My Sufferer My Maan Epilogue Part 2

Epilogue Part 2


Pari (in all her drama entered the office and rushed towards Maan’s cabin in her micro mini’s) Where is my Maan…

And Geet’s eyes popped out “My Maan” and she peeped out to see who was this specimen when to her utmost shock Pari barged into Maan’s cabin and ran up to him and hugged him tight making sure that Geet was witnessing it all from the window curtains and Geet was like :O OMG

where as Maan was pleasantly surprised to see his childhood friend Pari and greeted her warmly while Pari kept on sticking to Maan making her cleavage clearly visible to him, not that Maan was even looking but Geet… woh toh aaye toh jaye kahan Angry and she too barged into his cabin. One look at Geet and Pari knew that she had fallen head over heels for Maan and she chuckled to herself.


Geet (cleared her throat loudly trying to gain their attention or rather Pari’s attention hehe LOL): Ahem… ahem…


Maan: Arey Geet, meet my childhood friend Pari and Pari she is Geet (his deep love filled tone while taking Geet’s name was enough to convey that she was his love, his life, his Jaan, his Geet and Geet’s eyes sparkled and on the pretext of shaking hands with Pari, Geet pushed her away from Maan and Pari was like “Yeah Dadi you were spot on, she is madly in love with him“)


Pari: Maan, I am throwing a party at my farm house tonight and you have to come. It will be cocktails and dancing and much more (she added winking Wink at Maan and she could sense Geet getting all possessive and if looks could kill Pari would be ashes by now) Geet you must come too.


Maan (knowing pretty well that Geet disliked the pub kind of ambience) But Pari, Geet doesn’t like such places.


Pari: Oh… that’s so sad, then why don’t you come alone. (and Geet was like :O Maan alone in such a place with Pari)


Geet: Nahi nahi (she flashed her teeth giving that stupid smile) It is at her farmhouse na pub thori hai (and Maan was taken by surprise she really disliked drinking but he let it be while Pari was like “yipeee“)

(It is at her farmhouse not a pub so…)

Pari rushed home to tell her partner in crime that they were right Geet adored Maan and was J to the core and Dadi and Pari giggled away but then Dadi got serious.


Dadi: Pari yeh sab toh theek hai par ab kya… (Pari all this is ok but now what…)


Pari: I am planning to just call my very close 8-10 girl friends and will tell them to hit on Maan, already everyone is flat on his one look (after all he is the Maan Singh Khurana)


Dadi: But what about Maan, he won’t let them even come near him then how will we get Geet to confess.


Pari (was like sad): Yeah woh toh hai… (Yeah true…)(but then her eyes beamed) how about we convince him first that Geet indeed loves him.


Dadi (sighing): Woh nahi manega… (He won’t agree…)


Pari: But it is worth a shot na…


Dadi agreed and they secretly called Maan.


Maan: Aap ne bulaya, Dadi. (Dadi, you called me)


Dadi: Haan beta, we want to talk something really important.


Maan: Ji Dadi…


Dadi: Aap ne apni life ke bare mei kya socha hai, Maan? (What have you thought about your life, Maan?)


Maan (was like shocked why was Dadi asking this all of a sudden when she knew he loved Geet and was ready to wait his entire life for her): Dadi…


Dadi: Aur nahi toh kya beta, when will you and Geet realize that she also loves you.


Maan (shaking his head): Nahi Dadi, she considers me her best buddy and I just can’t afford to lose her faith on me and our friendship… (as tears rolled down his eyes) I won’t be able to live with that Dadi (and he nearly broke down)


Dadi (holding him): Beta, so you want her to live only in memories, Dev can never ever come back. Even though her heart feels for you, she is stopping it as if guilty of betraying Dev but she is wrong Maan, life doesn’t stop for anyone and hence we need to move on. (seeing no change in him, raising her voice, shaking him) Dev is dead and he won’t be back and you need to make her aware of it, you have to bring her back from the darkness of those lonely memories Maan. Only you can, only your love can Beta.


Dadi shook him up as his heart twitched as if in hope that maybe, maybe one day his love would win.


Pari: Yes Maan, believe me, I have seen it in her eyes that she really loves you.


Maan: But…


Dadi: No if, no but beta… you see for yourself in the party. If she gets jealous seeing your closeness with other girls then you can judge for yourself if it is friendship or love


And finally after much pestering Dadi and Pari convinced him to play along with Pari and her friends at the party.


Geet and Maan entered the party and Pari greeted them, in fact she took them over to meet her friends and they were all completely flat on the hot and dashing Maan Singh Khurana in the black suit, red tie, crisp white shirt and black trousers and as Geet and Maan moved a little ahead one of them remarked.


Girl: Oh Mannn, Pari your friend is smoking hot…


And Geet was like fuming…


Geet: Maan, don’t you guys have any guy friends I mean there are only ladies in the party.


She asked really uncomfortable to have her Maan alone with so many gals who were eying him like he was an eye candy and God knows when they would pounce on him, the look in Geet’s eyes made it quite evident to Maan that indeed Dadi and Pari were right, she was falling for him and he too made up his mind to help her realize her love.


And as the music started Pari dragged Maan onto the dance floor. OMG Geet was like :O as all the girls stuck to him like bees to nectar and Maan too was shamelessly dancing with them.


Geet (cribbing to her Babaji): Chi… chi… Babaji dekhiye na kya zamana aa gaya hai… in micro mini ko toh koi sharam haya hai hi nahi par Maan… unko kya hua hai… (when Pari came to her to add ghee to the fire)

(Chi… chi… see na Babaji what has become of this world… these micro mini are already so shameless but Maan… what has happened to him…)

Pari: Kya hua Geet, tum dance kyun nahi kar rahi ho? (What happened Geet, why aren’t you dancing?)


Geet: Nahi, mujhe yeh sab chipku chipku nahi pasand (and Pari had a real hard time controlling her giggling the way Geet was staring at Maan as if she would rip him away that very instant and if looks could kill then those girls would have been dead there and then itself hehe LOL)

(No, I don’t like all this sticking sticking)


Pari: Waise, Maan kitna aacha nachte hai na and he is looking so ravishing today (Btw, Maan dances so well na and he is looking so ravishing today)

and Geet felt like strangling Pari when to her utmost horror a girl kissed Maan on his cheek and one could clearly see the smoke coming out of Geet’s ears.

Even poor Maan was taken aback, he didn’t expect this, he was just playing along to make her “J” but boy was she jealous or what. She banged her feet as she literally dragged him out of the lady gang and shoved him to a corner.


Geet: Yeh sab kya hai Maan… (she said harshly rubbing his cheek wiping the dirty girl’s filthy lipstick off him) Aap ko sharam aati hai ya nahi

(What is all this Maan… (she said harshly rubbing his cheek wiping the dirty girl’s filthy lipstick off him) Do you have any shame left or not)

Hayee… Maan’s heart flip flopped, she loved him, she really loved him yipee but now what, how was he to make her confess and he looked at Pari making a baby face pleading her to help him. Pari shook her head yeh dono and she came over


Pari: Arey Geet kya hua, kitna maza aa raha tha… (Arey Geet what happened, we were enjoying so much…)


Geet (pointing a finger at her): Kya maza aa raha tha… yeh sab galat hai (What were you enjoying… all this is wrong)


Pari: Kyun isme galat kya hai. Maan is single and ready to mingle toh tumhe kya problem hai…

(Why what is wrong in it. Maan is single and ready to mingle then what is your problem…)


And Geet was taken aback, right what was her problem, she toh loved Dev then why was she so possessive about Maan.


Geet (trying to cover up): Haan… he is my best buddy and I don’t want him to spoil his life like this.


Pari (devil’s advocate): Arey Geet, tora flirt karne mei kya burai hai, it’s just harmless flirting na and he is toh not even committed yet.

(Arey Geet, there is nothing wrong in a little flirting, it’s just harmless flirting and he is not even committed yet.)


Geet (tried to interrupt): But…


Pari (but Pari cut her in between): Kya baat hai Geet, tumhe kya hua you don’t like anyone touching him (Geet looked down) Bolo Geet tumhe kyun farak parta hai if someone touches him (Geet was speechless as her heart and mind were fighting, she didn’t know what she was feeling and why) Bolo Geet bolo, tumhe farak parta hai na because you love him (and she shook Geet up)

(What is the matter Geet, what happened to you, you don’t like anyone touching him (Geet looked down) Tell Geet why does it matter to you if someone touches him (Geet was speechless as her heart and mind were fighting, she didn’t know what she was feeling and why) Speak up Geet speak up, it matters to you because you love him, right (and she shook Geet up))


Geet (furious as he heart vehemently denied no she can’t ditch Dev, no she can’t betray her first love, jerking Pari away): Nahi mujhe koi farak nahi parta… (and Maan was completely taken aback, he could clearly see the pain in her eyes, that she loved him, loved him madly yet her heart was denying it) mujhe koi farak nahi parta if someone touches him (a tear rolled down Maan’s eyes) samji tum mujhe koi farak nahi parta if someone touches him (even though Maan had accepted the fact that she would probably never be his but after seeing the love in her eyes yet her heart refusing to agree broke him inside, her words pierced his heart as his soul crumpled)

(No it doesn’t matter to me… (and Maan was completely taken aback, he could clearly see the pain in her eyes, that she loved him, loved him madly yet her heart was denying it) it doesn’t matter to me if someone touches him (a tear rolled down Maan’s eyes) understood it doesn’t matter to me if someone touches him)


Maan (not able to bear it anymore as he held her shoulders): Meri aakhon mei dekh kar bolo ki tumhe koi farak nahi parta… (Look into my eyes and say it doesn’t matter to you…)


Geet (she simply lost her mind as her heart and soul kept fighting) Nahi parta… bilkul bhi nahi… (she screamed looking straight into his eyes and something broke in him today)

(No it doesn’t matter… not at all)


Maan (jerking her): Theek hai… tumhe koi farak nahi parta na, then you wouldn’t mind if I strip in front of all these ladies right now with them all over my body (his eyes depicted hell today as if radiating fire and even Pari was taken aback, this wasn’t part of their plan but she let it be. Geet felt the ground beneath her feet collapse but she stayed mum)

(Ok fine… it just doesn’t matter to you right, then you wouldn’t mind if I strip in front of all these ladies right now with them all over my body)


And Maan furiously went to the middle of the dance floor.


Maan (his eyes were only on Geet as he spoke): So ladies, how about I strip for you all.


And the girls screamed all delighted as they wolf-whistled cheering him on.


Girl: Oh… it will be a dream come true for all of us…


Another girl: We just love your body sexy…


Geet felt disgusted at their comments but her heart stopped her she had no right on him while Maan removed his coat in one jerk throwing it amongst the girls who shrieked in delight, flying kisses at him. He next opened his tie and it followed suit… with the girls going all crazy as he started sensuously opening his shirt buttons. Geet looked down not able to see him like that but his eyes were only on her.


Maan (wanting her to meet his eyes, to look in them and deny her love as he opened his buttons): So girls how do you like my body…


Girl: You are smoking hot sweet heart…


Another girl: We love you sexy… wish we could eat you alive…


Another girl: Your six packs are so ravishing darling…


Geet looked up, her eyes spitting fire…


Girls (chorus): Can we touch you Mr. Stripper.


Maan (looked into Geet eyes but still no change in her): Yes, why not…


And the girls literally pounced on him touching and kissing his bare chest and abs as they ripped apart his shirt throwing it away. Geet was not able to control her emotions anymore as her heart pierced to see him being touched by those Chudails… it was her right… only hers… her heart screamed in pain as tears rolled down her eyes as she saw him still looking at her, his heart pleading her to not make him fall further but still her soul felt guilty of betraying Dev and she somehow controlled herself…


His heart died to see her tears as he himself felt violated to be touched and kissed by someone other than his Jaan, his Geet. His soul crumpled under the sin of betrayal… his every nerve… every part… everything belonged to her and only her yet he was ready to let go of his all if it could heel her, bring her back and today either he would perish or she will accept her love.


Maan (still eying her as he moved a little away from the ladies): Girls, girls control yourself don’t you want me to continue my stripping and then you can carry on…


Geet died hearing his words yet no reaction and he unbuckled his belt ripping it out as the girls cheered him on…


Girl: Come on sexy, show me what you got baby…


Maan looked at Geet a second longer as his hand went to his pant button


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