Milan Part 25

Chapter 25


Slowly Maan was so lost in her eyes that he no longer minded the flavor, after all his princess was feeding him. He would have even had poison from her hands smilingly, this was toh only spinach soup. Hayeee…. He soon floated into his dream land gazing into her eyes…. Maaahiii


Soup had finished long back but both were lost in each other as if they could peep into one another’s soul and just find pure and immense love for themselves there. Some noise outside finally broke their eyelock.


Geet: Chaliye I will serve your food.

Maan: I will eat only if you eat with me.

Geet: Maan, samjiyena I will have to eat with others.

Maan: Theek hai then I will not eat.

Geet: Arey Maan, please understand na what will I tell mummy, papa and especially Beeji.


Maan shook his head, he wanted to feed his princess. Though it had been some days since that incident with the goons but the fear of losing his princess had made him realize that he just didn’t exist without her. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know how precious she was before but the horror of having to live without her, made him want to cherish their each and every moment together even more than before. He wanted to spend every second of his entire life with her, do everything in his power to keep her happy and smiling.


Maan (pushed the plate away and turned his face to the other side in cute anger) It’s ok you eat with them, I will eat later.


Geet: Arey Baba, aap toh naraaz ho gaye. Acha theek hai, I will eat with you. Ab toh meri taraf dekhiye na.


Maan turned to face her and gave his lop sided smile. Hayee he looked as cute and adorable in it. Geet held the plate in her hand , made a bite and brought it near his mouth. But he gestured her to wait with his eyes. She raised her eyebrows surprised.



He made a similar bite and first fed her, to him she was always the first priority, his life was nothing without his angel. Geet was so over whelmed by his love that her eyes brimmed with tears. He shook his head as if indicating her that no tears not even of happiness and she somehow managed to control them from flowing out. She then fed him the bite and they continued pouring their love via their eyes as they fed each other. They were completely lost in one another’s eyes mesmerized in their divine love.


Rano calling for Geet brought them back to reality.


Geet: Chaliye app yeh medicine kaiye. (After Maan had swallowed them). Acha I have to leave now, will come back after dinner. Tell me if you need anything but don’t you dare try to get down without me in the room (she threatened).


Maan: Jaisa aap ka hokum, meri Jaan (Geet blushed, hayee she was truly his Jaan) But laptop deh do na (Seeing her angry glare) please sweet heart it is really important.


Hayee “Jaan”, then “Sweet heart”, they just melted Geet and she could never refuse him anything. He knew her weakness (hehe LOL). Geet gave him the laptop and his files which he had got.


Geet (threatening him): Par don’t strain yourself too much otherwise.

Maan (Winked Wink): My Sherni will attack me


Their talk was broken by Rano’s voice.


Rano: Geet beta where are you, everyone is waiting on the dining table for you.

Geet: Coming Ma (and she rushed out with the food trolley)


She could hear Beeji cribbing on the dinner table.


Beeji: Aaj kal ke bacho ke liye paraye log apno se barker ho gaye hai.


Geet came and quietly sat on the table not wanting to unnecessarily create a scene. Maan’s health was far more important for her. She pretended to eat dinner so that Beeji didn’t get another chance to insult Maan or her parent’s decision for sending her to the city to work.


Here Maan was smiling thinking how Geet fed him the soup, how he could just act like a kid in front of her and she was always willing to pamper his childishness. He smiled remembering how he had shut his mouth when she brought the soup and how she out smarted him into drinking it. How she gave into his every Zidd, she had food with him, when they both knew her family would want her to have dinner with them. Adi’s phone call interrupted his sweet memories.


Adi: Sssir, are the emails fine or you need update on anything else.


Maan mentally wacked himself to be so lost that he was just staring at the screen till now, he quickly scanned the mails.


Maan: Adi, woh Mr Sharma ke project ki report kahan hai? 

Adi: Sssir woh… woh…

Maan: Woh.. kya Adi. 

Adi: woh abhi complete nahi hui hai Sssir. Usme aap ka input chahiye tha. 

Maan: then why didn’t you tell me in the morning. We have a video call tomorrow. How can you be so careless Adi? 

Adi: Sorry Sir, but aap ki tabiyat theek nahi thi, toh I thought I will manage on my own but I got stuck. Sorrry Sssir.


Maan knew Adi was very hardworking, his most loyal employee and his right hand man, he knew Adi must have been concerned about his health.


Maan: It’s ok Adi, send me the report till where you have made it and the documents, I will complete it tonight and send over by tomorrow morning. You read it and then we will have a meeting tomorrow evening. 

Adi: Right Sssir.


Maan quickly read though the other emails which Adi has sent and the documents. They looked good, so now Mr. Sharma’s project was the only thing he needed to concentrate on. It would be challenging to complete the work in the night especially in his medical condition but for the professional Maan was he would never postpone any client meeting just like that and that too for his health.


He started working on the project report Adi had sent but typing was extremely difficult for him. He had been typing for some time now and his hand had started to pain but he kept on working.


Here Geet finally managed to get free and once she was sure Beeji had retired to bed she rushed to meet Maan. She slowly crept in fearing he might have slept, but to her surprise found him totally engrossed in work. She checked the time and was furious at him for working so late especially when doctor had advised complete bed rest. But before she could scold him she heard him moan in pain. All her anger vanished and concern took over.


Geet (spoke in one breath): Maan, kya hau? Aap ko bahut dard ho raha hai na, then why are you still working. It has been 3 hours since I left you and you have been continuously working. Aap anpa khayal kyun nahi rakte hai?


Maan was surprised to see Geet, he had been so focused on his work that he didn’t realize when she came.


Maan: Geet, Geet relax, saans le lo, mujhe kuch nahi hua hai.


Actually after that day Geet had become very touchy when it came to his health. She could never forget how badly he had been hurt that day. How he had barely survived and his wounds had still not healed completely. Though he never showed but she knew how painful it all had been for him. When your souls are so deeply connected you know the other person inside out.



Geet (a tear dropped from her eyes): I shouldn’t have let the doctor discharge you see I am not able to take care of you. You don’t even listen to me and are straining yourself.


Maan immediately kept his lappie aside and held Geet’s had and guided her to sit opposite to him. Wiping her tears


Maan (he held her hands): Princess I swear it is very urgent otherwise I wouldn’t have worked. 

Geet: Par aise toh aap bimar ho jayenge. 

Maan: Par Jaan, I have the meeting tomorrow evening and need to finish this by morning. 

Geet: Acha, toh let’s do one thing, you lie down and dictate and I will type it. 

Maan: But Geet I have to see the documents, I don’t have the files.


Geet: No problem, I will get the printer and print the documents, then you lie down and keep reading, editing whatever you want and either mark it or dictate it and I will type, but you are not straining yourself. Abhi toh aap ke wounds heal bhi nahi hua hai, if you strain they will open up.


Saying so Geet went to fetch the laptop leaving Maan speechless at her love.


Geet soon came back with the printer and printed the documents, made Maan lie down on the bed and took over his laptop. Geet typed fast and they were done in a couple of hours with least possible strain on Maan. Geet showed the report to Maan. He was very impressed by her as the report was perfect and he mailed it to Adi.


Maan: Geet, it is prefect, thank you so much, I…


Geet placed her hand on his mouth.



Geet:Khabardhar jo aap ne mujhe thank you kaha. This is nothing compared to what all you have done for me. I…


Maan kissed her palm which was on his mouth silencing her. She blushed and removed her hand.


Maan: I love you Geet. Please never leave my side, I won’t be able to live without you.


Geet: Aap aisa kyun bol rahe ho, I will never leave you. Mein aap ke jin nahi ji sakti. Aap ko kya pata ki aap ko aisi halat mein dekh kar mujh par kya beedti hogi. Bas aap jaldi se teekh ho jaiye.


They hugged each other overwhelmed with emotions. They felt so complete in each other as if the whole world no longer mattered they were lost in their own universe far away from all the meanness, happy and serene in their paradise.


They broke the hug very reluctantly as Maan needed to rest and also Geet needed to leave for her room. She made sure his stick was near him and tucked him in bed. She kissed his forehead and Maan made a baby face urging her to kiss his lips. He looked so cute how could she deny him and softly pecked his lips. Hayee he was lost in her feel. Her lips were so soft that every time he would just be lost in their rose-petal like delicate touch.


She receded to her room and both slept peacefully engrossed in their dreams.


Precap: Pandit visits the house.

              Beeji challenges Maan to prove his love


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