Milan Part 24

Chapter 24


Maan: Ma, can I keep my head in your lap and sleep.


Rano smiled, he very gently laid his head in her lap. Rano soothed his hair very caringly and he soon fell asleep. Today Maan’s family was complete, he had finally got Mother’s love which he had longed for all his life. Geet was so happy that finally he would be healed and will be able to come out of the dark memories of his past. She also laid her head in Rano’s lap and slept away peacefully.


It was late afternoon when they woke up. The doctor came for the check-up and gave the green signal to discharge Maan. Papaji had come and both Rano and Papaji went to fulfill the formalities while Geet did the packing. Maan phoned Adi.


Maan: Adi, I will not be able to come back to Delhi for a few more days. Convert all the important meetings to video conferencing which I will attend from here and postpone the rest for next week. Send me all the updates via email and I will reply to them by tonight or early morning tomorrow.


Adi: Ji…Sssir.


Maan: Is there anything that needs my immediate attention?


Adi: No… Sssir everything is fine.


Maan: Ok, send the emails then.


Adi: Right… Sssir.


As soon as Maan kept the phone, Geet came to him, one hand on her waist and pointing her other hand’s finger at him.


Geet: Doctor said bed rest so you are doing just that, no work… nahi toh…


Maan held her waist, she inhaled sharply mesmerized under his touch not able to speak, then he pulled her near him.


Maan (bedroom eyes, seductive whisper which send shivers down her spine): Nahi toh kya Geet.


Geet (trying to get a hold on her enthralled senses): Aap ke yeh tarike mein aache se janti hoon meri boolti band karne ke but not today. I will tell the doctor not to discharge you if you don’t promise to take proper best at home.


Maan (not wanting to tease her): Aacha ji, jaise aap ka hukum mere Sarkar. You are there to make me rest na dear.


Geet smiled of course she would not leave him and make sure that he took proper rest


Geet: Abhi Choro ji, Ma papa aa jayenge.


Maan: Toh aa janedo, I am not scared. Ma ne to mujhe accept bhi kar liya hai.


Geet (trying to get away from his grip) Bahut besharam ho gaye ho, choro mujhe.


They heard some footsteps and Maan left her immediately obviously he didn’t want Papaji to catch them like this, he wanted to ask for her hand from him.


Geet (laughing as she ran away): Koi aaj daar gaya… hahahahaLOL


Maan: I am not scared of anything just let me get better then I will show you, just wait…


Papaji and Rano came, Maan had already got the dues paid, they cleared the discharge formalities and got a wheel chair. Maan refused to sit on the wheel chair.


Geet: Maan please you are still not well and the distance is huge from here to the gate.


Maan: No, I will use the clutches but no wheel chair that’s it.


Geet: Why don’t you understand, your stitches are still healing, please listen to me.


But Maan was Maan, how could he ever be dependent on anyone. Finally Geet relented and he walked on the clutches. She knew he would get tired but would never show it, so when they had covered half way.


Geet: Please Maan lets sit for some time, and don’t say no, for me please.


Could he ever deny his princess and he knew it was only for his well being that she was so worried, he smiled and they sat for some time.


By the time they reached home, Maan was really very tired and Geet took him to the guest room so that he could rest. Geet made him comfortable and left when he slept.


Beeji was not at all happy about the whole idea of Maan staying in their house.


Beeji: Humara ghar toh dharma shala ban gaya hai, jo dekho wohi rahane aa jata hai.


Papaji: Why are you saying like this, he saved our Geet’s life, it is our duty to take care of him.


Beeji made a face and left from there.


Beeji (self thought): Geet ke toh par nikal aaye hai shahar jake. I will need to find a boy for her quickly before we loose all control over her. I will talk to Panditji now itself.


Beeji phoned the Pandit


Beeji: Panditji, Geet ke liye koi aacha rishta ho to bataiye.


Pandit: Meri najar mein ek bohut acha larka hai, unhe Geet ki tasveer bhi bahut pasand hai, aap kaho toh mein baat aage barao.


Beeji: Nahi, you first bring his photo and other photos and come to our home at the earliest.


Pandit: Theek hai, I will come in a few days.


After some time Geet laid Maan’s food and took it to his room. Here Maan had got up and was trying to get to his stick but Geet had placed it a little far by mistake and he wasn’t able to reach to it. He was on the verge of falling down when Geet entered with the food trolley. On seeing him slip, she rushed to support him.


Geet: Maan, what are you doing, you will slip.


She somehow managed to make him sit properly on the bed.


Geet (very worried, with pain in her voice) Aap ko apna bilkul bhi khayal nahi hai, what was the need of getting up, you could have hurt yourself very badly. Why didn’t you just call me, I would have come. Aap meri baat sunte kyun nahi ho. Doctor said complete rest, if you strain yourself like this, you will get more injured…



Geet was going on blabbering. Maan kept a finger on her lips.


Maan: Chup, bilkul chup. Nothing has happened to me. See I am absolutely alright Geet. Please calm down. I was just reaching for the stick.


Geet (feeling guilty): I am so sorry, I didn’t realize I kept it far …


Maan hugged her caressing her back slowly trying to calm her.


Maan: Shhh. It’s not your fault princess, just calm down don’t worry I am perfectly fine…


Under his magical touch Geet soon calmed down and they broke the hug naturally.


Geet: Acha, why were you getting up, tell me I will get it.


Maan (sheepishly, he knew she would blast him) woh… woh…


Geet: Woh… kya?


Maan (almost whispering): I was going to get my lappie.


Geet (as expected furious) Bilkul bhi nahi Mr Khurana. It is the time for food and your medicine. (threatening) Samje aap.


Maan quietly nodded his head not wanting to irk his Sherni. Geet got the soup from the trolley, it was spinach soup and Maan made a face.


Maan: Geet, I don’t want this frog soup.


Geet (whacking him): This is not a frog soup, it is spinach soup and doctor has specially told you to have it. So now no nautanki, just drink it.



Geet brought the spoon near his mouth but he shut his lips tightly shaking his head like a little boy who just wouldn’t budge.


Geet: Arey, Maan don’t behave like a kid open your mouth otherwise the soup will fall.


But he just wouldn’t open. Geet kept the bowl down and then did something so unexpected that even shocked Maan.




She squeezed his cheeks which caused him to open his mouth surprised and stuffed the spoonful of soup in this mouth. He was like “augh“.


Geet (naughtiness in her eyes): Acha tell me is it that bad? (But before Maan could reply, she purposefully added) I made it especially for you. Tell me na how was it.


Poor Maan gulped hard, now he couldn’t say anything against the soup’s flavor even if he wanted to, after all his princess had made something for him for the first time.


Maan: It’s good.


Geet gave a wicked smile knowing her trick had worked and fed him the whole soup.



Slowly Maan was so lost in her eyes that he no longer minded the flavor, after all his princess was feeding him. He would have even had poison from her hands smilingly, this was toh only spinach soup. Hayeee…. He soon floated into his dream land gazing into her eyes…. Maaahiii


Precap: Maaneet moments.

              Pandit visits the house.


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