Will His Pure Love Change Her Hatred Part 1

Chapter 1

Geet came rushing into the hospital and run straight to the reception.


Geet: Where is the ICU in which Mr. Lucky has been admitted?


Geet ran toward the room which the nurse had pointed to. 2 police officials along with the doctor were coming out. Geet tried to go in but they stopped her. Maan also reached them


Police Officer: Who are you Miss?

Geet: I am Mr. Lucky’s sister. How is he?

Police Officer: We are sorry, but he is no more.

Geet: Who killed him?

Maan: It was an accident…

Geet (didn’t let him finish): So, you killed my brother.


Police Officer tried to explain the situation to her but she was in no mood of hearing. The only thought going through her mind was that this man killed her brother, who had been like her mother and father, who was her everything. Geet’s temperature was boiling in anger and she held Maan’s collar and slapped him.


Geet (shouting): You killed my brother.


She slapped him again and again. Police officers and doctors intervened to stop her and she collapsed not able to take the shock. The doctor admitted her and put drip.


Police Officer (to Maan): Don’t worry sir, everything is under control. There are just a few formalities and you can leave then.

Maan: hmm

They finished the formalities and the police left. Maan went to visit the doctor.


Maan: How is the girl now?

Doctor: She collapsed out of shock, she should gain consciousness in a few hours, don’t worry.

Maan: hmm.


Maan looked at Geet from outside her room and admired how peaceful she looked while sleeping. He remembered when he first met her.




He had gone to give donation to the school of children with special abilities. When he was returning after giving the check, he saw her in the class room teaching children. Her hair where loose and he was smiling. Oh… how angelic she looked. He was lost in her and kept staring at her till the principal had called him from behind.


Principal: Mr Khurana, any problem?

Maan (feeling embarrassed on being caught): No, I was just leaving.


That was a week ago and Maan had gathered all information regarding her. He would wait in his car near the bus stop she used to catch her bus from, to get a glimpse of her.


Past End


Someone spoke bringing him back to the sad reality where she was unhappy.


Mr. Patel: Hello, Mr. Khurana. You called me.

Maan: Yes. I know that you are Mr. Lucky lawyer and you handled all his issues.

Mr. Patel: Yes.

Maan: When you read his will tomorrow, tell his sister that this is the new XYZ house he had bought and ask her to move to that house.

Mr. Patel: But…

Maan: No buts, do as I say.


Mr. Patel, knowing Maan’s power didn’t say anything but was surprised that he had gifted Geet with a house. Mr Patel was their family laywer and considered Lucky and Geet as his children after the dead of their parents. He was happy that Geet won’t have to live in the rented place in suburbs anymore. He had been worried about her safety ever since he had heard of Lucky’s death. Now he felt relieved.


Precap: Maan at Lucky’s funeral. Geet angry

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