Milan Part 27

Chapter 27


Maan: Just tell me how do you want me to prove my love. Humara pyar paak hai, mein apne pyar ki pavitrata ko sabit karne ke liye sare imtihaan dene ke liye tayaar hoon( Just tell me how do you want me to prove my love. Our love is pure and to prove its purity I am willing to face any challenge)


Beeji: Toh phir theek hai. After 4 days there is rath yatra of Lord Vishu in which we take the idol out in a palaki and pull the rath (chariyat) all around Hoshiyarpur in the wee hours of the morning. Every year four people pull the rath but this time you alone will pull it and mind you, you will have to be fasting that is no food and no water since 12 am on that day. Yeah and you have to pull the rath bare foot without any help from anyone. If you take help of any kind then it will be considered as a failed challenge and then…


But before Beeji could continue Geet interrupted


Geet: But how can he pull the rath alone, he hasn’t even recovered completely…


But Beeji didn’t let her finish.


Beeji: Toh yeh abhi se hi haar maan gaya (So you have accepted defeat now itself)


Maan (to Geet): Geet tumhe meri kasam tum kuch nahi bologi. (to Beeji) Mujhe manjoor hai ((to Geet) Geet swear on me you will not say anything. (To Beeji) I accept)


Beeji: Wait, let me first complete the challenge then you say if you can fulfill it or not. So you would need to start at 6 in the morning and be done with the complete round by 10 am. After which you have to do seva in the Gurudwara. You will help in cleaning, making food and then serve in langar till 4 pm. Only after that can you eat or drink anything. If you are fine with this challenge then only accept it nahi toh maan lo ki tum humari Geet ke layak nahi ho (Otherwise accept that you are not worthy of our Geet)


Maan: Mujhe yeh challenge manjoor hai (I accept this challenge)


Beeji: Theek hai (Ok)


And she left from there.


Geet was feeling so helpless, she didn’t want him to undergo any test as he didn’t need to prove his divine love, she knew it and that was enough but he had sealed her lips by his promise. She was annoyed at him for not letting her protest and left from there. How ironical, she was annoyed on him because he didn’t let her defend him, this was the depth of their love that they never thought about themselves, the worry, the concern, everything was always for the other.


Maan knew she was upset with him and went behind her. Papaji and Rano didn’t like the challenge as in their hearts they had already accepted Maan as their son-in-law but didn’t know what to do after Maan made Geet promise.


Geet was feeling miserable and tears started flowing from her eyes. She was standing facing her back to the door.


Maan entered silently and held her shoulder from behind. She removed his hand from her shoulder as if wanting to tell him she wasn’t happy with his whole idea of making her swear. He placed his hand on the other shoulder but she jerked it away as well. 

Maan: Please princess, listen to me na… sweet heart.


Geet: Nahi mujhe aapki koi bhi baat nahi sunni hai. (No, I don’t want to listen to any of your talks)


Maan very delicately turned her around holding her shoulders. She turned her face away showing her annoyance.


He held her chin and faced her to meet his eyes. He wiped her tears. 

Maan: Please jaan aise mat rootho na (Please don’t be angry like this, jaan)


Geet: Nahi aaj mein aapki koi bhi baat nahi sunuge. Why did you stop me, I am not going to talk to you bas. (No, today I am not going to listen to you. Why did you stop me, I am not going to talk to you bas.)


Maan knew the only thing that could calm his princess down was his touch, his assurance that he was alright and will remain so. He very gently moved her hair behind her ear.


He softly cupped her face in his palm and slowly brought his lips very close to hers. His breathe was fanning her lips and she was not able to control her senses. His proximity was sending shivers down her body and she was hyper venting under his spell. He looked into her eyes as if seeking her permission to worship her lips. She lowered her gaze as if consenting to his request. He very delicately captured her lips in hers and sent her soaring high in the world of pleasures. He then gently soothed her lips as if wanting to suck away all the misery she was feeling.


He hugged her amidst the deep yet very delicate kiss of his and slowly caressed her back trying to relax her. She was soon lost under her magician’s spell and was feeling much calmer.


They broke the hug naturally.

Geet: But I am still angry with you, why did you not let me raise my voice. I know you and you don’t need to prove our love. Also you haven’t even completely recovered.


Maan: Geet I am much better and …


But a knock on the door interrupted their conversation.


Papaji: Beta, can we come in.


Maan and Geet separated a little.


Geet: Ji, Papaji


Papaji (to Maan): Beta, I and Rano discussed and we don’t think any challenge is required. You don’t need to prove anything. In fact it would be our honor to have you as our son-in-law. We will talk to Beeji.


Geet was thrilled that Papaji also adored Maan.


Maan: Papaji I respect your decision and I am truly humbled by it but it is the matter to prove the purity of our love and I have given my word. I don’t think you would want me to go back on my word. It would be an insult to our sacred love.


Papaji and Rano were awestruck at Maan. They couldn’t thank God enough to have blessed their daughter with a soul mate as true and as pure as Maan. They could now rest all their worries about her future, they now knew he would always keep her happy come what may and would leave no stone unturned for her one smile.


But Geet didn’t want him to take so much stress and strain.


Geet: Papaji, Ma please stop him from doing this challenge, he is not even completely recovered.


Maan (interrupted her): Geet, please try to understand I am much better now and doctor also said I will be totally fit and fine by next week. The challenge is after 4 days and by then I would have recovered completely.


Geet: But Maan…


Maan (she started her protest but he didn’t let her finish): Do you want me to live my whole life with my head bowed that I couldn’t pass the test of our love. That I failed to keep up my word, the word which I gave for our love, our worship. Do you want to me to be dejected all my life and not able to meet myself in the eye.


Geet was speechless, how could she even imagine to see her Maan broken and finally she had to give her consent for the challenge.


Here Beeji was talking with Teji.


Beeji: If he is able to fulfill the challenge then it will prove his grit and determination along with his physical strength. Also it would show if he is humble enough to serve so we would know even in bad times he will be able to take care of Geet and keep her happy. But how do we know that he is not characterless like his mother, that he won’t leave Geet for another girl.


Teji: You don’t worry Beeji, I will think of something to test his character. You just leave it to me and anyways let him first succeed in the challenge which won’t be easy.


Beeji: Ok, but do keep the character test ready just in case.


Teji: You don’t worry.


Here Maan started his exercise regime so that he would be able to prepare his body physically for succeeding in the challenge. But he made sure Gee didn’t come to know of his physical experiments as they were very strenuous for him as well as extremely painful.


On the other hand Geet was taking full care of him, making sure he was not straining too much but little did she know what he was up to at night after she bid good night and before her waking up.


Maan wasn’t happy hiding it from Geet and lying to her that he wasn’t straining but he didn’t want to hurt her as his pain would only torture her more. As it is, it was with great difficulty that she had allowed him to accept the challenge and if she got to know how difficult it was for him and how much struggle he had to do to get back in shape she would have simply refused. So he thought of telling her only after the challenge got over.


Precap: Will Maan succeed


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