a lifeless form resting on his knees. Her heart ached to see him like that, crest fallen. Her feet automatically started running towards him, the heavy downpour no longer mattered to her, her soul wanted to touch his, heal him and get mended it return.

She reached him, he was merely a step away, but she was not able to cross that minute distance, it felt as if her soul was dying. She tried to reach out to him but her voice had died. He was soaked in the heavy rain, his head fallen, his shoulders bowed, it was as if someone had ripped his heart and burned his soul. Finally she gathered herself and touched him. A shiver passed though his lifeless body at her touch.

Geet (a faint whisper, but his sub-conscious heard it): Maan…

Maan (her voice brought him back to this world but his soul was still burning in hell it seemed): Please Geet don’t. Just leave you will get sick.

Geet (her heart taunted, he still cares, he should curse you but he still worries about you): You are drenched, you will also fall sick.

Maan (he laughed a sarcastic laugh): Have you ever heard a dead man get sick, Geet. There is no life left…

Geet got scared hearing him, was it too late her heart feared, then she saw his bleeding hand, she took his hand in hers, trying to soothe the wound

Maan: Don’t Geet, please spare me. Don’t try to heal me to curse me again. Why did you come to the hospital that day, why did you bring me back to this world, why, when you just wanted to accuse me more. Why did you redeem me to despise me again. Please not today. Don’t save me again, I won’t be able to survive your hatred again. I am sorry for whatever wrong intentionally or unintentionally I did to you. Punish me as much as you, but please don’t rescue me to leave me again. Loathe me, scold me, curse me, abuse me. Do whatever you want, but please end my misery today. I always wanted to see you happy, but I am sorry, I can’t play this game of dying and reviving anymore. I will feel myself blessed even in your hatred. I have only one request, finish me, destroy me, take your revenge, but please do it in one shot.

His each word was like a needle through her already weeping heart. She wasn’t able to see him like this, her heart cried experiencing his pain.

Maan: Yeah, I remember, what you said, you wanted to see me bleed.

He tried to get up, but she held his hand. He looked back. She was shocked to see his soulless eyes. They had no emotion, nothing. They were as blank as the dead night.

Geet (she screamed as if she wanted to reach his heart, his soul which was lost somewhere in infinity): Maaannn

He was still lost in the world of his own, his heart was roaming in his imaginary world which was ruined by her hatred. The love which was sacred, that he worshipped had been butchered so mercilessly by her that he felt devastated.

She felt as if even his body was slipping away, his heart and soul had already been lost. She got scared and started shaking him, trying to break the barrier which she only created.

Geet (Holding his shoulders shaking him, she screamed again, her voice filled in panic): Maaannn

Precap: Will Geet be able to redeem Maan

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