Milan Part 34

Chapter 34

She made herself comfortable in his embrace resting her head on his chest close to his heart, feeling content listening to his erotic heart beats due to her proximity and he wrapped his hands around her waist protectingly as if securing her for the whole wide world, hiding her within him and they slept peacefully in each other’s arms



Geet woke up early the next morning to find herself cocooned with Maan and blushed remembering his naughtiness, the sensual chocolate cake and his teasing talks about their honeymoon and kids.


She looked at him and was completely lost in his angelic face. He looked so serene and peaceful in his sleep that a smile crept on her face and she lovingly caressed his face.  His smile widened as if he recognized her touch even in his sleep and cuddled her more, tightening his grip around her waist. Time stood still for Geet as she was completely immersed in adoring her Jaan until Maan stirred.


Maan (holding his head in pain but as soon as he saw his princess in his arms he gave her a mesmerizing smile): Good morning, princess.


But she knew his head was heavy and she guided him to lie on her lap and slowly massaged his head.

Geet (after ages): Ab kaisa lag raha hai Maan (How is it feeling now, Maan)


Maan (almost whispering completely lost in her angelic touch): Heavenly…


A slight blush crept on her cheeks as she slowly lost herself in his gaze.


Their eye-lock was disturbed by a knock on the door. Geet went to open the door while Maan managed to seat himself on the sofa, his head was still blasting. Geet opened the door to find Teji standing outside with lime water in his hand.


Teji: I have got lime water for him. Let him have it and if he is feeling better then we should head home otherwise all will get worried.


Geet took the glass from him and went near Maan while Teji entered the room but he didn’t have the guts to face Maan.


Geet: Maan, yeh lijiye. You will feel better. (Maan, take this. You will feel better)


Maan just nodded and drank the lime water. He had many questions in mind as to what Geet was doing in the hotel. He remembered his conversation with the girl and that Geet came after she left and he vaguely recalled his naughtiness but the one thing that bothered him was that why did she came to the hotel and what was Teji saying last night, it all didn’t make any sense but he thought of asking her when they were alone.


Maan: I think we should head home, all would be worried.


And they all left for home. There was complete silence in the car, all three were lost in their own thoughts. Teji was feeling really guilty and thinking how would he ever be able to face Maan while Geet was contemplating as to how will she tell Maan what a dirty trick her brother had played, she was even ashamed to say it but she made up her mind that enough was enough and she had to voice herself against Beeji and Teji, she would no longer be a mere spectator.


Here Beeji had been very anxious the whole night as to what Teji had planned and if he had been successful.


They finally reached home. Rano opened the door and was delighted to see her kids fine, she had been very worried with the way Geet had left yesterday but didn’t say anything to Papaji as she didn’t want him to worry and later Teji had called but still she had been very restless, call it motherly instincts but it was as if she could sense that her kids were in danger.


Rano (caressing Geet’s face while looking at Maan): Beta, tum sab theek toh ho na, I was so worried. (Beta, you all are fine right, I was so worried).


Maan: Ji Maa, we are absolutely fine, please don’t worry, it will spoil your health.


In the mean while Beeji also came there and seeing them all together she didn’t understand if Teji had succeeded.


Beeji: What happened yesterday?


Geet (furious, somewhere in her heart she knew that Teji and Beeji were in it together): I will tell, but first let me call Papaji.


Maan and Rano were astonished to see Geet like that while Beeji thought maybe Teji was successful though she was nervous on seeing Teji’s bowed head and his eyes which were glued to the ground as if he was guilty. Maan tried to say something but Geet gestured him to stop and they all proceeded to the hall while Geet called Papaji too.


Papaji: Geet Beta, kya baat hai, why are you so angry (Geet Beta, what’s the matter, why are you so angry)


Geet (raising her voice for the first time): Gussa nahi aayega toh kya Papaji. Har baat ki ek hadh hoti hai. Enough is enough. Just because Maan has a golden heart and is a gem of a person and silently accepted the horrible challenge, even fulfilling it successfully, doesn’t give anyone any right to demean him and abuse our love in the name of concern for me. I was always against the gruesome challenge which Beeji had bestowed on my love on the pretext of judging him but I kept quiet just because of Maan’s promise but today I won’t. (glaring at Beeji totally disgusted) Tell me who gave you the right to question his true love when you and Teji veerji planned something so disgusting and rotten that I can’t even speak it.

(If I won’t be angry then what, Papaji. Everything has a limit)


Maan (got worried seeing her so hyper cupping her face): What happened Geet, please calm down.


Geet: Nahi Maan, yadi aaj mein chup rahi to meri aatma mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karegi, kabhi nahi (a tear escaped her eyes as she remembered Teji’s cheap trick)

(No Maan, if I keep quiet today then my consciousness will never forgive me, never (a tear escaped her eyes as she remembered Teji’s cheap trick))


Maan: Princess…


Geet (wiping her tear, fully determined to speak up, however hard it may be for her): Papaji, aap ko pata hai, Veerji Maan ko wahan kyun legaye the, so that he could get him seduced. (all were stunned) He spiked Maan’s drink, leaving him alone in a room. The drug was so lethal that Maan would lose all his senses and be sexually aroused (Geet choked in shame and anger at her brother’s disgraceful act). He then sent a tripper to seduce Maan and called me from an anonymous number and faked his voice saying that Maan was sleeping with another girl.

(Papaji you know what, why did Veeji take Maan to the hotel, so that he could get him seduced.) 

Maan was shocked beyond words, how could someone fall so low. Papaji and Rano were stunned not able to believe their ears, even Beeji was ashamed of Teji’s act, yes she wanted him to test Maan but not by playing such a cheap and dirty trick


Geet (continued looking in Maan’s eyes as if wanting to prove her innocence that she didn’t even doubt him for a second): I tried calling you Maan as I was worried about your health what if something happened to you as the person knew the hotel name also where you went. But your phone was switched off and I got really tensed, already you weren’t completely well and hence I rushed there but just to confirm your safety and well being.


Geet eyes were begging him to believe her that she could never ever doubt his love. Maan blinked his eyes assuring her that he trusted her more than self. That he knew his Jaan could never doubt his love and Geet was over whelmed at his trust on her, giving her the strength to continue.


Geet (continued… smircking at Teji): Veerji you played such a cheap, disgusting and disgraceful trick on Maan yet all you got to witness was his divine love for me and his greatness when he offered scholarship to the unfortunate girl so that she could leave the dirty business altogether. I think Maan’s actions, even in the drugged state, was a slap on your filthy face, your disgusting intentions and low thinking.


Teji was already dying in guilt since yesterday night and it just increased multi fold hearing Geet out.


Teji (folding his hands, his head bowed while his eyes were glued to the floor): Meri giri hui harkate maafi keh kabil to nahi hai but I am really very sorry Maanji and Geet. Beeji didn’t know what I had planned so I beg of you please don’t blame her.

(My shameful act is not worthy of forgiveness but I am really very sorry Maanji and Geet. Beeji didn’t know what I had planned so I beg of you please don’t blame her.)


Before anyone could react the door bell rang and the driver whom Papaji had sent to fetch Panditji entered.


Driver: Panditji, aa gaye hain Sahib. (Panditji, has come, Sahib)


Papaji (somehow controlling his emotions and steadying his voice): Seat him in the drawing room and tell him we will be there in ten minutes.


Driver (on seeing Maan, he recognized him, yes he was the one that day with Teji): Sahibji, yeh Bhai Sahib hi the us din jinhone Chote Sahib ki jaan bachahi thi kheto mein.

(Sahibji, this Bahi Sahib is the one who saved Chote Sahib’s live that day in the fields)


All except Maan was stunned by this piece of news that it was Maan who had risked his own life in order to save Teji from the goons that day. Geet just kept falling in love with her Maan over and over again, she wondered how could he be so good, his heart was truly pure and made of gold. Rano and Papaji knew that he was just perfect and a great person and they could never thank Babaji enough for blessing Geet with such a soul mate while Teji and Beeji felt belittled and so small in front of his greatness.


Papaji gestured and the driver left while Teji fell on his knees ashamed and disgusted with himself.


Teji (tears flowing from his eyes for the first time in his life): Mujse jyada gira hua kamina koi ho hi nahi sakta, jis devta ne meri jaan bachayi uske saath meni itni giri hui aur gandi harkat karni chahi. Babaji bhi mujhe kabhi maaf nahi kar payenge.

(No one can be more horrible and cheap than me, I tried to play such a low, cheap, disgusting and disgraceful trick on the God like person who saved me. Even Babaji, won’t be able to forgive me)


Beeji (holding her hands in front of Maan truly ashamed how far they had fallen in their ego to prove his love wrong): Maan, pata nahi aap hume kabhi maaf kar bhi payenge, hum apne ahankar mein sab kuch bool gaye aur app ke beintiha aur paak pyaar to parakne chale the, jabki aapne toh humesha is parivaar ka bhala hi chaha hai. Hum bas haath joor kar aap ka shukriya karna chahate hai kyunki ab hum maafi mangne ke kabil toh bache nahi.

(Maan, I don’t know if you will ever be able to forgive me, I forgot everything in my ego and wanted to test your pure and limitless love, when you had always wished well for our family. With my folded hands I just want to thank you because I have got the right to ask for forgiveness)

Maan (held her hands, yes he was angry and totally disgusted at Teji’s unethical doings but Beeji was not at fault and he could see that Teji was truly repenting so he somehow calmed himself): Nahi Beeji, baro ke haath sirf aashirwaad dene ke liye uthne chahiye na ki choto se maafi mangane ke liye (Beeji was overwhelmed and tears fell from her eyes at his greatness. He lifted Teji also) you have realized your mistake, I think that is good enough. (Teji just couldn’t believe his magnanimity)

(No Beeji, elders should raise their hands only to bless and not to ask forgiveness from kids)


Papaji, Rano and Geet just kept staring at him that how can his heart he so pure, so big, so noble, how could he so easily forgive them but lest did they knew he could never see his princess in pain. He forgave him just for his love, his Jaan, his Geet.

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