Milan Part 26

Chapter 26


They slept peacefully lost in their dreamy paradise where no one could disturb them. It was as if they were living their lives in their dreams imagining their closeness and smiling away to glory.


Couple of days had passed by and Maan was much better now. His wounds had almost healed thanks to Geet’s relentless efforts of making him rest. She was in total wifey form not letting him strain even a wee bit. She just wouldn’t let him get out of bed. Even his work timings were totally controlled by her. Though he liked her care and concern but her restrictions were getting on his nerves now.


One morning Maan was trying to get out of the bed without his stick. Actually he was feeling much better and thought of giving it a try to walk without support. But as soon as he took his first step Geet entered the room.


Geet: Maan Good Mor….. (on seeing his stunt) What are you doing? Why aren’t you using the stick (holding his elbow) How can you be so careless Maan you will hurt yourself.


Maan: Geet, I am much better now. I can walk on my own.


Geet: Nahi, till the time doctor doesn’t give you the green signal you are using the stick.


Maan: Geet, I am telling you na that I am just fine, I don’t need it anymore.


Geet: No, I am not listening anything. You are not venturing like this, that’s it.


Maan was really irritated now, actually being bed ridden for so many days had got on his nerves and on top of it Geet just wouldn’t let him do anything which had increased his frustration, he never liked being dependent on anyone.


Maan (raising his voice): What the hell is this Geet? You just don’t want to listen to me, I am telling you na that I am absolutely fine so why don’t you just get it.


This was the first time Maan had been so rude with Geet and it brought tears in her eyes. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to listen to him but she was so concerned about his health that she didn’t want him to take any risk without the doctor’s consent. She didn’t say anything as she understood his frustration just held his hand and bowed her head not wanting to show him her tears. But a tear dropped from her eye and fell on his palm.

He closed his eyes realizing how harsh he had been on her. She was just worried about his health and he scolded her like that. Maan knew that Geet had left no stone unturned to look after him and make him better. He regretted screaming at her.


Maan (guilt in his voice): I am really sorry princess. I know you are just worried about my health.


Geet didn’t look up because she wasn’t able to control her tears.



Maan held her chin and lifted her face to meet his eyes. He wiped her tears.



Maan( holding his ears): I am so sorry Jaan. I promise I will not strain myself unless the doctor agrees but please smile Sweeto.


Geet smiled amidst tears


Geet: Theek hai, lets visit the doctor today and ask him. If he agrees then you are free from the stick.


They both loved each other so much that all they cared about was one another’s happiness.


Both got ready and meet in the hall.


Geet: Ma, we are going to the hospital for Maan’s check up.


Rano: Beta driver le jao, (to Maan) you should not drive in this condition beta.


Maan’s eyes filled up seeing Rano’s love, she had always treated him just like her son and in the past few days had taken so much care of him that he couldn’t thank God enough to have finally given him mother’s love.


Maan: Ji, Ma.


Beeji was not very happy with the idea of Geet and Maan going alone but she thought it was better if they weren’t at home when the Pandit came as then it would be easier to convince Rano and Papaji. Hence she didn’t raise any objection.


Maan and Geet went to the doctor and he did Maan’s complete checkup.


Doctor: Mr. Khurana, I must say you are a very man that your family really cares for you. There has been marvelous progress in your health.


Maan beamed at Geet, he was so proud of her, yes she was his family along with Rano and Papaji.


Maan: Can I walk without support now doctor.


Doctor: Yes, Mr. Khurana, you can walk without support but don’t over strain yourself.


Before Maan could say anything Geet interrupted.


Geet: So for how long can he walk, I mean at a stretch and total in a day.


Doctor smiled at Geet’s concern while Maan was like ab toh mein gaya.


Doctor: It’s not like that. He can walk but he shouldn’t strain himself.


Poor Maan finally breathe in peace now at least his walking won’t be rationed by his Sherni. He smiled that he won’t let her know if he was tired.


Geet (murmured): if there is no restriction then he will definitely strain himself and not let me know about it but I am also Geet I won’t let him over strain.


Doctor: Did you say something?

Geet (faking a smile): No… No doctor.

Maan: Doctor when can I travel?

Doctor: take it a little easy Mr. Khurana, you should be absolutely fine by next week, then you can drive, travel whatever you like. But till then don’t over strain yourself.

Geet (beamed): Sure doctor, I will make sure he takes proper rest.


Maan was like pata nahi ab mera kya hoga.


They thanked the doctor and left from there.


Maan: Geet, show me your favorite place in Hoshiyarpur.

Geet: But Maan, you should rest.

Maan: Geet, it has been so many days after which I have stepped out, let’s sit out for some time. I promise I will tell you if I feel tired.

Geet: Acha, theek hai. Let’s go to the river bank there are nice lush green trees under which we can sit comfortably.


Geet asked the driver to take them there and she carefully settled Maan under the tree and sat beside him.



Maan embraced Geet sideways and guided her head to rest just above his heart while Geet wrapped her arms around his chest in a sideways hug. Both sat there simply lost in each other, ecstatic to have the other in their lives.


After sometime Maan spoke without breaking the hug.


Maan: Geet I am the luckiest person on Earth you know why?


Geet shook her head


Maan (continued): Because you came in my life and made it complete. I had never imagined that life can be so much fun and lively till I met my princess. Pata hai I never liked going to pubs but I think now “Hell” disco is like a worship place for me.


Geet was surprised and looked up at him.


Maan (settling her again in his embrace): Because I met my angel there (Geet smiled hearing him) Pata nahi yadi mein us din wahan nahi jaata toh tum mujhe kaise milti. (I don’t know if I hadn’t been there that day how would I have met you).


Geet (snuggling more into him): I am sure we would have met kyunki meti toh zindagi aap ke bina adhuri hai toh hume toh milna hi than na (I am sure we would have met because my life is incomplete without you so we would had to meet)


Maan: Pata hai Geet the next day when you were walking and I came up to you I had lied that I was leaving office, actually I had seen you walking and wanted to meet you that’s why I came running.


Maan was soon lost thinking about their first walk while Geet blushed that he so badly wanted to meet her and remembered their first walk how scared she was in the beginning and how much she had blabbered by the end of it.


They were so completely engrossed in their thoughts embracing each other that they didn’t realized when time flew and it was almost lunch time.


Geet’s gaze fell on the time and she broke the hug in a jolt.


Maan: Kya hua Geet?

Geet: Arey aap ki medicines ka time hone wala hai, chaliye jaldi (It’s almost time for your medicines, let’s leave fast)


They left from there but when they entered the house they were surprised to see Panditji leaving.


Geet: Ma, why had Panditji come?


Beeji came and stood in front of them.


Beeji: He had come to show pictures of some suitable matches for you. We have finalized a couple and will soon arrange meetings with them.


Both Maan and Geet were shocked on hearing this.


Geet: But I don’t want to meet them.


Maan: Papaji yadi app ko aitaraz na ho toh I want to ask the hand of your daughter for marriage (Papaji If you don’t have any objection then I want to ask the hand of your daughter for marriage)


But before Papaji could answer Beeji spoke


Beeji: Jiski ma itni bachlan ho who kisi ki beti ko kaise sukhi rak sakta hai. Hume kaise pata kit um Geet ko chor kar bhag nahi jaoge apni Ma ki tarah. Tum bhi toh us giri hui aurat ki kooak se paida kua ho, tumhara kya barosa. (how can a person whose mother is so characterless keep anyone’s daughter happy. How do we know you will not leave Geet and go away like your mother. You have taken birth from that dirty women’s womb how can we trust you)



Maan felt as if she was pouring acid on his just healing wounds and felt ashamed of what his mother had done. He didn’t understand how to assure Geet’s family that he wasn’t like his mother. But then he didn’t need to because Geet couldn’t take his insult and even before Papaji or Rano could interrupt she spoke up.


Geet: Beeji aap Maan ke bare mein itna ganda kaise soch sakti hai. He didn’t even care once about himself and suffered so much to just save me. Aap ko sharam aaini chahiye (Beeji how can you think so low and dirty about Maan. He didn’t even care once about himself and suffered so much to just save me. You should be ashamed of yourself)


Beeji: Tu baro se baat karne ki tameez bhool gayi hai kya larki (Have you forgotten your manners to talk with elders girl)


Saying so Beeji raised her hand to slap Geet but Maan held her hand coming in between Beeji and Geet. Before Papaji or Rano could even react Maan spoke.   


Maan: Aap ko mujhe jo kuch bhi kahana hai kah lo aap mujse bari ho par mere kote hua aap Geet ho cho bhi nahi sakte ho (you can tell me whatever you want since you are elder to me but till the time I am there you can’t even touch Geet)


Beeji was fuming in anger this was the first time Geet had raised her voice against her decision and now Maan she somehow just couldn’t stand him now her ego came in the way of realizing their true love.


Papaji: Beeji, aap yeh kya kar rahe ho. Aap Maan ko doshi kaise maan sakte ho, jo bhi unki ma neh kiya uske liye. Balki uska sabse jyada dhuk toh Maan ko hi kua hoga na. He had to live without mother’s love and suffer all the taunts. Aur aap Geet par kyun haat utha rahe ho. (Beeji, what are you doing. How can you think Maan to be the culprit for whatever his mother did. Rather Maan would have been the most affected and saddened by it. He had to live without mother’s love and suffer all the taunts. And why are you raising your hand on Geet)


Beeji: Yadi yeh itna hi pyar karta hai Geet se to prove karke dikhaye yeh kya kar sakta hai humari beti ke liye. (If he loves Geet so much then prove what can he do for our daughter)


Maan: Mein apne pyar ke liye kuch bhi kar guzroon ga (For my love I can do anything)


Geet (she was shaking her head trying to stop Maan): Nahi Maan aap ko kuch bhi prove karne ki jarurat nahi hai. (Maan, you don’t need to prove anything)


Beeji: Abhi se hi darr gaya (You are already scared)


Maan: Just tell me how do you want me to prove my love. Humara pyar paak hai, mein apne pyar ki pavitrata ko sabit karne ke liye sare imtihaan dene ke liye tayaar hoon( Just tell me how do you want me to prove my love. Our love is pure and to prove its purity I am willing to face any challenge)


Precap: The challenge


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