Milan Part 32

Chapter 32

Maan nodded and Teji went out with the intention of completing his wicked plan.


Here Teji made a call to Geet


Teji (voice changed): Come to Hotel X and see what your Maan is up to. He is sleeping with another girl.


Geet: Shut up you Bas**** (and she banged the phone but got worried about Maan as he was still not fully well and he had gone to that hotel. What if he was in some kind of trouble. She immediately rang up Maan but wasn’t able to reach him, his mobile was switched off. It was very unusual for Maan as his phone was always on. She panicked what if something happened to him. She tried calling Teji but wasn’t able to get through to him also. She was hell scared and informed Rano that she was leaving for the hotel but didn’t give much details as she didn’t want them to panic and rushed towards the hotel)


Maan was waiting for Teji to return when his head started spinning a bit and he guessed that probably his drink was spiked. He thought of calling Teji up but he realized that his mobile wasn’t working when suddenly the room door opened. Maan was shocked to say the least when a scantily yet sexily clad girl entered.


Here Geet had enter the hotel and she banged into Teji.


Geet: Maan theek toh hai na? Where is he? He was with you na then where is he now? (Maan is fine right? Where is he? He was with you na then where is he now?)


Teji: Relax Geet, he is alright, you come with me.


Geet calmed hearing that Maan was fine and thought that Teji was taking her to him. But she was shocked when he took her to a room which had a TV screen on which she could see Maan in another room.


Geet: What the hell is all this Veerji, what have you done with Maan (as she could see him slightly wobbly) tell me where is he (and she tried opening the door but it was locked)


Teji: Geet calm down, you just watch, you will soon come to know how faithful he is.


Geet: I already know him and trust him completely, there is absolutely no need for this nonsense.


Teji was about to say something when they heard Maan’s voice over the TV.


Maan: Ma’am I guess you have entered the wrong room.


Girl: No sexy, I am always at the right place at the right time.


The girl said, removing her short red gown exposing her red bikini below, shaking her asserts in a very sensual manner coming very close to Maan. She very sensuously kept her hand on Maan’s abs above his shirt, but before she could move any further Maan held her hand and jerked it way.



Maan (in MSK anger): Look, I don’t know why you are doing this but I am not interested even a wee bit. So could you just get lost before I forget that you are a girl and throw you out.


Girl (got panicky and fell on Maan’s legs): Please don’t do this, they will not pay me a penny if I don’t complete the act and you throw me out. I really need the money. Please


Maan (there was so much truth and sincerity in her voice that Maan calmed himself down. He said lifting her up and covering her with his jacket): You look from a good family, then why are you doing this.


Girl (tears flowing endlessly): My father is very ill and my mother just passed away. My brother is very small and we don’t have any money neither for food nor for medicine. Hence I had no choice but to leave my education and do this.


Maan (feeling sorry for her, he knew the pain of struggling): If I provide you scholarship would you like to study further?


Girl (shocked): But why would you?


Maan: Because I know how it feels to have the whole world against you. (giving her his card) Here keep my card. I will arrange for your studies as well as a monthly allowance to take care of your family and in return you would have to sign a contract to work for KC for 2 years after you graduate.


Girl (overwhelmed with emotions): You are the Maan Singh Khurana. Sir, I had always heard so much about you, how you rose from ground up, but never knew I would have the privilege to meet you and that you would help educate me and even give me employment (she touched his feet in gratitude) I don’t think I can ever repay you.


Maan (lifting her up, taking her details and giving her some money): You keep this for now and tomorrow a person named Adi will call you and make all the arrangements.


Girl: Aap mere liye Bhagawan saman hai, mein kabhi bhi aap ko nirash nahi karoongi. (You are like God to me, I will never disappoint you)


Thanking him from the bottom of her heart she collected her stuff and left from there.


Geet already knew that her Maan could never even look at any other girl apart from her but felt really proud of the way he was willing to help the poor girl face her circumstances, giving her hope.


Teji was shell shocked that despite the drug and having a sexy girl laid in front of him, he didn’t even waver one bit rather made her leave the bad profession all together.


Geet was about to give Teji a piece of her mind when she saw Maan staggering back holding his head and he almost fell on the bed.


Geet (screamed): Maaannn (and she ran toward the door forgetting it was locked) God dam it open the door and tell me where is Maan.


Teji was also shocked to see Maan almost collapse and ran to open the door and they both rushed towards Maan’s room.


Geet (ran towards Maan as soon as they entered the room): Maan, aap theek toh hai na. (Maan you are fine, right)


Maan (still holding his head but in a very sensual voice): Geet, you are here baby. (Geet was stunned as he never called her baby and she could see from his bedroom eyes that he was indeed under the effect of that drug)


He tried getting up but fell back again and Geet ran to support him


(Maan’s look… assume his hand on Geet’s cheek Wink)


Maan (lovingly caressing her cheek, in a husky voice): I love you princess, I love you sooo much.


He would have probably lost himself when he saw Teji in the room and somehow got a grip on himself. He straightened himself.


Geet (making him lie down and tucking him in, she knew he was not in a condition that they could take him home and thought it was best to return in the morning) Maan you take rest. (He barely managed to nodded his head when the drug really kicked in and he fell asleep)


Teji (almost in trance): Geet, mujhe maaf kar de ki maine aisi gatiya aur giri hui harkat ki. Maan se jayada is duniya mein tujhe koi bhi pyaar nahi kar sakta aur yeh kabhi bhi apni ma ki tarah bewafa nahi ho sakta. Us drug ka asar uski aanko mein saaf dhik raha tha jab usne tujhe dekha magar usne ek bar bhi us larki ko buri najar se nahi dekha, na hi uske husn/jism ko. He is truly the most genuine person I have ever met and I am deeply sorry to have played such a dirt trick.  

(Geet please forgive me that I did such a cheap and shameful act. No one can love you more than Maan in this whole wide world and he can never cheat on you like his mother. The effect of the drug was clearly evident in his eyes when he looked at you but he didn’t even once look at that girl with any wrong intension nor at her body. He is truly the most genuine person I have ever met and I am deeply sorry to have played such a dirt trick.)

Precap: Geet angry on Beeji and Teji

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