My Sufferer My Maan Epilogue Part 1

Epilogue Part 1



A couple of days passed and Maan was much better now thanks to the undying care of Geet. A tear of happiness escaped Dadi’s eyes as she saw the beginning of love in Geet’s eyes as she relentlessly looked after Maan.


Soon Meera discharged Maan. Geet and Dadi got him home and Nakul helped in taking Maan to his room as Dadi and Geet left him sleeping, the journey back from hospital had been really tiring for him.


As they came to the dining area, Dadi could sense that something was bothering Geet and she made her sit next to her.


Dadi: Geet beta, kya baat hai, aap kuch pareshan lag rahe ho. (Geet beta, what is the matter, is something bothering you?)


Geet: Nahi Dadi… kuch nahi (lowering her eyes not knowing how to voice her concern) (No Dadi… it is nothing)


Dadi (holding her chin and making her look up, encouraging her to open up her heart): Geet beta, aap hum se sab kuch share kar shakte ho, bataiye hume what is the matter? (Geet beta, you can share anything with me, tell me what is the matter?)


Geet (a tear rolled down her eyes as she spoke): Dadi, mei yahan kaise rah sakti hoon, mera matlab hai… (Dadi sensed her unsaid question her heart desired to know “ki woh kis haq se waha rahe…“)

(Dadi, how can I stay here, I mean… (Dadi sensed her unsaid question her heart desired to know “that with what right could she stay there…”))


Dadi (gently caressing her forehead): Beta aap humari beti ke haq se humare ghar mei rahengi (and Geet was truly overwhelmed, her eyes became moist with emotions. On the one hand her own family had discarded her rather they had tried to brutally kill her and here, Maan’s Dadi was giving her the right to be her daughter. Tears rolled down her eyes as she dearly hugged Dadi truly speechless at her motherly warmth and acceptance).

(Beta you will stay as my daughter)


Dadi gently rubbed her back helping her to let go of all her bottled up emotions as Geet wept profusely in Dadi’s embrace trying desperately to heal her heart’s still fresh and bleeding wounds which her family had so mercilessly inflicted on her. Tears escaped Dadi’s eyes at what all her children had undergone due to a few monsters prevalent in this society as she truly wished to absorb all their pain and bring a smile on their face.


After ages as Dadi felt her finally relax, she gently broke the hug.


Dadi (wiping Geet’s tears): Bas beta, ab aur nahi, (Stop crying beta, no more tears) I hate to see my daughter cry (Geet tried to control her tears) That’s like my good child (she said stroking her cheek) now give me a big smile, beta (and Geet smiled amidst tears as Dadi kissed her forehead)


Geet: I will go and check on Maan (and Dadi nodded as Geet headed to his room)


On the way she met with the full time nurse whom Maan had hired for Geet to help her in her bath and give her sedative if required and to be there just as a precaution. She was leaving as Geet had finally recovered now.


Nurse (smiling at Geet): Aap bilkul theek go gayi. (You have recovered completely)


Geet (smiled back but failed to recognize her as she barely remembered those 3 months): Aap… (you…)


Nurse: You might not remember me, I am the nurse sir had hired for you.


Geet (started to convey her gratitude): Thank you…


Nurse (but she interrupted her): Don’t thank me, I didn’t do anything. If you must thank, then thank Maan sir. Jitne dhairya, sahan sakti aur lagan se unhone aap ki dekh bhaal ki uski toh koi kalpana bhi nahi kar sakta. (The patience, endurance and care with which he has looked after you is unimaginable) He is the one who has revived you. I have seen so many cases where the patient’s family throws the patient in the mental ward even when it is not the only option but he is the first person I have met who looked after you despite your mental state with so much love and affection that it is beyond words. I still remember the days and nights when he would just hold on to you in order to soothe you, calm you, relax you despite the fact that you would be so violent and that he would be invariably bleeding but never did I ever see him complain even once (tears rolled out Geet’s eyes as Maan’s sacrifices became even more evident to her). His love is truly selfless, unconditional, absolutely pure and divine. You know one day you hit his head so brutally that he was bleeding profusely but still he did not let me sedate you, even if he was in extreme pain he would never let me tranquilize you until it was absolutely necessary for your health, he would always just keep on pouring his undying love and care on you in order to relax you, calm you, soothe you naturally so that you won’t get habitual to those harmful drugs, so that you could let go of your past and embrace your beautiful future (Geet’s heart wept as her throat went completely dry choking with emotions, truly speechless at his out of this world love when the nurse held her hand) Never ever let go of him or even bring a tear in his eyes, he is truly precious and God’s best angel which HE has bestowed on you.


The nurse left as Geet stood rooted there not knowing what life had in store for her. How could her heart love anyone other than Dev but how could she deny her best buddy who had given the ultimate sacrifice to revive her.

She was on cross roads today as tears rolled down her cheeks what was she to do when as if his heart could feel her pain, her sorrow, her worry, her confusion, her distress even in his sleep and he moaned her name…


Maan (he murmured in deep sleep): Geet…


And Geet rushed to him hearing his pain filled moan. She gently caressed his forehead wanting to soothe away his pain as he slowly opened his eyes. He smiled at her despite extreme pain.


Geet (really worried as if she was living his pain): Aap ko bahut dard ho raha hai na (as a tear escaped her eyes seeing him all bandaged up like that, her tear pierced his heart) (You are really hurting na)


Maan (shook his head, gently wiping her tear): Nahi Geet, I am perfectly fine. Please don’t cry… (when Nakul knocked at the door) Yes…


Nakul: Woh Bhaiyaji, Dadiji ne kaha hai ki Geet didi ka saman mei Geet didi ke room mei shift kar doon. (Bhaiyaji, Dadiji has told me to move Geet didi’s stuff in her room)


Maan: Pehale tum room theek kar do phir le jana (and Nakul left as Maan turned towards Geet not knowing how to explain to her that they had lived in the same room for 3 months, not knowing how to tell her that they slept on the same bed, not knowing how to make her trust him. His eyes bowed just not able to meet hers) Woh… Geet…

(First you make her room, then take the stuff)


But Geet didn’t let him continue as she placed her palm on his mouth, her heart died to see him dying of guilt. He was remorsing his noble act of saving her, reviving her, of bearing all her tortures, all her insane madness, of absorbing all her pain, living all her suffering. Tears rolled downed her eyes as she vehemently shook her head.


Geet: Nahi Maan, please don’t say anything. Please look at me Maan, I trust you completely (Maan looked up at her totally blown away at the faith she had in him, she didn’t even once question as to what all happened even though she barely remembered anything and a tear rolled down his cheek overwhelmed at her trust but she immediately wiped his tear shaking her head). Apne mere liye jo kiya hai woh akalpaniye hai… (What all you have done for me is unimaginable) you were ready to sacrifice your own life for me. You bore all my madness, all my anger, all my insane, inhuman behavior without a single complaint. You could have so easily left me to die but you saved me, you could have simply thrown me in the mental ward but you looked after me, loved me, cared for me, and revived me despite my insanity, you were even ready to lay your life for my sake. (Her heart cried at how brutally she had tortured her guardian angel) I am not even worthy of all this Maan, please tell me what can I do to wash away the extreme pain I so mercilessly bestowed on you (her heart wept as her soul crippled under her horrendous deeds and bowed under the weight of his goodness, she howled holding him just not able to bear the burden as tears rolled uncontrollably down her eyes) Please tell me how can I ever repay you Maan.


Maan’s heart died a thousand deaths to see her dying slowly under the burden of his love. No this was not what he wanted, he loved her limitlessly but he also knew that she loved Dev and it was too early for her to overcome his death. This soul burned at the thought of her willing to do anything to repay his love.


Maan (cupping her face as he wiped her tears): Geet, tum yeh kya kar rahi ho (Geet, what are you doing) (But her eyes were still bowed and Maan felt as if someone was piercing his heart with daggers) Acha, you really want to do something for me, right (and she nodded her head even as her heart feared what if he demanded her love, she won’t be able to deny him but neither was she ready for it) Then I want my best buddy back, the way she always was, bubbly, smiling and full of life.


Geet was completely taken aback by his understanding, his truly divine, selfless and unconditional love. He didn’t even one confess his undying love that was so clearly visible in his eyes, no claim nothing, he simply wanted her happiness, giving her the power to be as she wanted to be, giving her the freedom to live her life as her eyes questioned him “I know you love me in fact no one can ever love someone like you love me, but still you have no demand“. His eyes sparkled in her love as they spoke “Love is not about demanding, love is not about expecting, love is not selfish, love is the name of giving and I will forever love you till my least breathe but it doesn’t mean you have to love me. I am happy just to see you happy and enjoying life. Your smile is the biggest gift of my love Geet, promise me you will never ever feel guilty or burdened by anything.


And Geet was truly overwhelmed and hugged her best buddy tight pledging to never ever hurt him even if she could never love him.


Slowly the time went by and Maan completely recovered. She stayed with them in Khurana Mansion as Dadi’s daughter and she soon joined Khurana Constructions. Maan and Geet remained best buddies, teasing, troubling and fighting with each other even as he kept on falling more and more in love with his Jaan while Geet too had slowly started loving him, she just couldn’t stay even a second without him, if he got ojjal (vanished) from her eyes even for a moment she would get anxious but still her heart denied it as it was still stuck at not wanting to do injustice to her first love, even though Dev’s memories and love was slowly fading away yet her guilt kept her heart and soul caged to be loyal to him.


Soon one year had passed and Dadi really wanted Geet to confess the love she had started to develop for Maan because she knew Maan would never force her and Geet would never realize due to her guilt. When as if by fate Maan’s childhood friend Pari visited Dadi.


Dadi: Arey Pari, aap India wapis kab aaye Beta and how are you? (Arey Pari, when did you return to India and how are you?)


Pari: Dadi just now I landed in Delhi and came straight away to meet my best friend Maan and my favorite Dadi, (Dadi smiled at her) to invite you guys for my engagement this weekend. (Dadi got lost thinking when that day would come in her Maan’s life when Geet would accept his love and they would get married. Looking at a lost Dadi, Pari shook her up) Kya hua Dadi why are you looking so lost?

(What happened Dadi, why are you looking so lost?)


Dadi (sighing): Ab mei tumhe kya batau beta… (What should I tell you beta…)


Pari: Tell na Dadi, maybe I will be able to help.


And so Dadi told her everything, how Maan realized his love, how he left for Hoshiyarpur. How Geet loved Dev but her family brutally killed him injuring her. How Maan revived her, how everything was fine now yet nothing was fine and tears rolled down Pari’s eyes listening to what all her best friend and his love had endured.


Pari (determined to help Maan get Geet. He had always helped her since childhood so now was her duty as his friend to help Geet realize her love): Dadi you don’t worry, I have just the plan. (Dadi, raised her eyebrow as if asking “what plan” to which Pari replied all excited) I know just the thing for Geet to realize and accept her love, we will make her jealous as in “J” (and her eyes beamed as Dadi too agreed that it might just do the trick)

And so as planned Pari left for Maan’s office with the mission of “Make Geet Jealous”. Pari reached Maan’s office and instantly located Geet with the help of the photo Dadi had shown her, she was in the cabin adjacent to Maan.


Pari (in all her drama entered the office and rushed towards Maan’s cabin in her micro mini’s) Where is my Maan…



Geet (cribbing to her Babaji): Chi… chi… Babaji dekhiye na kya zamana aa gaya hai… in micro mini ko toh koi sharam haya hai hi nahi par Maan… unko kya hua hai…

(Chi… chi… see na Babaji what has become of this world… these micro mini are already so shameless but Maan… what has happened to him…)


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