Milan Part 28

Chapter 28

Here Maan started his exercise regime so that he would be able to prepare his body physically for succeeding in the challenge. But he made sure Geet didn’t come to know of his physical experiments as they were very strenuous for him as well as extremely painful.


On the other hand Geet was taking full care of him, making sure he was not straining too much but little did she know what he was up to at night after she bid good night and before her waking up.


Maan wasn’t happy hiding it from Geet and lying to her that he wasn’t straining but he didn’t want to hurt her as his pain would only torture her more. As it is, it was with great difficulty that she had allowed him to accept the challenge and if she got to know how difficult it was for him and how much struggle he had to do to get back in shape she would have simply refused. So he thought of telling her only after the challenge got over.


Finally the night before the challenge arrived. Geet came to Maan’s room at 10:30 pm with a tray full of food with the intension of stuffing him up before the clock stuck 12. Here Maan was preparing to go to bed since he had to wake up at 5 to get ready for the challenge which was due to start at 6am. He was pleasantly surprised to see Geet but his happiness was short lived as he saw the amount of food she was carrying and he gulped hard realizing what his Sherni was up to.


Geet: Chaliye Maan, have food


Maan: Geet, itna sara khana puri barat ko kilana hai kya (Geet, so much food, do you have to feed the whole barat)


Geet: HaHa, very funny (in a very serious mood, almost threatening) Ab aap chup chap kaa rahe hai ya nahi (Now are you eating it or not)


Maan gulped hard looking at his inform Sherni. He knew there was no escaping her today. When his Geet made up her mind on something it was very difficult to persuade her the other way.


Maan: Par Geet (he started confidently but seeing her glare, whispered the rest) I just had dinner.


Geet: I don’t want to hear anything, you have to finish all this and hurry up we only have time till 12.


Maan: If I eat so much I will surely die…


Geet kept her hand on his mouth not letting him complete.


Geet (with tear filled eyes): Khabardar jo aaj ke baad aisi baat aapne dobara ki toh (I warn you if you dare ever say such a thing again)


As soon as Maan uttered those words he closed his eyes realizing what he said. Already Geet was very worried about his health especially with the hard challenge and his just healed wounds.


Maan (kissing her palm which was on his lips): Sorry princess, I didn’t mean it that way.


Geet nodded conveying that she knew but still he got to be careful.


Maan: Acha chalo, let’s eat (saying so he made a bite and brought close to Geet’s mouth)


Geet: you need to eat not me.


Maan: Mujhe pata hai Geet ki kal jab tak mein nahi khaoonga, tum bhi kuch nahi khaaogi aur mere mana karne par bhi tum nahi sunogi isliye tum bhi mere saat khao. (I know Geet that till the time I don’t eat tomorrow, you will also not eat and you won’t even listen to me if I say no so you also eat with me).


Geet was awestruck and just kept staring at him with her eyes filled with love, how well he knew her, she had planned to keep the fast along with him till 4 when she would eat after him but had thought of hiding it from him as she knew he would try to waver her decision. But how could she forget that he just knew her inside out and she could never hide anything from him. She also made a bite and brought it near his mouth and both ate together.


They very lovingly feed each other while sharing an eye lock pouring their love via their eyes. It was 11:30 by the time they finished. Both cleaned up and Geet was about to take the trolley when Maan stopped her. He placed the water jug in her tray which Geet had just kept on his side table. Geet raised her eyebrow surprised as there was still half an hour left before the food restriction of challenge started.


Maan: Woh… actually what if I accidently drink it while asleep.


Geet was just over whelmed by his love for her, she knew he would never take any chance when it came to her or their love. It felt as if he just lived for her and her happiness. She hugged him not able to control her emotions anymore. Since the time the challenge was accepted by Maan she was very worried. No it wasn’t that she doubted his love or his ability but still there was a fear, a fear that what if destiny failed them, what would happen then. She just couldn’t even bear to think about parting from her Maan, her soul. Maan knew what she was going through. He knew she was scared but would never voice it because it would be like questioning his love for her. He softly caressed her back as if assuring her that come what may he would succeed.

That till the time he had even one breathe left in him no one could separate his Geet from him, that they were two bodies but one soul. Slowly Geet relaxed under his touch, his one touch had the power to take away all her fears, all her sufferings. They broke the hug naturally.


Geet: Bahut late ho raha hai, aap rest karlijiye, Maan. You need to get up early also na (It is getting very late, you take rest, Maan. You need to get up early also)


Maan (with a naughty glint in his eyes and puppy sad face) But without my good night kiss how can I rest (he said winking at her and eyeing her lips)


Geet blushed and her cheeks turned red. Oh… how adorable she looked with red cheeks that Maan couldn’t resist pulling them.

Geet was surprised and looked at him but blushed more seeing him still eyeing her lips with his bedroom eyes and her cheeks became tomato red.


Maan: I am waiting.


Geet blushed more if it was even possible and quickly pecked his lips. Hayee her soft delicate lips touching his felt like heaven to him and she ran out with the tray shying heavily. No matter how many times they kissed, Geet always blushed heavily while Maan was always lost in her soft feather-like touch as if it was their first kiss…


Precap: Will Maan succeed

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