Milan Part 31

Chapter 31

Geet was floored by Maan’s love. He cared so much for her that he never gave any thought about himself. He was so unwell and yet he stopped so that she won’t have to be hungry for long and he even kept her favorite food ready.

Maan (whispered to her): Stop staring and start eating Princess.

Geet blushed at being caught and they started eating. Maan hardly ate anything and it was then that it stuck to Papaji and Rano that he wanted to come there only for her, so that she would be able to break her fast and their eyes filled with tears of happiness that God had gifted them the best son-in-law anyone could ever dream of.

By the time they reached home Beeji had already returned to her room as she didn’t want to discuss about the challenge she still couldn’t believe that Maan completed it successfully. In fact she reminded Teji of the task she had given him and he re-assured her that tomorrow he will bring out the real face of Maan Singh Khurana.


Geet supported Maan to his room.


Geet: Aap change kar lijiye, I will be outside. (You change, I will be outside)


Maan (winking at her mischievously): I don’t mind you watching me change.



Geet was like ‘O’, her mouth opened in a perfect O shocked at what Maan just said and her cheeks went red.


Maan (chuckled seeing her reaction): Seriously, in fact I will love it.


Geet (blushed harder not able to respond to his ‘X’ rated

comments, before she finally managed): Besharam ho gaye hai aap (you have become shameless) (hitting his shoulder slightly)

Maan opened his mouth to speak but she ran out covering her

ears. Maan laughed at his cute and adorable Jaan leaning against
the door. Hayee she looked so sweet and was as pure and innocent as an angel. He shook his head at her blushing and changed his clothes.


Geet fetched water and his medicines but was standing out fearing

whether Maan had changed or whether he was in mood to tease her more.


Geet (to Babaji slightly audible): Dekhiye na Babaji yeh kaisi chi-

chi baatein kar rahe hai. (See na Babaji, what kind of ‘X’ rated talks he is doing) (she cribbed to her Babaji not realizing that Maan heard it and was giggling away inside).


Finally she gathered some courage and knocked on the door so

that he won’t think it was her as she used to just barge in. But her childish antics outside had already given her away.


Maan (wanting to tease her more): Mujhe pata hai ki yeh tum hi ho

Geet, you can come in if you want to, in fact I would love you to come in now and you would have probably guessed why (I know it is you Geet, you can come in if you want to, in fact I would love you to come in now and you would have probably guessed why) (he spoke with a voice full of mischief)


Geet (gulped hard not understanding what he meant) had he changed or was he… nahi nahi… Babaji… chi-chi… could he be… nahi nahi… chi-chi… itne besharam (the way he said it his words confused her as to whether he was wearing anything also or not).


But she had to give him his medicines, she swallowed hard and covered her eyes with one hand shutting them tight scared as to what he was wearing while her face had turned tomato red. She slowly opened the door with her other hand somehow managing the medicines and water and went in with the other hand still on her eyes which were shut tight.


Geet: Maan, aap please apni medicines le lijiye. (Maan, please take your medicines).


Maan who was seated on the bed was finding it really hard to control his laughter seeing her red face and her child-like antics. Oh… how adorable she looked. He just kept falling more in love with her.


Geet (when she didn’t hear him reply): Maan, you are listening right. Please eat your medicines.


Maan (finally controlling his laughter and said in a serious and straight voice): Geet what are you doing? Why are you covering your eyes? How do I take the medicine and which medicine? Remove their clothes. (Geet murmured clothes) (Maan purposefully said that to make her blush harder)… I mean cover and give me na.


Geet’s face was fully flushed by now and it seemed she would faint if she heard any further, so Maan thought of ending his prank.


Maan (chuckling): You can open your eyes, I have already changed.



Geet opened her one eye and looked from behind her fingers with her hand still covering the other eye as if to make sure and Maan just burst out laughing. Finally Geet relaxed seeing him in his night dress but his laughter irked her and hitting him slightly she said.


Geet: Aap ko sharam nahi aati mujhe is tarah tang karte hua aur meri tang kheechte hua, jaiye mein aap se baat nahi karti (Aren’t you ashamed to tease me like this and pull my leg, go I won’t talk to you)


She turned her face away making an angry baby pout. Hayee… she looked so adorable.


Maan: Acha baba, sorry


She shook her head faking anger.


Maan: Please princess. Forgive me na. I promise I won’t tease you again.


She turned slightly to see if he was serious and had stopped laughing. Maan was trying really hard to control his giggling but when she turned like that with that look he couldn’t control is any longer and again burst out laughing making Geet really mad.


Geet (baby sad voice and baby sad face): aap ko toh meri parvah hi nahi hai, aap toh bas mujh par haste hi rahiye. (You don’t care about me, you just keep laughing at me)


Maan’s heart pained to see his Jaan so sad, he immediately stopped laughing and got up to hold her shoulders and turned her around.


Maan: Sorry Princess. I was just teasing you. You are toh “My Jaan” na.



Hayee… “My Jaan”, how could Geet not melt on that and she smiled. Both were lost in each other’s eyes which were the mirror of their souls and reflected their divine love for each other.



Their eye lock was disturbed as the medicines fell out from Geet’s hands.


Geet (worried about his health): Why are you standing, you should not be straining (and she immediately made him sit down while Maan was still staring at his Jaan who loved him and cared for him so much)


Geet quickly gave him the medicine and tucked him in bed. She kissed his forehead wishing him good night but she didn’t have the heart to leave him and go even though her room was just adjacent.


Geet: Aap ko chor kar jaane ka maan nahi kar raha (I don’t want to leave you and go).


Maan: Toh mat jaao na (then don’t go na)


But both knew that it would be very awkward to sleep in the same room, what would everyone think, though Geet’s parents had already accepted Maan but still they didn’t want any unnecessary complication. So with a very heavy heart they separated.


Maan felt a feather like weight on his cheek and he opened his eyes to see his princess slowly caressing his face. She looked like an angel with the sun rays falling on her face radiating life and her eyes shinned in his love.


Maan (his eyes stuck on her): Good morning, Jaan.


His voice brought Geet out if her reverie. She was so lost in his feel that she didn’t realize when he woke up.


Geet: How are you feeling now.


Maan: What can happen to me when my angel is there with me.


Geet (smiled): Chaliye, aap ready ho jaiye. I will get the breakfast then you can have your medicines. (Come, you get ready. I will get the breakfast then you can have your medicines.)


Maan: Geet, I am feeling much better. I will come down for breakfast with everyone, so that we can discuss about our future now that the challenge is over.


Geet blushed thinking about their future and nodded shyly.


All were seated on the breakfast table when Maan joined in.


Papaji: Beta, ab tabiyat kaisi hai. (Beta, how’s your health now?)


Maan: I am feeling much better now.


Papaji: Acha hai but please take complete rest today, beta. (Good, but please take complete rest today, beta.)


Maan: Ji


Papaji: Beeji, ab toh aap ko koi bhi aitraaz nahi hona chahiye. (Beeji was speechless not knowing what to say). I will be calling panditji over tomorrow and we will fix up the marriage of our kids. (Beeji you should not be having any problem now)


Rano was very happy, Raaji was ecstatic, Maan beamed while Geet blushed red but Beeji looked at Teji reminding him of his task today and he nodded.


Teeji: Maan, can you please come with me to a party tonight. I was thinking of a partnership and am not sure if the person is genuine so if you could please come with me to meet the person tonight, you would be able to guide me. He has promised to come to my friend’s party.

Maan: Sure.


Teji was thrilled and his evil mind set to work now that Maan agreed to go with him.


In the evening Maan accompanied Teji but he wasn’t aware that he was falling in a trap. They reached the party which was in a hall in the hotel. The hall was full of smoke and half of the people were falling down due to too much drink. Maan felt disgusted by the surroundings so he thought of getting the meeting done and over with.


Maan: Teji, where is the person?


Teji: He will be calling me shortly, let’s take a drink till them.


Maan didn’t like to drink so he ordered for a mock tail while Teji took something hard. Teji had already done a setting with the bar tender who mixed something in Maan’s drink.


Maan (while sipping, his sixth sense warned him that something was amiss in that place): Teji, when will he be coming


Teji (panicking what if Maan left as he was getting impatient): I am trying to call him. Sorry to waste your time like time.


Maan: It’s ok Teji, it’s not your fault.


After they finished the drink, Teji pretended that he got a message from the person and they needed to meet him in room 201. He along with Maan went to that room.


Teji (as they entered the room): Maan, I forgot the file which I need to show him. Please wait here, I will just be back.


Maan nodded and Teji went out with the intention of completing his wicked plan.


Precap: Phone call to Geet: Come to hotel X and see what your Maan is upto. He is sleeping with another girl.


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