Milan Part 33

Chapter 33

Teji (almost in trance): Geet, mujhe maaf kar de ki maine aisi gatiya aur giri hui harkat ki. Maan se jayada is duniya mein tujhe koi bhi pyaar nahi kar sakta aur yeh kabhi bhi apni ma ki tarah bewafa nahi ho sakta. Us drug ka asar uski aanko mein saaf dhik raha tha jab usne tujhe dekha magar usne ek bar bhi us larki ko buri najar se nahi dekha, na hi uske husn/jism ko. He is truly the most genuine person I have ever met and I am deeply sorry to have played such a dirt trick.

(Geet please forgive me that I did such a cheap and shameful act. No one can love you more than Maan in this whole wide world and he can never cheat on you like his mother. The effect of the drug was clearly evident in his eyes when he looked at you but he didn’t even once look at that girl with any wrong intension nor at her body. He is truly the most genuine person I have ever met and I am deeply sorry to have played such a dirt trick.)


Teji was truly repenting his actions after witnessing Maan’s pure, true and divine love for his sister, Geet. They couldn’t have asked God for a better match.


Geet: Veerji, aap abhi yahan se jaiye. I just don’t want to talk now. (Veerji, you leave from here. I just don’t want to talk now.)


Teji: But, how can I leave you alone… (Geet glared at him and he kept quiet. He was already feeling guilty for Maan’s condition. He had just recovered and he drugged him unethically) Theek hai. (Ok) I am leaving but I am in the adjacent room. Let me know if you need anything and yes, I will inform at home that we will be returning tomorrow as it became quiet late. (and he quietly left from there).


Geet locked the door as soon as Teji left and was shocked to see Maan jump out of the bed like a small kid who had been hiding and waiting for all to disappear.


Geet (shocked): Maan, aap jag rahe hai. (Maan, you are awake).


Maan (cutely nodded like a small kid with his eyes full of naughtiness): Yupp, I was just waiting for your brother to go away.


Geet (going up to him and holding him as he was very unsteady in his movements): Maan, come on, sleep, you are not in your senses.


Maan (cutely rubbing his stomach making a baby face): But I am hungry (and his stomach growled as if to prove his point and Geet laughed at his cuteness. He was totally lost in her laughter and the drug’s effect was kicking in)


Maan (huskily with his eyes glued on her): You look so beautiful when you laugh baby. (Geet was like ‘O’ baby, not again).


Geet(breaking the eye contact trying to divert him): So what do you wanna eat, Maan.


Maan (back to being the hungry baby, the drug was making him do unthinkable stuff which he would otherwise never do. Sometimes he was behaving like a naughty kid while at times like a naughty Maan wink Wink): I wanna have a chocolate cake with loads of icing (he said his eyes glinting with mischief)


Geet (shocked): What, I thought you were hungry.


Maan (sitting crossed legged on the bed, making a cute sad puppy face): I wanna have cake, I wanna have cake.


Geet (didn’t know how to control Maan and she cursed her luck for his antics): Ok, ok. I will order for a chocolate cake (trying to calm him down and he kissed both her cheeks before biting her nose and showing a toothy cheeky smile while left Geet totally stunned).


She hurriedly ordered for the cake afraid as to what he would be up to now. Maan was getting restless but fortunately for Geet the cake arrived quickly ending her anxiety. She prayed to Babaji that Maan would sleep after eating the cake and not do any more mischief as he was being really naughty today. The waiter rolled in the trolley while Maan sat quietly, very cutely following all his moments. As soon as he left, Maan sprang to action lifting the cake and smearing it across Geet’s entire face leaving her completely astonished, her jaw dropped and mouth wide open while Maan was laughing hysterically.


Geet (totally irked by Maan’s behavior): Maan look what have you done, I am in a total mess. Hmmm…. You quietly wait here till I clean myself up.


Maan had messed her face up in innocence but when he saw her face totally covered in chocolate and cake it started creating havoc in his other senses and being drugged wasn’t helping his cause anyways and he held her wrist stopping her from going to the washroom.


Maan slowly came in front of her. She was first, very angry on him but when she saw that look in his eyes all her anger vanished and slight fear took over though she had full faith in him that he would never cross his line without her consent.


Maan (whispering seductively eyeing her): Let me help you, Mishti.


Geet missed a beat listening to him and the way he approached her. He moved one step ahead while she went 2 steps back till he cornered her near the wall. He held her captive with his gaze which had just pure love in them and his hands on the wall either side of her trapping him.


Maan (hoarsely): Till where will you run Mishti, let me clean you up, baby.


Saying so he slowly took her lips in his and kissed her senseless before his tongue made its way inside her mouth, exploring all the hidden treasure there. Generally he was very gentle but today he turned aggressive and bit her lower lip and she moaned his name, before he soothed it by sucking the blood and licking it up.


He slowly started kissing her jawline, placing wet kisses all along creating havoc in her senses. He was truly enjoying his chocolate cake by slowly torturing her, licking, sucking, kissing and biting her all over her face sending shivers down her body. He slowly nibbled her earlobe and she moaned his name in pure pleasure “Maan“. He captured her lips once again and took her for a ride amongst the clouds as he kissed her totally breathless and they finally broke grasping for air.


Maan would have completely lost himself today but he had seen the fear in her eyes as well as the trust she had on him. He knew she wasn’t ready and he wasn’t going to force himself on her ever because he knew if he asked her she would agree but just for him. But he wanted to make her his when she also desired the same so he somehow got a grip on his totally erotic senses and joked to lighten the atmosphere.


Maan:Look princess, I licked you clean (he said showing his mesmerizing smile and she was lost in it completely)


He wouldn’t cross his limit but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t tease her. Oh… how much he loved to see her blush by his touch and naughty talks. He gently held her hand and guided her to the bed. As soon as Geet sat he jumped on the bed laying his head in her lap, softly nuzzling his nose sending shivers down her spine and goose bumps erupted as he gently caressed her tight with his nose, kissing her there.


Maan: I love you so much, baby (turning in her lap and meeting her eyes). I simply adore you, my love (he said caressing her cheek with his fingers)


Geet gently massaged his head with one hand while caressing his face with the other and both were lost in their eye-lock looking at their dreams via each other’s eyes (Mahiii……….)


Maan (spoke after ages): Geet, I wanna be with you like this my entire life (she nodded amongst teary eyes overwhelmed with his love).


Maan (glint of utter naughtiness in his eyes): You know Geet, I have already planned everything. I wanna have 2 kids (Geet blushed deep red thinking kids… he had already planned their kids… He chuckled seeing her blush.) Wait, do you want more, I don’t mind (he winked and purposefully added that making her just melt in shyness and she was looking here there, everywhere but him, trying to avert his piercing gaze blushing hard and dying in nervousness) Bolo na baby, how many kids do you want?


Geet (hit him on his chest seeing him giggle at her state): Aap na, bahut badmash ho gaye ho… (still averting his gaze)  (You have become very naughty)


Oh… she looked so adorable then she blushed like that all sharam se pani pani… Hayee… he could just eat her alive.


Maan (wanting to tease her more): Acha, at least tell where do you wanna go for honey moon sweet heart. (Oh my God, today poor Geet had it, her Maan was in total mood and form to tease her till death and she just blushed more if it was even possible and he chuckled enjoying her plight.)


He almost jumped up and kissed her cheeks not able to resist the temptation of her flushed self before biting them almost shocking Geet. She made a baby pout complaining that he bit her too hard (Oh… yes, she too was enjoying her naughty Maan and was adding with her antics wink Wink). Oh… how cute she looked and he pulled her down showering her entire face with loving kisses.


She hid her face in his chest all flushed at his love and he lovingly patted her before nuzzling his nose in her hair lost in her smell. Oh… God she smelled heavenly.


She made herself comfortable in his embrace resting her head on his chest close to his heart, feeling content listening to his erotic heart beats due to her proximity and he wrapped his hands around her waist protectingly as if securing her for the whole wide world, hiding her within him and they slept peacefully in each other’s arms


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