Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 10

Chapter 10


He felt heartbroken and tears rolled down his eyes. A faint song was playing somewhere nearby as if depicting his heart ache



Bejaan dil ko

tere ishq ne zinda kiya
phir tere ishq ne hi
is dil ko tabah kiya

His heart cried remembering her words “You are the most pervert and filthy man I have ever met in my life.” “you gave me a job here so that you can bed me any time.
tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi
mujko saza di pyar ki, aisa kya gunah kiya
to lut gaye, haan lut gaye
to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mei.n


Tears weren’t stopping from his eyes as he recalled her acquisition “you must be repenting that why didn’t you sleep with me that night I offered myself
tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi
mujko saza di pyar ki, aisa kya gunah kiya
to lut gaye, haan lut gaye
to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mei.n


He died a thousand deaths remembering her say “You think I am a SL** and tomorrow you will pass me around to your friends
tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi
mujko saza di pyar ki, aisa kya gunah kiya
to lut gaye, haan lut gaye
to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mei.n


How could she think so low of him, how could she. He would have laid himself before her had she just asked, but how could she accuse him of humiliating and disgracing his love. The skies burst as if feeling his pain and it started pouring heavily.


Here Geet cuddled up and started crying. She felt so lonely and hurt that she didn’t even realize that Maan’s shirt was covering her. She was shivering uncontrollably thinking how dirty and cheap this world is. She was shocked beyond words that how could someone fall so low, that Maan just wanted to take advantage of her situation.


Geet (self thought, weeping profusely): Lucky Bhaiya, why did you abandon me in this sick wide world. See how these vultures are, all ready to prey on my flesh. Here I was willing to move ahead in my life, I thought of forgetting that Maan killed you, that it might just be an accident, but look how sick and corrupt his intensions were. Please guide me Bhaiya, please save me, help me


She remained in the same position for an hour or so, when a loud thunder in the sky brought her back to reality. She realized that she was covered in Maan’s shirt. She threw his shirt in disgust, she hated his smell, his feel, his everything. Though her heart was praying that all this turns out to be a lie, it wanted to go back in time, to erase all these filthy memories. She somehow managed to wear her blouse and cover the ripped portions with the pallu.


She tried to make herself strong and came out of the room. She collided with Pinky on her way out.


Pinky (looking at Geet’s swollen eyes): Kya hua, Geet?


Geet: Kuch nahi, why are you guys here?


Adi: Maan sir had called me here to discuss on the project, but he is not here. I am not able to track him at all, his cell is not reachable, do you know where he is?


Geet (not able to suppress her frustration and anger any more): I don’t want to talk about that cheap, disgusting man.


Adi: what are you saying Geet? I will not tolerate such demeaning things about Sir.


Geet: Your sir is the most pervert person I have ever met. Look at this


Geet showed them the MMS. They both were shocked to see the MMS and more so that the sender was Maan.


Pinky: There is some mistake, Maan sir can never do such a thing, he respects women a lot. I don’t believe it.


Geet: Sach, tumhare na manane se nahi badaleya.


Adi: Nahi Geet, Pinky is right, he just can’t. He is the most decent boss one can have.


Geet: I don’t want to hear anything about that sicko. He is just a filthy, disgusting Bas***.


Adi (he could take any abuse regarding Maan): Shut up Geet. Though Maan sir had made me promise but I don’t think I should keep quite now that you are misunderstanding and abusing him.


Geet tried to interrupt but Adi stopped her.


Adi: First hear me out, then you speak. You were asking that day in hospital as to who brought you to the hospital. It was Maan sir who brought you there.


Geet: How can that be possible, you are making it up.


Adi: No Geet. When I told him that you were not well when I left you at your house, he got very worried. He went out of the hospital even though the doctors had advised him against putting pressure on his leg. I don’t know how he knew where you were, but when he saw you fainting on the middle of the road, he rushed to save you without once think about this wounds. He carried you to his car without caring that his leg stitches had burst and blood was gushing out of his wounds. Then when he was about to reach the hospital he called me and asked me to get you admitted into the hospital. He made me promise that no one should know he brought you there, because you may feel bad that you had to take his help. Geet, just think how can a person who cares so much about you, who didn’t even think once about himself, who was just bothered about your safety, your wellness, your happiness, could do such a thing.


Geet: But, but, how is it possible.


They were distracted by the noises coming from the hall, head mistress seemed very angry. They rushed out.


Head Mistress (shaking Anant): Tell me Anant, how do you have Mr. Khurana’s mobile?


Anant (very scared): Who madam, I…I had taken it to do a call. Then he went to the teacher’s room and I thought… that… I… I will return after he comes out but… but I didn’t find him.


Geet thought that she received the message almost as Maan had entered, but then Anant is saying he had the mobile, but then how could Maan message.


Geet: Anant whom did you call?? Did you send any MMS??


Anant (Was sweating in fear by now): I… I…


Geet: Speak up damn it.


Anant (falling on his knees): I didn’t know what was in the message, I… I … had asked Bittoo to forward a love message on Bhaiya’s mobile and just forwarded that on to Didi’s mobile. I… I… just thought love messages bring people close and we wanted to see Didi and Bhaiya together so that they dance as a couple for our annual day. I swear… I don’t know what was in it… But when I… I… waited outside the room, I heard you screaming and then someone slapped and I got very scared. Then I saw Bhaiya storming out and banging the door on his hand, first time I saw him going out in his vest without shirt. I am so sorry, I don’t know anything… (he was shivering in fear and crying nonstop).


Geet collapsed on the ground in self loathe: Oh my God what did I do


Precap: Will Geet be able to find Maan


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