Milan Part 36

Chapter 36

Next day the best designers and jewelers came to Handa Haveli while the wedding planner was totally busy in getting the preparations done for the engagement to be held in the evening. Maan was supervising the arrangements till the very last detail as he wanted everything to be just perfect when Rano and Papaji came there.


Rano: Beta, you should select your engagement rings and clothes.


Maan: Ma, let me finish these arrangements then I will chose, you don’t worry there is ample time.


Rano: Nahi Beta, actually Geet is just not able to make any choice, all the designers are confusing the hell out of her. She picks something and they are like no no this is not fit for the bride, it is too plain.


Maan smiled knowing pretty well how simple and down to earth his princess was, that she would be totally lost in the midst of all those folks and their suggestions.


Papaji: Beta, we will keep a check on the proceedings here, you help her out.


Maan nodded and left to find his princess. Geet was sitting in the midst of a huge pile of clothes looking totally lost.


Geet: Arey Bhaiya jab mein yeh wali dress select karti hoon toh aap kahate ho woh wali better hai aur jab mein woh wali select karti hoon toh aap kahate ho woh teesari wali ka color acha hai (she pouted so cutely… hayee… Maan was completely lost in her)

(Arey Bhaiya, when I select this dress you say that one is better and when I select that one you say that the third one has better color (she pouted so cutely… hayee… Maan was completely lost in her))


Designer: Nahi Madam, you look at this one.



Geet (turned her face cribbing to her Babaji) Mein yeh kahan phas gayi (when she saw Maan) Maan dekhiye na they all are confusing me (she said making a sad baby face… hayee… she looked so adorable that he just wanted to eat her alive. Seeing him completely lost, she cribbed more) Maan, aap sun rahe hai??? (bringing Maan out of his dream world)

(Where did I get stuck (when she saw Maan) Maan see they all are confusing me (she said making a sad baby face… hayee… she looked so adorable that he just wanted to eat her alive. Seeing him completely lost, she cribbed more) Maan, are you listening??? (bringing Maan out of his dream world))


Maan: Tell me, who is troubling my princess (and Geet like a cute and innocent baby pointed to all the designers and helpers who were like immediately apologetic after all who wanted to be in the bad books of the  MSK and face his anger) You guys leave, when we are done with the selection we will let you know (The head tried to apologize but Maan cut him off) It’s ok, you wait outside.

When he tried further, Maan just glared at him and all ran out scared for their dear life

Maan closed the door behind them and Geet let out a sigh of relief seeing them gone. Hayee… she looked so cute in her childish antic that Maan couldn’t resist and kissed both her cheeks making Geet blush.


Maan: Chalo Geet, lets first decide the engagement rings and after that we will choose your clothes.


Maan selected a 5 carat diamond ring for Geet while a simple and sober ring for himself.


Geet: Maan, let’s take a simple ring for me too na.


Maan(trying to figure out what was wrong with the ring): You don’t like this one princess? Is it not beautiful?


Geet: Nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai, it is gorgeous.

(No, it’s not like that in fact it is gorgeous.)


Maan (totally confused now): Then???


Geet (hesitating): It is really expen… (Maan glared at her and her voice simply died) sive.


Maan was furious at her, how could she put a price on his love and he turned his face away in anger.


Geet (tried calling him): Maan… please listen na (but he didn’t turn around and Geet gulped hard … oops she had really made him angry… She went around to face him with a sorry baby face holding her ears): Sorry Jaan… I didn’t mean to hurt you.


Hayee… she looked so chweet and on top of it ‘Jaan’ how could he not melt at his innocent princess and he immediately held her hands shaking his head.


Maan: Nahi princess, but dare you utter these words again and I will (Maan glared at her lips as if warning her that he would kiss her speechless and breathless if she even attempted it again and Geet blushed deep red imagining her punishment. Hayee… she looked so adorable that he just wanted to completely submerge into her but he somehow controlled his overflowing emotions as they needed to get lots of stuff done) Chalo Geet, lets select your wedding dress. (but how could he restrain himself from teasing her and Geet blushed crimson red … ‘wedding dress’)


Maan very lovingly draped each and every lehanga that he liked on Geet and she was completely lost in his love. He would so delicately and patiently drape each dress and then ask her if she liked it via his eyes and she in turn would just read her reflection in his eyes to know how she looked in it. Then it happened, as Maan draped a beautiful red lehanga on her, his eyes were completely smitten by her and his pupils dilated totally lost in drinking her beauty via his eyes and she knew this was it.


Geet (could read it in his eyes how much he wanted to see her dressed in it and she said): I will just wear it and come (and Maan felt over the moon, how his princess could so simply read him inside out and fulfill even his slightest of desires with so much love)


Geet went to the dressing area to change while Maan impatiently paced outside as she was simply taking ages and he was dying to admire his princess. Finally he could wait no more and knocked on the door.


Maan: What happened, Jaan?


Geet (opened the door and peeped out her head): Nahi… woh… actually… woh…


Maan (confused): woh… woh… kya princess, come out na.


Very shyly Geet opened the door and turned her back towards Maan and he realized why she didn’t come out as she was unable to close all the buttons of her choli. Maan very carefully and delicately closed the hooks but as his fingers gingerly grazed her skin goose bumps erupted all over her body and she inhaled sharply. Maan too was completely lost in her feel.


He gently made her wear the chunni and slowly came in front of her, draping the chunni along her head. He was totally mesmerized by his angle while Geet slowly lost herself in his chocolate brown eyes melting away in his intense yet loving gaze. Very gently their lips covered the distance as if they had a mind of their own and found solace as they brushed each other and pecked lightly. The feel of her soft lips against his perfect M-shaped ones was so spectacular that they kissed again softly. Maan wrapped her hands around her waist while her hands slowly found their way upwards from his back finally resting around his neck. Slowly their soft pecks turned passionate when their beautiful moment together was broken by the knocking outside.


Rano: Bacho, it is lunch time. Have you selected your clothes?


Geet and Maan moved away totally flushed and embarrassed but fortunately Ma came in the room while they were hidden in the dressing portion. They straightened themselves calming their rugged breathing and went out though their red cheeks gave their adventures away and Rano smiled seeing them blush.


Rano was totally awestruck as she saw Geet in the bridal ware and tears brimmed her eyes, her daughter looked like an angel and she kissed her forehead.


Rano: Meri bachi, tu ek tum pari lag rahi hai.

(My child, you are looking like an angel)


And Geet shied away looking down while Maan was completely lost in her beauty. When Geet’s tummy grumbled loudly bring everyone to their senses.


Rano: Chalo bacho, let’s have lunch.


Geet quickly changed back and they all headed for lunch. After lunch Rano helped Maan and Geet in selecting the dresses and jewelry for engagement and they got ready as there was hardly any time left for the function to start.


The complete Handa Haveli was looking magnificent, Maan had really got the best decoration done. But the bride and groom were the ones on whom all eyes were resting, they were looking just out of this world totally complimenting each other and enhancing one another’s beauty.


It was a very close nit ceremony and only close relatives had been invited to bless them. As Maan and Geet exchanged the rings both were completely engrossed in admiring the other, totally lost in their eye-lock and it seems as if the entire universe had submerged into their eyes as they peeped into the beautiful and serene world of their dreams. Totally oblivious to their surrounding both were simply lost in each other while all were admiring what a heavenly couple they looked together.


Rano: Ahem… Ahem…


Geet and Maan jerked out if their dream world blushing tomato red, feeling really embarrassed at being caught by all drooling so openly at each other.


All headed to the dinner area while Maan and Geet kept on stealing glances at each other as they silently ate their food lost in niharofying (admiring) the other.  They both were feeling very nervous as the D-day was approaching along with being ecstatic by the mere thought that they were getting married to the one they loved so truly.


Precap: Maan and Geet go through various emotions

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