Milan Part 23

Chapter 23


Maan: I am only yours my dear would be wifey.

Geet (almost crushing him): And I am only yours my dear would be hubby.


They came of the hug naturally after some time. Geet resumed his sponge bath very gently this time. She very carefully scrubbed his face, then his arms and finally his chest.

His wounds were healing but still as she slowly caressed them while cleansing him her eyes welled up. “How could he love her so dearly to suffer so much just to save her“.


Maan (who knew her every breathe, sensed her thoughts): Don’t worry sweetheart, I am just fine. (He winked at her as he continued). But I will be much better if you kissed me, love.


Geet blushed at his naughtiness ad shied away. But it wasn’t in her power to ever deny him. She would lay herself before him, if he would as much as just ask. She lightly pecked him, the feel of her rose like lips was sufficient to send him flying to the heaves. Geet blushed more seeing his reactions ad her cheeks went red.


Maan (caressing her flushed cheeks, with bedroom eyes and a deep hoarse voice): Have I ever told you how delicious you look in that blush of yours.


She felt butterflies in her stomach, not able to meet his intense gaze, she hid her face in her palms and ran to the centre of the room, trying to calm he raised breathing. Maan chuckled seeing his effect on her.


Suddenly they heard the door cheek and someone peep in.


Geed: Babaji, please iss Chudail ko aaj mein nahi chorunge (Oh God, seriously I will kill this Pari today).


Maan was also stunned by Pari’s behavior. Ya true, all the ladies in his office were also after him, but this Pari, she was the limit. She still had the guts to come there even after Geet’s deadly glares and warnings. But the more immediate problem was how to stop his possessive Sherni now from murdering her.


Maan: Princess, don’t spoil your mood, leave her love.


Geet was fishing something from the bag, Maan wondered if she had actually got some knife or other weapon delivered. She took out a purple colored T-shirt from the bag and stretched her arm to hand it over to Maan. Maan was like “augh” he just hated that color.


Maan (started): Par Geet…

(He swallowed his words getting a death stare from his Sherni)


Geet: I asked Ma to send a pair of new clothes, since you didn’t get any to Hoshiyarpur.


Maan(seeing her soften, he managed to whisper): But I don’t  like this color.


Geet (very sweetly): You don’t have any choice darling. (then she threatened, pointing a finger at him) Just wear it.


Maan gulped hard and quietly wore the shirt muttering “Us Pari ki toh main…, kare koi, bare koi“. He made a cute annoyed face not liking the shirt one bit.


Oh… he looked so adorable when he was annoyed that Geet pulled his cheeks. He turned his face away making a pout.


Hayee he looked so cute. She kissed his cheek that was towards her.

He turned his face and touched his other cheek, indicating her to kiss him there too. She very sweetly obliged.


Geet: So my cutie baby is happy now.


Maan: Geet I am not cute


Geet (pulling his cheeks): But I love you my cute Shona.


Maan putting his arms around her neck and pulling her towards him.


Maan (naughty eyes and seducing voice): Acha ji, so you love me.


Geet blushed.


Maan: Batao na, so you love me


Geet nodded slightly.


Maan (kissed her cute nose): I love you too my Sweeto.


Rano (entering the room): Ahem… Ahem…


Both left each other feeling embarrassed on being caught. Geet moved away from the bed.


Geet (started to explain): Ma… woh…


Rano just raised her hand to stop her and smiled at them. They breathe a sigh of relief seeing her smile. Rano went near Maan and sat beside him.


Rano: I don’t know how to thank you. Whatever I may say is so small compared to what you did for my daughter. I must have done some really good deeds in my past life that you were there to protect her. You didnot even once think about yourself just endured so much to save her. Sister gave me your clothes, they were dripping blood, I don’t know how you could bear so much torture and yet run carrying her in your arms to save her. I am indebted to you, there are no words to express my gratitude to you.


Rano folded her hands to thank him. Maan immediately held her hands.


Maan: Aap ye kya kar rahi hai, aap mujse badi hai. You should raise your hands to bless me, not fold them in front of me.


Rano: Thank you so much beta. (she paused) Can I call you beta?

Maan (eyes filled up): Ji ma, Kya main…


Rano nodded, she could not thank God enough to have sent her a son like groom for her daughter. Geet’s eyes also became teary seeing Maan, she knew how difficult, yet important this was for him.


Geet: Chalo, chalo I will lay the food.


She laid the food. Maan was facing great difficulty in eating.


Rano: Beta, if you don’t mind, can I feed you.


It was like a dream come true for Maan, he had always desired Mother’s affection but had always been deprived of it. He choked with emotions and just managed to nod his head. Rano very lovingly feed him.


Maan: Ma, can I keep my head in your lap and sleep.


Rano smiled, he very gently laid his head in her lap. Rano soothed his hair very caringly and he soon fell asleep. Today Maan’s family was complete, he had finally got Mother’s love which he had longed for all his life. Geet was so happy that finally he would be healed and will be able to come out of the dark memories of his past. She also laid her head in Rano’s lap and slept away peacefully.


Precap: Maan’s discharge


I have re-thought the twist, it will start from next part 😉 (Marriage proposal for Geet, oops)


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