Milan Part 19

Chapter 19


Beeji tried to interrupt but Papaji calmed her and sent her home to take care of Teji and asked her to send Rano over. Papaji had to go to follow up on the police case so he left leaving Rano behind


Two hours had passed and Maan was now much better and had gained consciousness. They were ready to move him to a room, on Geet’s insistence they moved Maan in her room only. Geet had persuaded them saying that since they were ready to discharge her, she is staying as an attendant and not patient. They agreed to that, but since only one attendant was allowed, Rano would have to leave in the evening. Geet somehow managed to persuade Rano, since she was feeling much better.


As they brought Maan in the room


Geet: How are you feeling now, Maan?

Maan: Much better. But you lie down why are you sitting, you need to take rest.

Geet: But I am feeling better.

Maan: If you don’t lie down this instance I will get myself shifted to another room.

Geet: Ok, baba (and she lied down)


They both slept peacefully till evening knowing that the other was safe, secure and near them. The nurse woke them up for the evening snacks and medicines. It was time for Rano to leave for home.


Rano: Beta ek durse ka khayal rakhana.

Maan and Geet: Ji.


Geet came and sat near Maan. Maan had a bandaged forehead, he was bare-chested with bandages on his waist for the stab marks. Some machines were attached to his chest. His left arm was bandaged. Even his legs were all bandaged though they were covered in his trousers. Apart from this he had minor wounds all over his body.


Geet (touching his forehead bandage, with tears in her eyes and a very heavy voice): Maan, bahut dard ho raha hai na.

Maan (he gave her his lop-sided smile though pain was evident in his eyes): Nahi princess, I am absolutely fine.

Geet (Held his hand and touched her cheek with it): All this is because of me. You bore all the pain silently for me. (tears started rolling down her eyes onto his hand) I am so lucky to have you in my life but I am only the cause of pain in yours.

Maan (placing his other hand on her mouth): Chup, bilkul chup. Never say such things again. You are my life, princess, there is nothing more precious in this world other than you. I am the luckiest person in this entire universe to be blessed by your love.


They both were lost in their love looking into each other’s eyes (Maaahiii). Nurse came in to check on Maan breaking their eye contact. (Imagine Pari of GHSP as the nurse, fully flat on MSK). Pari walked in full model style towards Maan trying her best to impress him. She gave him his medicines deliberately touching his hands. Next Pari had to remove the electrodes from Maan’s chest. She deliberately kept on touching him on the pretext of removing them.


Geet’s mouth fell open when she saw her touch him again deliberately. Geet was burning red of anger and jealously. Pari then left saying she will be back soon. Maan looked at Geet, oh… she looked so adorable with red cheeks and he thought of teasing her.


Maan: Geet, the nurse is so nice and helpful.

Geet (more jealous): Haan, aap ko toh chote chote kapare wali larkiya pasand hai, hai na. (murmuring) Phele Sasha, ab Pari, par mera naam bhi Geet hai, Geet. (Maan chuckled seeing her pout so cutely.)(to him) Jaao, I won’t talk to you, you talk to Pari only and started to leave to her bed.


Maan held her hand, but she jerked it with full force causing his left arms wound to bleed at the sudden moment.

Maan: Ouch.

Geet (immediately turned and her eyes became wet seeing his bandage get bloody): I am so sorry Maan.

Maan: It ok princess, God punished me for troubling my jaan.

Geet (Placing her hand on his mouth): I will fight with him, if he ever punishes you. You have every right on me, every.

Saying so she wrapped her hands around his chest placing her head near his heart feeling his heart beat which beats only for her and gently kissed it. He let his hand stroke her head softly. They remained like that for what felt like eternity feeling each other, hearing their heart beats. They felt at peace and contented melting into each other
Pari again interrupted them when she returned with an injection.
Pari: Remove your trousers Mr. dreamy, I mean Mr. Khurana.

Geet (shocked): What!!!!!

Pari: I mean I have to give him this intra muscular injection in his hip and hence he needs to remove his trousers.


Geet blocked her way. She looked at her, as if she would eat her alive then and there itself.


Pari: Move, I need to see him, I mean give him this injection.

Geet: Why can’t the doctor give it.

Pari: Because it is my job. Now move. (Giving Geet the victorious look)


Geet didn’t want to move but then it was Maan’s health at stake what could she do. Pari went towards Maan, Geet felt like strangling her because, though Pari was giving injection, her attitude was sick, she just wanted to touch him.


Maan (knowing Geet’s discomfort): Miss Pari, please give it in my right arm.

Pari: But sir, it needs strong muscles.

Maan: I think my arm muscles are strong enough to handle the injection.


Pari’s face fell on hearing this, while Geet beamed with happiness. Pari gave the injection in his arm, though it was more painful in hand but then Maan could do anything for Geet and this was nothing. Pari still deliberately touched his muscles and let her hand graze his chest while withdrawing the injection.


Geet (shocked at her, murmured): Babaji, please just one murder, I want to kill this chipku.


Pari left


Precap: Maaneet moments continued


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