Milan Part 35

Chapter 35

Papaji, Rano and Geet just kept staring at him that how can his heart be so pure, so big, so noble, how could he so easily forgive them but lest did they knew he could never see his princess in pain. He forgave him just for his love, his Jaan, his Geet.


Papaji: Maan Beta, I am really sorry for what all you had to go through… I…


Maan (he didn’t let him complete): Nahi Papaji, please mujhe aise sharminda mat kijiye (and Papaji hugged Maan truly blessed to have a son-in-law like him)

(No Papaji, please don’t embarrass me like this).


Rano (wiping her tears, over whelmed at the greatness of Maan): Let’s go and talk to Panditji, he is waiting. I want my children to get married soon.


Maan and Geet both blushed hearing the talk about their marriage and all went to meet Panditji.


Papaji: Panditji we want to get our children married, please match the horoscope and tell us which date is suitable for marriage.


Panditji: Ji


He did a detailed study of their horoscope and his face stressed up with tension.


Papaji (worried): Kya baat hai Panditji, is there any problem. (What happened Panditji, is there any problem?)


Panditji: Problem toh nahi par aisa hai ki ek toh aacha mahurat hai par woh do din ke bad hai

(Not a problem but there is one good time for marriage but it is after two days)


Papaji and Rano (were shocked): After two days


Panditji (continued): Haan, nahi toh phir agale ek saal tak koi bhi aacha mahurat nahi hai.

(Yeah, otherwise there is no good time for marriage till one year)


Geet, Papaji and Rano were stunned to hear that there was no good mahurat for one year when Maan voiced his desperation.


Maan: Nahi, nahi we will marry after two days only. (No, no we will marry after two days only)


All were astonished by his announcement before his words actually seeped in. Papaji and Rano smiled at his anxiousness to get married while Geet blushed. Maan also turned crimson red at how he said it when he saw Ma and Papaji’s smiling faces but how could he control his emotions when he so eagerly wanted to marry his princess.


Rano (worried): We also want you both to marry soon beta, but how will we manage all the arrangements in such a short time?


Maan: Ma, you don’t worry I will manage everything. You just call all your relatives and friends and in case anyone can’t make it due to the short notice then they can attend the reception we can keep one here along with one in Delhi.


Rano and Papaji blessed him absolutely amazed at how he could so simply and so beautifully solve everything.


Papaji (smiling): Then it is decided tomorrow evening will be the engagement and day after will be the wedding.


Mean beamed in happiness while Geet blushed feeling butterflies in her stomach.


That day all were totally busy, they had to do so much work in so less time. Maan had instantly arranged for the best wedding planner but still there was so much other stuff like preparing various lists, calling guests, inviting some personally and deciding how they wanted the decoration that all were running around. It was all so hectic that Maan and Geet hardly had any time to even breathe let alone talk to each other.


Rano (calling Geet, very worried): Geet beta, we need to do so much shopping and you don’t even have any clothes fit for any of the occasions and we even need to buy the engagement rings. Even Maan beta needs the wedding dress and other stuff. How will we manage all this?


Maan (he just came there… arey finding his princess… winkWink … when Rano was talking to Geet): Ma you don’t worry I have already arranged for the best designers for both apparels and jewelry from Delhi. They will be reaching here tomorrow morning with all the required stuff and then we can pick and choose whatever we like.


Rano (relieved… caressing his face): Thank you so much Beta.


Maan (turning his face away making a sad baby face): Aap mujhe dil se beta nahi manti na sirf bolne ke liye bol rahe ho na.

(you don’t consider me your son from your heart na… just saying it)


Rano (trying to understand suddenly what happened what did she do wrong): Nahi beta, aap aise kyun bol rahe ho.

(No son, why are you saying like this)


Maan: Kyunki yadi aap mujhe beta manti toh aap mujhe shukariya nahi karti balki haq se kahati sab arrangements karwane ko.

(becaue if you really considered me your son, you wouldn’t have thanked me rather you would have told with complete authority/ right to make the arrangements)


Rano (cupped his face and kissed his forehead over whelmed with his love and affection for her and her family): Acha mere bache you look after all the arrangements ab toh khush.

(ok, my child you look after all the arrangements, now you are happy?)


Maan nodded smiling so cutely like a small baby so thrilled to have his demand fulfilled by his loving mother and Geet was completely lost in his smile and cute antics. She was so happy that Rano gave him the mother’s love that he had truly desired all his life and how much he loved to become a small kid in front of her.


Maan: Par ab aap koi bhi tension nahi logi and you just rest, we will manage all, ok

(But you won’t take any tension now, you just rest and we will manage all, ok)


Rano nodded tears brimming her eyes, thanking Babaji from the bottom of her heart to have blessed Geet with a soul mate like him and her family with a son like Maan.


Maan escorted Geet to the hall to select the design for the engagement and marriage arrangements while Rano smiled at how sweet and adorable they both looked together.


Both were completely engrossed in work finalizing all the designs that they didn’t even know when the time flew by and it was almost evening, when Rano called for Geet.


Rano: Geet beta, zara idar aana (Geet beta, please come here)


It had been 15 minutes since Geet had gone and Maan kept on looking at the watch every second just not able to concentrate on finalizing any stuff. He was curiously watching them as Geet was running around taking one printout after another for Rano. His inquisitiveness just kept on increasing as to what they both were up to.


Here Geet took yet another printout and went to Rano. She said something on hearing which Geet started laughing loudly and Maan was completely smitten by her smile.
He got up in trance and started walking towards her, he was so lost in his princess that he didn’t even notice the glass door ahead and straight away barged into it “BANG“.


Geet rushed to Maan who held his head in pain.


Geet (holding his head): What happened, Maan? Bahut dard ho raha hai kya?

(What happened, Maan? Is it paining a lot?)


And poor Maan was going all red in embarrassment at being so lost in his day dreaming session that he didn’t even see a door)


Maan (fumbling… his cheeks crimson red): Woh… main… woh…


Geet: Ssshhh… (and she pressed his head gently, while blowing air trying to reduce his pain and soon Maan was again lost in admiring his princess.)


Rano (hurried there on hearing the bang): Kya hua, Maan beta (What happened, Maan beta?)


Maan (jerked out of his drooling session and was totally embarrassed while his face turned tomato red, he sheepishly whispered): Kuch nahi Ma, I banged on the door. (Nothing Ma, I banged on the door)


Rano (extremely worried, her motherly instincts taking over): Beta, jyada lagi toh nahi, kaam mein aisa bhi kya khona ki aur kuch dikhayi ki na de, beta (Maan blushed recalling the work he was actually so engrossed in) Geet beta get balm.

(Beta, you didn’t get much hurt na, you should not be so engrossed in work that you don’t even see anything else, beta. (Maan blushed recalling the work he was actually so engrossed in) Geet beta get balm.)


Maan (interrupting): Nahi Ma, I am absolutely all right, you don’t worry. (Rano relaxed hearing him. Maan changed the topic not wanting to embarrass himself further) Geet chalo, lets finish the finalizations, the wedding planner needs to start working on the designs then.


Geet nodded and they went to finish the work. It was almost dinner time when they were finally done. Maan was stretching his hands when Rano called them for dinner. She had made both of their favorite dishes and they both ate like hungry kids as they were so tired and exhausted with all the work.


Rano (seeing their eyes drooping as they finished dinner): Kids, you both relax in the room I will just get the sweet dish there only.


Both smiled and left. Geet relaxed on the sofa while Maan had some urgent work in office and chatted with Adi regarding the same and asked him to move all this meetings till after marriage and also told him to invite some of the staff members for wedding while others were invited for reception to be held in Delhi.


As Maan finished the call, Rano came in with the dessert.


Rano (handing the bowl to Maan who was sitting): This is the first time I have made it, I hope you like it beta.


It was Maan’s favorite Chocolate Moose and he had tears in his eyes when he realized this is what Geet and Ma were up to all evening when she was taking print outs of the recipe from the internet. Ma had taken so much trouble to actually find the recipe and prepare it especially for him. Tears welled up in Maan’s eyes and he hugged Rano from the waist totally over whelmed at her love. He always wanted to be pampered by his mother and he never got any love from her but Rano had showered him with so much motherly love that he just couldn’t control his tears.


Maan (choking with emotions): Ma…


Rano (ruffled his hair not understanding what happened while Geet knew exactly how he felt and she too had tears of happiness in her eyes): What happened Beta?


Maan straightened himself wiping his tears, he realized he was scaring Rano, shaking his head. Rano sat beside him and very lovingly fed him a bite of the moose.


Rano: How is it?


Maan (hardly audible whisper choking with emotions, desperately trying to control his emotions but he just couldn’t): It’s the best, Ma.


Rano very affectionately fed Maan while Geet faked jealously to lighten the atmosphere.


Geet (cutely pouting): This is not fair Ma, aap keval Maan for hi pamper karte ho, mera kya.

(This is not fair Ma, you only pamper Maan, what about me?)


Maan (Rano was taken aback by Geet’s childish behavior while Maan hugged Rano possessively from her waist like a kid, sticking out his tongue at Geet): She is my Ma.


Geet make a sad baby face with puppy dog eyes. Hayee… she looked so cute that Maan just couldn’t refuse sharing Ma with her.


Maan (leaving some space for Geet in Rano’s lap): Acha, theek hai. You can also sleep in Ma’s lap but she loves me more, haina Ma.

(Ok, fine. You can also sleep in Ma’s lap but she loves me more, right Ma.)


Rano (realizing how much he missed motherly affection, had tears in her eyes over whelmed at his love for her): Haan mere bache, I love you the most (She gently kissed his forehead and soothed his hair as Maan slowly fell asleep in her lap. Getting his permission, Geet smiled and laid her head also in Ma’s lap.)

(Yeah my child, I love you the lost)


Precap: Maaneet moments and engagement

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