Milan Part 20

Chapter 20


Geet (shocked at her, murmured): Babaji, just one murder, I want to kill this chipku.


Pari left from there. Geet marched in anger behind her and closed the door. She wanted to lock it but then it was a hospital how could she (hehe LOL). Maan was loving his jealous Geet, Oh… she looked so adorable, so cute. Maan hid his smile when Geet turned towards him, knowing it would irk her.


Geet came and sat near his right arm, softly caressing the injection mark. She then let her hand wander to his arm muscles and his chest as if removing Pari’s filthy touch. She soon replaced her hand with her lips as if claiming him, marking him as hers and placed soft feathery kisses on his arm and chest sending shivers down Maan’s body. He closed his eyes in pleasure. Her lips left like delicate rose petals caressing his body and he moaned her name. Geet came out of her trance hearing him moan and felt shy of what she was doing.


Geet looked at his passion filled eyes and felt embarrassed and covered her face with her palms not able to meet his intense gaze. He held her hand and pulled her towards his chest gently, taking care to not hurt her wound. She fell gently on his chest and looked at him questioningly. But as soon as her eyes met his, she got all her answers. There was so much love and care in them that she simply melted in them moving her face very close to his as his eyes were demanding. She paused feeling shy and lowered her eyes. He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer so that their lips grazed. The mere contact of their lips was enough to send both into their world of fantasy. It felt as if their souls connected. He slowly deepened the kiss taking them to the brink of pleasure. He was very gentle since it could hurt her neck otherwise. For him her safety was above all his desires. After a long time they finally parted breathless.


Maan (calming her jealous anxiety): Mein tumhara hoon would be Mrs. Khurana, sirf tumhara. (I am ours would be Mrs. Khurana, only ours)


Geet blushed hearing “Mrs. Khurana” and placed her head on his shoulder and shifted in his grip around her waist wrapping her hands around his neck and chest. Slowly they regained their breath and felt contend and peaceful embracing each other. They had been through so much that day, they had almost lost each other, that they needed to feel each other to make sure the danger was over. Their heart beats were the only noise penetrating the silence of the room. Both were lost in the rhythmic beats melting into each other’s arms.


The doctor came on the usual round. A smile appeared on his face seeing them while Pari became red with anger… her Mr. dreamy.


Doctor (clearing his throat): Ahem, Ahem


Geet got up from his bed red in embarrassment.


Doctor: Shall I proceed with the check-up, Mr. Khurana.

Maan: Sure doctor.

Doctor (After check-up): Your health is much better, Mr. Khurana, looks like some is taking good care of you.


Geet blushed hearing the doctor, Maan just kept admiring her as her cheeks slowly became bright red.


Doctor: Pari, give Mr. Khurana his medicines for the night. See you in the morning Mr. Khurana.

Maan: Hmm

Pari (very angry but couldn’t do anything, hehe ROFL, our Geet had the last laugh): Yes, doctor.


The doctor left. Pari moved towards Maan but Geet blocked her way extending her hand.


Geet: Give me the medicines, I will give him.


Pari placed the medicines in her hand in anger and stormed out of the room. Geet and Maan burst out laughing.


Maan: Bechari Pari, tum ne toh


But his words died in his mouth seeing Geet. She was dangerously angry. (God, save Maan now, hehehe LOL)


Geet (waking his chest): Bechari Pari. Aap ko woh bechari lagati hai.

Maan: Nahi, mein woh, mein

Geet: Something caught your tongue, hai Mr Khurana.


Geet smiled, she was also playing along. Maan gave her his sweat lop-sided smile and both shared an eye-lock (Maaahhhiii). They both came back to reality naturally.


Geet: Let me locked the door so that we can sleep peacefully.


Geet went and locked the door. As she was returning back, she got perplexed as to whether she should move to her bed though her heart wanted to be in Maan’s arms. In her confusion she stepped on something hard causing pain in her feet wound.


Geet (in pain): Ouch

Maan (his voice full of fear and concern, he couldn’t rush to her as he can’t move owing to his injuries): What happened, Geet? Come here.


Geet: Nothing, I didn’t see.

Maan: Tumhara dhyan kaha hai.


Geet (since Maan’s bed was nearer and her foot was hurting, moving to his bed): mein woh, mein

Maan (looked down and saw Geet wasn’t wearing shoes): Why aren’t you wearing your shoes and why are your feet bandaged.


Geet (Sitting near him, not able to meet his eyes as she was lying): Woh, nothing. Aap bhi na. It was such a small distance why do I need shoes?

Maan (holding her hand): Geet, look at me. (when she didn’t). Please Geet look at me. I know you are lying. Don’t you trust me enough to share it with me?


Geet (looking in his eyes): How can you even think I don’t trust you Maan. I trust you more than myself.

Maan (with pain in his voice): Then tell me what happened, please.


Geet: Rajji told me that you left the house in anger because of Beeji and I ran behind you calling you, trying to reach you. While running my sandal broke …

Maan (interrupted her, closing his eyes in pain, feeling the pain she must have gone through) and you still kept running hurting yourself. I am so so sorry Geet.

Geet (placing her hand on his mouth): Don’t say sorry, it’s not your fault, it was Beeji’s.


Maan kissed her hand (which was on this mouth) and gently cuddled her in his embrace. She felt at peace in his embrace and slowly drifted to sleep. While Maan was dying in guilt, his past had caused pain to his love, his life. His eyes became moist. He slowly moved out of her embrace, making sure to not wake her up. She made a cute baby face as if she knew he moved out.


He placed the first aid box on the bed and slowly got down from his bed and with great difficulty and support of the bed, dragged his legs painfully and come to the other side. He sat near her feet, lifted her feet delicately and placed them on his lap. Her wounds had become wet. He very carefully removed her bandage and cleaned her wounds, making sure to not wake her up. He bent down slowly as it was very painful for him and placed gentle kisses on her wounds, trying to heal them with his touch. A smile touched Geet’s lips as if she could feel him kiss in her sleep. He delicately bandaged her feet with a very heavy heart. His heart was aching seeing his princess hurt and silent tears escaped his eyes.


Geet felt something wet on her feet and woke up. She was surprised to see him sitting embracing her feet. She was stunned as another tear wetted her feet.


Geet: Maan, aap yeh kya kar rahe hai? (he was escaping her looks feeling guilty) Look at me Maan, please.


He met her gaze. She was shocked to see guilt in his eyes. She just hugged him.


Maan (he felt so guilty that he couldn’t even hug back): I am so sorry, princess.

Geet (Hugging him harder, almost crushing him): Please Maan, it is not your fault. (She softly caressed his back. He felt a little at ease and hugged her back)


Precap: Maaneet moments continued – Maan shares his past with her


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