Milan Part 37

Chapter 37

As soon as the engagement party ended all retired to their respective rooms while Maan sneaked into Geet’s room to see his princess and talk to her or rather listen to her blabber which he was so desperately missing since the preparations started.


Maan (whispered as he found the lights of her room closed): Geet… are you awake princess… how could you forget my good night…


But poor Maan was in for the shock of his life when Rajji switched on the light and his voice simply died. Rajji had become very emotional as Geet was to get married in 2 days and had come over to Geet’s room to spend the night chatting with her sister.


Rajji (giggling looking at Maan’s flushed face): Nahi Jiju, Di is very much awake and talking to me but you can have her for yourself if you want, I will leave.


Bechara Maan blushed deep red in embarrassment at being caught by his saali.


Maan (trying to cover up but his crimson red face totally gave it away): woh… woh… haan… I had come to discuss about the arrangement for tomorrow. But it is ok, you guys carry on, I will talk in the morning.


Saying so Maan almost ran from there wanting to save himself from further embarrassment in front of Rajji while she teased Geet.


Rajji: Toh Geet Didi… where is jiju’s …. Good night… ahem… ahem…


Geet whacked Rajji before hiding her flushed face in the blanket.


Geet chatted with Rajji and slept in a bit while Maan was completely lost in dreaming about his future, his life, his princess, his Geet. He woke up bright and happy blushing slightly at his naughty thoughts and x-rated dreams.


As he got up he recalled that today was the Haldi ceremony and his heart saddened as he had no family who would enjoy in getting him all yellow draped in Haldi. He stood by the window sill as his past crowded his thoughts and his grip on the sill increased. He so much wished his father was there with him, how happy he would have been seeing his child get married and a tear escaped his eyes when Rano entered his room with Haldi.


Rano (realizing he was missing his family and tried to lighten the situation): Maan beta, arey you haven’t changed yet.


Maan turned around to face her but after composing himself and wiping his tears but how could a mother not know when her child was so sad.


Rano: Arey aap apni Ma ko aur kitna wait karwayenge apne bete ko Haldi lagane ke liye.

(How long will you make your mother wait to put Haldi on her child)


It was then that Maan saw Haldi in her hands and he was truly overwhelmed at her love.


Maan (choking with emotions): Ma… aap… mujhe… haldi… lagaoge.

(Mother… you… will… put… Haldi… on… me)


Rano (she too had tears in her eyes… how much he longed for his family and how much he loved her… caressing his face lovingly): Haan mere bache, mei tumhari Ma hoo na.

(Yeah my child, I am your mother right)


And Maan nodded as tears threatened to fall from his eyes completely awestruck at her motherly love for him.


Maan quickly changed but as they headed down for the Haldi ceremony Rano realized his restlessness and hesitation for something and as they passed Geet’s room she saw the longing in his eyes and it struck her how anxious he must be to get a glimpse of his princess before the curfew was put on both to not see each other after Haldi till wedding.


Rano (winking at him Wink): Go and meet your princess before the ceremony.


Maan blushed at how well his mother understood him and loved teasing him and he rushed to catch Geet. He gently opened the door and peeped in to make sure Geet was alone and he didn’t make a fool of himself like last night. He was totally dumbstruck at the sight in front of him. She looked like an angel combing her hair and he was completely lost in admiring her beauty while she herself was absolutely immersed in her thoughts dreaming about her Jaan, her Maan.


As if in trance Maan moved towards Geet while his eyes were stuck in drinking her beauty through the mirror. As his breathe fell on her neck Geet jerked out of her dream world and a beautiful smile spread across her face as she saw Maan so close to her. She simply turned around and hugged him bringing him out of his dreaming session.


Geet (placing her head over his heart totally engrossed in hearing his erotic heart beats due to her proximity which were echoing her name and she felt so complete): I was so anxious what if you couldn’t make it before the ceremony (and a tear rolled down her cheek at the mere thought of not being able to see her Maan for 2 whole days)



Maan (breaking the hug, cupping her face and wiping her tear): Aisa kabhi ho sakta hai kya princess?

(Can it ever happen princess?)


Geet shook her head and hid her face in his chest wanting to feel his warmth and be in his embrace like that till eternity.


They remained like that for ages finding peace, solace and divine tranquility almost merging into one another when Rano Ma called from downstairs bringing them back to present.


Rano: Maan beta, please hurry up, otherwise we will get very late.


Hearing Rano they broke the hug and Maan rushed down but not before pecking his princess gently on her lips and capturing her beauty one last time before the 30-hour separation started.


Maan headed for the Haldi ceremony where Ma and Rajji smeared Haldi on him and he was truly over whelmed to have got a mother and sister, in fact a complete family in Geet’s family.


Soon after Maan’s Haldi was over, all went for Geet’s Haldi except our poor Maan who was under curfew. Geet was blushing immensely as all teased her regarding her wedding and she was going all red… hehe LOL


Few of Geet’s childhood friends had got the whole bridal package booked for her at the best parlour and as soon as Haldi ceremony was over they dragged her there paying no head to any of her protests or excuses.



Geet’s eyes popped out seeing the list of items they were to perform on her in that package. It was as if there was a beauty thing for each and every part of her body and she started cribbing.


Geet: Arey, why do I need whole body packs and stuff yaar, I am looking just fine.


Anu: But dear on your weeding you must not look just fine but the bestest. We all know that Jijaji is totally flat on you but still yaar you should look absolutely divine so that he just can’t take his eyes off you.


Geet (cribbed more): But why total body waxing and gold therapy, only face and hands is good enough na.


Pragya: Arey, are you mad Geet… tomorrow is the wedding night, his special night and you must look like an angel descended from the heaven to pleasure your husband and make it his most delightful and unforgettable night.


Geet (totally confused): Pleasure him… his night… arey you are totally confusing me… it is our wedding night right… not his alone.


Anu: Geet, let me tell you something which I learnt from my experience. I always dreamt that it was my special night but yaar it is not at all enjoyable for us. It is their… I mean our husband’s special night. It is only pleasurable for the guy, it is his right but all it gives is pain and suffering to us.


Geet: No…no… My Maan is the best, he will never ever hurt me or do something that causes pain to me.


Pragya: But don’t you want him to enjoy his wedding night. Isn’t it your duty to let him also fulfill his desires? Don’t you think he deserves it?


Geet: He deserves the best in life… but how can his satisfaction cause pain to me.


Pragya: Men have a lot of needs Geet dear and for the girl it will be very painful not only during the night but for the days to come as well.


Poor Geet was so lost and frightened by her friend’s weird talk that she thought it was best to just keep shut and concentrate on her wedding preparations.


Precap: Maariage and Maan and Geet go through various emotions

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