Milan Part 22

Chapter 22


Feeling each other’s warmth, they slowly shifted into a deep, peaceful, sweet sleep lost in the dreams of their paradise.


Maan woke up early to witness the light rays of the early morning sun penetrating the window and shining on his princess’s angelic face, giving it that magnetic glow. He was lost in admiring her majestic beauty, drinking it from his mesmerized eyes. Oh… she looked so heavenly that he just wanted to stop time there and be in her arms till eternity. He thanked his stars for sending Geet in his life who not only loved him truly but also healed his deepest of scars and agonizing memories by her delicate touch. He felt so light as if a heavy burden had left his chest. His angel had not only accepted his past but also freed him from its pain and anguish. He felt alive again. He wanted to live again. He vowed to cherish her love and keep her happy under all circumstances.


He very gently caressed her cheeks and blew air on her face so that he could look into her captivating eyes. He wished to see his reflection in those mesmerizing eyes and be lost in their beauty. She slowly opened her eyes and a deep blush emerged on her cheeks as she became aware of her surroundings. She had fit so completely in him and her hands were wrapped around him while being encircled in his arms. She felt very conscious and embarrassed to be so comfortably sleeping on his bare chest that she enclosed her face in her palms. Maan very delicately held her hands and removed them to look at her flushed face, oh… she looked so adorable with the red cheeks that he felt like teasing her.


Maan: Hmmm, so my passionate kisser feels shy.


Geet whacked him slightly on his chest.


Maan (fakes hurt): Ouch!!!


Geet (feeling guilty to hitting him, softly caress his chest where she hit him): Bahut dard ho raha hai?? (sad baby face) Sorry. (when see’s him smirk slightly to himself, she whacks him harder this time): Aap bilkul monster ho.


Maan (she tries to turn her face away, he gently held her face and brings her towards his): Par sirf tumhara Monster.


Saying this Maan hugs her and she also enwraps herself around him, hugging him back with same intensity.


Geet: Maan…

Maan: Hmmm

Geet: I wish that this moment halts and we stay like this for eternity.

Maan (but he was in full fun mood): You sure??

Geet: Hmmm

Maan: In the hospital, like this, don’t you wanna go home.



Geet was like :O and smacks his hands engulfing her. She sits up with her back facing him making a pout. He slowly sits up with great difficulty but still was in mood to tease her.


Maan: Yeah, how could I forget your favorite nurse, what is her name, yeah Pari, she is also here…


Geet (she was like :O and her eyes red shot in anger): Haan, aap ko toh Pari hi yaad hai na, mein toh kuch bhi nahi, chadoo…


She tries to get up but he holds her shoulder. She removes his hand and tries to get up again, but he wraps his hands around her waist and pulls her towards him but gently. She slaps his hands saying


Geet: Choro, muje aap se koyi baat nahi karani hai, choro mujhe


Though she was also enjoying his proximity, she showed fake anger and wriggled trying to free herself from his grip, but he pulls her closer.


Geet (she turns towards him and makes an angry warning face): Choriye, nahi toh…


Maan (in his husky voice with bedroom eyes): Nahi toh kya Geet…


Geet (almost melts forgetting what she wanted to say, engrossed in his deep voice filled with so much love, an hardly audible whisper came out of her mouth): Nahi toh…


Maan: Nahi toh kya… my passionate kisser will molest me… (oops, as soon as he said that he realized now he is gone… and as he expected, it infuriated Geet further)


Geet (she jerked his hands): Acha here I am angry and you are making fun of me


Maan (holding her hands around her waist and softly caressing them) Sorry sweetheart…


Hayee… Sweetheart… it did the trick and she smiled at him. Their eyes met and both were lost in their depth, as if living their dreams in the gaze . Maaahiii.

The knock on the door brought them out of their reverie. Geet opened the door to find the doctor who had come for regular checkup of Maan followed by Pari.


Doctor: So how are you feeling, Mr. Khurana?

Maan: Very Good.

Doctor: Pari, pass me the BP machine.


When no response came from Pari, all three looked at her to find that she was staring at Maan with her mouth open due to shock. They followed her gaze to realize she was staring at the lipstick marks on Maan’s chest.


Geet had a victory smile on her face, seeing Pari’s state, oh… how much she loved showing Pari her place… that she, Geet was would be Mrs. Khurana… haiyee. Maan chuckled at Geet’s reaction.


Doctor: Ahem… Pari…

Pari (coming back to reality): Yes… yes doctor.

Doctor: Give me the BP machine.


Pari handed him the instrument. After checking-up Maan doctor said


Doctor: Looks like someone is really taking good care of you Mr. Khurana (Geet blushed a deep shade of red hearing this while Maan beamed), I think we will be able to discharge you soon.


Doctor left along with a highly agitated Pari.


Maan: Arey Geet.

Geet: Haan Maan.

Maan: Tumhare face par ye kya hai.

Geet (rubbing her face) Kahan Maan.

Maan: Come here (she went to his bed, he made her sit near him), He very softly touched her cheeks.

Geet: What is it Maan?


Maan (pulled her closed and kissed her cheek): You look so beautiful when you blush, Sweeto (he softly nibbled her cheek, making her blush more, if it was even possible hehehe LOL and encircled his arms lovingly around her neck)


Their moment together was interrupted by Geet’s ringing mobile. It was drivers phone saying that he had got their stuff and the hospital authorities was not letting him enter as he didn’t have a pass, so if Geet could collect it from the car.


Geet: Maan, I will just get the stuff.

Maan: Par Geet, please be careful, don’t carry anything heavy.

Geet: Don’t worry.


Here Pari was hovering outside waiting for her chance to catch Maan alone. As soon as Geet left, Pari entered with the sponge bath.


Pari: Mr. Dreamy, I mean Mr. Khurana, it is time for your sponge bath.

Maan: Could you come after some time, I don’t want it now.

Pari: But that’s not possible, I need to finish my duties by the designated time.


Maan was feeling extremely uncomfortable that Geet would surely kill him, knowing his possessive Sherni, but what could he do or say. He was in a hospital and she was a nurse… but Geet…Pari was lost in checking him out with the sponge in her hand and poor Maan shuffled uncomfortably. Here Geet was back with the stuff. She was stunned when she opened the door to see Pari sitting so close to Maan drooling over him.


Geet (roared): What the hell do you think you are doing Miss Pari.


Pari (got frightened, the sponge dropped from her hand and she stood up): Woh mein,… woh…


Geet (still screaming): What, cat caught your tongue, move from there, right now.


Pari (moved back shivering in fear, in a broken voice): I was… just doing …my duty… sponge bath.


Geet: You leave I can mange.


Pari (started her protest): But… (Her words got stuck in her mouth when she got one glare from Geet and she literally ran from there)


Geet turned towards Maan who was like “Babaji, please save me“. He tried to speak when he got a glare from her conveying “Don’t even open your mouth“. He gulped hard as she very dangerously approached him. She took the sponge and started scrubbing him roughly. He made a baby complaining face “aah…” (she was a little too harsh and his wounds were hurting)


Geet: Haan, mera touch toh hard hi lagega na, soft toh wo Pari hai na, chaado.


Her eyes were red in jealousy and a layer of tears formed in her eyes, she got up from the bed before Maan could hold her and stood away from the bed with her back facing him, not wanting to show him,  her vulnerability, her tears. Maan tried to get up from the bed behind her in a hurry, but almost tripped owing to his leg wounds. Geet heard a noise and turned back to see him slipping, she held him slightly and gently pushed him to seat him on the bed.


Geet (very worried, tears rolling down her cheeks, softly caressing his wounds in pain): Aap yeh kya kar rahe the, yadi aap gir jate toh. Aap apna khayal kyun nahi rakhte.


Maan (cupping her face and wiping her tears): Princess, please don’t cry. I promise, I tried to shoo her away.


Geet: I know she is a Chudal, sorry I scrubbed you hard na. Is it hurting?


Maan made a baby face nodding his head. Geet kissed his hand wounds.


Geet: Abhi… better?


Maan touched his forehead wound, indicating her to kiss there. She kissed him very lovingly, next he pointed to his cheek, and she obliged. All his pains vanished under her soothing touch. He then touched his lips and she pecked him before realizing his naughtiness and hid her face in his chest hugging him. He hugged her back with same zeal.


Maan: I am only yours my dear would be wifey.

Geet (almost crushing him): And I am only yours my dear would be hubby.




After listening to all your requests and threats I am re-thinking the twist. Hmmm, so let’s see Wink


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