Milan Part 30

Chapter 30

It was as if his body was just waiting for the clock to strike 4 and the challenge to finish that he simply collapsed. Geet rushed to him.

Geet: Maaannn

And started shaking him up. Papaji and Rano also rushed to his side. Papaji sprinkled water on him and he stirred a little. Geet made him slowly drink water bringing a little life back in him.

Maan (looking at his princess’s tear filled eyes): Don’t worry Geet. I am alright (and he tried getting up, they helped him get up and not listening to him just rushed him to the hospital.)

He was going in and out of consciousness throughout the way to the hospital and the doctors rushed him to OT seeing his unstable condition.

Geet, Rano and Papaji were extremely worried about his health and were waiting impatiently for the doctor to come out while praying for his wellness. It was about half an hour when the doctor came out and said that everything was in control. They breathed a sigh of relief

Doctor: It was due to too much exhaustion that his health had deteriorated so much. He has just recovered, what was the need of stressing so much. I had told him and Geet to take it easy ad why didn’t he consume any food or water since morning (All were speechless not knowing what to say). It is as if he is hell bent upon making himself suffer. Anyways, I have bandaged his hand, feet and chest wounds (Geet flinched as if she it was her heart that was wounded). We were very fortunate that his old wounds had healed up otherwise it would have been too dangerous. Yeah they will still pain and his whole body is cramped so we are giving him pain killers along with the drip.

Geet: Can I see him doctor.

Doctor: Yeah, he should be gaining consciousness sometime soon and then you can meet him.

As soon as he gained consciousness Geet rushed in to meet him. Maan tried getting up on seeing his princess but she stopped him and hugged him placing her head on his bare chest and her hands wrapped around his chest almost crushing him. He very gently caressed her head trying to calm her down when he felt his chest getting wet with her tears.

Maan: Princess, please calm down, I am absolutely fine now.

But Geet just couldn’t stop sobbing, she had been so scared that it was yet to seep in that he had finally gained consciousness and she kept on increasing the pressure of her hug trying to assure herself that he is fine now.

Maan slowly raised her head and kissed her forehead.

Maan: Look at me sweet heart. There’s nothing wrong with me. Please stop crying my princess (Wiping her tears)

Geet (still shaky): I was so scared Maan, at one time I thought… (she started hiccupping remembering the trauma she went through)

Maan hugged her tight caressing her back trying to relax her and assure her that the bad times had passed and all was well know. But nothing seemed to be working on her so he broke the hug and brought her face close to his and captured her lips in his, wanting to suck away all her fear. Slowly she relaxed in the kiss responding with equal fervor, letting go off her fear and soon both were lost in the heavenly world of their dreams kissing passionately.


The creek of the door disturbed them and Geet almost jumped away from the bed dying out of embarrassment and turning red. Papaji and Rano entered with the doctor and fortunately for Geet she jumped a split second before they reached. Maan tried to get up and Geet helped him sit up with the support of the bed rest

Doctor: How are you feeling now, Mr. Khurana.

Maan: Much better doctor. When can I be discharged?

Doctor: I am afraid to discharge you, Mr. Khurana because you don’t seem to take care of yourself and are straining way too much.

Maan (holding Geet’s hand, rubbing it softly, comforting her that it wasn’t her fault at the same time making sure no one saw it): I am sorry doctor but I promise it won’t happen again.

Doctor: Ok then, you can go home but please take complete bed rest tonight.

Papaji and Rano went to complete the formalities leaving Maan and Geet alone. Geet was feeling horrible that he had to suffer so much because of her.

Maan: Princess, it is not your fault.

Geet (started): But…


Maan (caressing her hand): No, if no but, don’t you dare blame my princess nahi toh… (Maan winked at her, eyeing her lips as if saying nahi toh I know how to make you quite by kissing you)

Geet smiled slightly and blushed deep red.

Maan (in a serious tone): Geet did you have anything?

Geet (trying to look away from his eyes, lying): Yes

Maan: You don’t know how to lie then why do you even try, why didn’t you have anything (but he knew when he was so unwell how could she have eaten)

He made her drink water and she just kept staring in his eyes lost in the pure love that reflected in them. He was still just worried about her even in his condition. She wondered how could someone love so truly, purely and selflessly.


They were lost in their eye-lock peeping into each other’s soul via eyes when their close moment was disturbed by loud footsteps approaching their room. Geet straightened herself.

Papaji and Rano came after getting the discharge papers ready. Maan slowly got up with the help of Geet. His walk was very wobbly due to the cramps and all got worried but he assured them that he would be just fine. But it was getting worse and his steps were falling out of place in a zigzag manner and he would have tripped had Geet not held him.

Geet: Nothing doing Maan. We are taking the wheel chair and that is final.

Maan: But Geet…

Maan started to protest but his Sherni was in no mood to listen to his nonsense any more.

Geet (glaring at him and raising her voice): No way, Maan. I will tear the discharge papers if you don’t sit on the wheel chair right now.

Maan gulped hard seeing his fierce Sherni, he knew she meant every word of what she said.

Maan: Acha Baba, as you say but on one condition.

Geet: We shall see.

Maan: No seeing, only if you agree will I sit.

Geet: Acha bolo what is it.

Maan: That we will stop at “Punjabi World” restaurant on our way back home.

Geet (started to protest): But you can’t even walk properly…

Maan made an annoyed pout. Hayee, he looked so cute how could she deny him.

Rano (interrupted): Geet, Maan beta must be hungry.

But Geet knew exactly why he wanted to stop there and it wasn’t because he was hungry but because it was Geet’s favorite eating place hardly 2 minutes from the hospital and how could he ever bear to see his princess hungry.

Geet: Acha Baba, theek hai. Ab toh smile kar do na. (Ok dear, it is fine. Now at least smile)

Maan gave his lop sided smile. Papji and Rano smiled at their children, how cute they looked together.

They all went to arrange for the wheel chair as Maan had to make an important phone call.

They reached the restaurant and Geet supported Maan inside the dining area.

Maan (to the lady incharge): We made a reservation under Maan Singh Khurana.

The lady guided them to the best seat. They were still settling down when the waiter arrived with their food and laid the table with all of Geet’s favorite dishes.

Geet (thinking it was a mistake): But we didn’t even order yet.

Waiter: Madam, Sir called and had placed the order along with the reservation only.

Geet was floored by Maan’s love. He cared so much for her that he never gave ay thought about himself. He was so unwell and yet he stopped so that she won’t have to be hungry for long and he even kept her favorite food ready.

Maan (whispered to her): Stop staring and start eating Princess.


Geet blushed at being caught and they started eating. Maan hardly ate anything and it was then that it stuck to Papaji and Rano that he wanted to come there only for her, so that she would be able to break her fast and their eyes filled with tears of happiness that God had gifted them the best son-in-law anyone could ever dream of.

Precap: Maaneet moments

              What is Teji upto?

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