Milan Part 21

Chapter 21


Maan (he felt so guilty that he couldn’t even hug back): I am so sorry, princess.

Geet (Hugging him harder, almost crushing him): Please Maan, it is not your fault. (She softly caressed his back. He felt a little at ease and hugged her back)


After some time Geet broke the hug and cupped Maan’s face wiping his tears.


Geet: Please Maan, aap aise mat rohiya, aap ki koi galti nahi hai. Beeji ko aisa nahi kehena chahiye tha.

Maan: Nahi, dekho na meri ateet ki wajah se ye kya to gaya.


He softly caressed her feet. Geet placed her hands on top of his and held them tightly, as if soaking his pain, diluting his guilt.


Maan (not able to meet her eyes, afraid of what he might see in her eyes after knowing his past): Geet, do you also think I will leave you like… (his grip on her feet tightened causing pain to Geet)

Geet (trying to not let him know that his grip was causing her pain): Look into my eyes, Maan (when he didn’t, she passionately increased her grip on his hands, and continued in a husky voice) Maan, tell me what do you see in my eyes.


Maan looked up to be mesmerized in those captivating eyes which were emoting pure love for him. He was lost in them and it was as if the Earth stood still watching them getting submerged in their gaze. She slowly seized the distance been their trembling lips and sealed them with an enthralling kiss. Geet took the lead demanding all his guilt, all his pain and he obliged, they both felt at peace, lost in paradise, wanting this moment to never end, to be in each other’s arms till eternity. The moon glowed more today as if blessing their endless love and care for each other. They came out of the kiss panting. Maan was feeling lighter and he felt like sharing his deepest scars and memories with the person who had the power to heal them with her mere touch, Geet was like an angel sent by God to soothe him, to complete him.


Maan: Geet, I have never told this to anyone but today I want to share my past with you, will you please listen to it. Whatever you decide after knowing about my family history I will accept without any complain.


Geet slowly turned herself and guided Maan gently, taking care not to hurt his wounds, placing his head softly in her lap, holding his hand and caressing his head scalp tenderly with the other.



Geet: I will always love you Maan no matter what your past holds, but I will listen to you so that you can open up your heart and be free of whatever dark secrets you have been hiding in your heart which have been torturing your soul so much.


Maan: Geet, My dad used to love me a lot but my mom was only interested in his money, even though they had a love marriage, it was love for my dad while money for mom. Dad was a very rich man so mom was happy. I was hardly 15 when one day the stock market crashed, he lost a lot of money and unable to bear the shock he got a severe heart attack. He survived the attack with great difficulty but became paralytic, he couldn’t even move. (silent tears made way from his eyes remembering his father’s condition) Mom was very angry since a lot of the remaining money was spent on his treatment. She used to scream at him that because of him we lost everything … As a month passed by her frustration kept increasing and she started to take it out by beating me furiously.


Maan paused as he did not know how to continue, Geet slowly bent down and kissed his tears away coaxing him with her eyes to continue, to let go of his pain, to open up completely with her. Her eyes were demanding his suffering, giving him strength.


Maan (continued): Geet, the outside world does know about all this but there is something that no one knows except me. (he paused and looked at her as if seeking support to continue, the unconditional love in her eyes gave him the power to go on) She started having an affair with a guy half her age and used to bring it over to our home. She would tie me up to the pillar and (he choked with emotions, continuing with immense difficulty) and have S** with him in front of me. (Maan’s hold on Geet’s hand tightened and he closed his eyes in pain recalling those terrible memories) If I closed my eyes, she would keep whipping me, forcing me to see it, this was her way of torturing dad as I was the apple of his eyes. (His voice was faintly audible as if shame of her act had overpowered his speech) She would laugh at my father and taunt him that he should feel bless that she just did it in front of me and not with me.


Geet’s eyes filled up with the pain Maan had to undergo and that too at the hands of his own mother. She slowly massaged his head so as to soothe him, to comfort him, to free him of the sufferings.


Maan (somehow continued): Dad was completely shattered, he was just dragging his life in the hope that maybe somehow he could save me. Then one day she found a rich business man and left with him. People think that her leaving us was the cause of his death, but the fact is he had died much before, he was just dragging on for me. That day before she left, I don’t know how but he managed to make her promise that as her revenge was over she would spare me, I think she agreed since the business man was settled abroad.


Maan (fresh tears left his eyes remembering his father’s death): He spoke to me before his death that even though my mom was not good, I should never lose hope. He promised me that God will send an angel in my life who would heal me, treasure my love and love me back with same intensity.  I had lost all faith in love, in marriage and could never believe that it was possible to be healed till the day I met you. (closing his eyes, recalling her first look, oh how angelic she looked) When I first looked at you, I was sure you were the angel God had sent for me.


Maan paused for a while, Geet was so overwhelmed with emotions that she couldn’t speak, he mistook her silence. He thought maybe she doubted him, that he would be like his mother.


Maan (he slowly started shifting from her lap, shutting his eyes tighter not knowing how he would be able to bear his angel’s dislike, his voice broke as he continued) If you think I… I… can be as cheap and as disgusting as my Mom…


Geet couldn’t bear his doubting himself and sealed his mouth with hers not letting him continue. There was so much passion in her kiss that words were no longer needed, her desperation to ease him of his sufferings spoke it all. And soon he was lost in her passion returning it with equal fervor. After sometime, Maan came back to his senses realizing what an awkward position it was for Geet (she had to bend down) which would cause pain in her neck wound and he broke the kiss.



Geet felt shy at how bold she had become and went all red in embarrassment, hiding her face in her palms. Here Maan was feeling as if a heavy burden had lifted off his chest and he felt so contended to have his angel, his princess near him.


Maan very gently turned in her lap so that he was facing her tummy. He snuggled in closer, lifting her shirt ever so slightly with his nose. He nuzzled closer touching her bare belly with his nose, sending shivers down her spine. His breathe was tickling her senses. He very gently grazed his hands around her waist, touching her slightly bare waist with his long and delicate fingers ever so gingerly. She felt goose bumps wherever he touched and relaxed herself by placing her head on the head board. He next placed deep, wet kisses very lovingly on her tummy transporting her in the heaven of pleasure. She was lost in his passion and moaned his name with equal zeal, causing strain in her neck.


Their souls were so deeply connected that even her slight discomfort tortured his heart and immediately stopped. Their love was so intense that even before she could feel her pain he had felt it. She opened her eyes missing his warmth and looked at him as if complaining why he stopped. He chuckled at her reaction and slowly got out of her lap and sat facing her.


Maan: It is getting very late princess, you should rest now.


Geet made a baby face not wanting to go away from him, but she didn’t know that Maan had other plans (wink). He made himself comfortable on the bed and gently turned her around embracing her in his arms. He softly moved her down placing her head over his heart, cocooning her protectively. She wrapped her arms around him, placing her ear over his heart which beats only for her, hearing his heart beat which spoke only her name.



Feeling each other’s warmth, they slowly shifted into a deep, peaceful, sweet sleep lost in the dreams of their paradise.


Precap: Pari comes for sponge bath, hehehehehehe


I am planning a twist in a couple of episodes do let me know your views about it


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