Milan Part 18

Chapter 18


Maan leapt towards Kaalia but Kaalia fired a bullet, it hit Geet and she collapsed. Maan snatched his gun, picked him up and threw him injuring Kaalia and ran towards Geet and held her. All the goons were now lying broken and unconscious.


Geet had been shot at the joint of her neck and shoulder. Maan tried to wake her up but she wasn’t responding. He got very scared. He took her dupatta and tried it around her wound so as to stop the bleeding. Next he removed his torn shirt and tied it around his waist which had been stabbed and tied his handkerchief around his shin which was badly injured so that he wouldn’t collapse of bleeding before he took Geet to hospital.


Maan carried Geet in his arms and started running towards the hospital, any ordinary mortal would have collapsed long ago owing to the amount of injuries he had. He had been running for the past 10 minutes, when his legs almost gave away and he stumbled over a rock. But he somehow managed to stabilize himself, and resumed on his mission to get Geet to hospital.


Finally, after what seemed like ages to Maan, he managed to get Geet to the hospital and rushed inside still carrying her.


Maan (Shouting at top of his voice): Doctor, Where is the doctor.


Nurses and ward boys rushed to him with a stretcher and helped him in placing Geet on it. Doctor also rushed out hearing Maan’s roar. Doctor recognized Geet as Handa’a daughter and agreed to immediately rush her to the operation theater.


When Maan realized that Geet was now safe and was being operated upon, his body finally gave way and he collapsed. Doctors and nurses rushed to attend to him and shifted him immediately to the operation theater.


Here the driver had reached to Handa’s place along with the injured Teji. Papaji and Beeji rushed him inside the house and called upon the family doctor to attend to him. The driver informed them that there was a fight which broke out between Teji and the goons on their fields and the goons had injured him. He also told them that some kind man had helped Teji out and was fighting with the goons while asking him to take Teji home.


After the doctor left giving Teji medicines, Papaji and Beeji along with police rushed to the fields leaving Rano to take care of the injured Teji. They arrived at the fields to witness a lot of bloodshed and more than a dozen of injured goons along with Kaalia and Jaggu lying there all broken. The police immediately took them all under arrest.


Here, in the hospital Geet’s operation was successful since the bullet had just grazed her. (She had collapsed due the bullet and out of fatigue from running so much and shock to see Maan stabbed). The doctors shifted her to the room and informed Papaji. She finally gained consciousness and the nurse rushed to get the doctor.


Doctor: How are you feeling now, Ms Handa?

Geet (realising she is in hospital, definately Maan must have brought her): How is Maan??

Doctor: The person who brought, you?

Geet: Yes, doctor.

Doctor: This operation has just finished, he had lost a lot of blood, but the operation was successful. He is still serious since he is yet to gain consciousness.

Geet: I want to meet him.

Doctor: But you need to rest.

Geet: Doctor, please.

Doctor: Ok, anyways we were going to discharge you in the evening, I will ask the nurse to take you to him in a wheel chair (Doctor agreed since Maan had been murmuring Geet’s name in his sleep and he thought that it might help Maan’s case)


Saying this doctor left and sent the nurse in.


Nurse (while shifting Geet to wheel chair and taking her to him): You know, you are a very lucky lady. He really loves you. He was bleeding so profusely but yet all he was bothered about was you safety. He came running into the hospital carrying you in his arms, not caring that blood was gushing out of his wounds. I don’t know how a person could have run in his condition, all soaked in blood, that too carrying someone.


Though Geet was very proud of her love but all she felt was his pain. She could never ever see him suffer. They reached the ICU, where he was struggling for his life. On seeing him all bandaged up, tears didn’t stop flowing out from Geet’s eyes. She asked the nurse to take her near him. Doing so the nurse left from there. Geet took his hand in hers and brought it towards her mouth and kissed him softly on his hand.


Maan (his subconscious felt her presence and he murmured): Geet, please wake up Geet.

Geet (Caressing his hand): I am fine Maan, please aap jaldi se theek ho jao.


On hearing her voice, Maan slowly opened his eyes


Maan (breathing heavily) H..How a..are … gggeeett.


Geet (put her hand on his mouth requesting him to stop): I am fine, par aap please stress mat leejiye.


She pressed the bell for the nurse. She came rushing in along with the doctor and immediately put the oxygen mask on him and he asked the nurse to take Geet back to her room. Geet reluctantly left for her room.


Here Papaji and Beeji came rushing to the hospital and we very agitated to know that Geet had gone to met Maan despite her condition on a wheel chair. When Geet back came to the room.


Beeji: Geet, what are you doing, you are not well and you went to meet him. Have you gone out of your mind and what kind of hospital is this where patients are not taken care of properly.


Geet: Beeji, he risked his life for my safety. If he was not there, I would not have been alive.


Beeji (softened a little) Ok, but the doctors are ready to discharge you on the condition of bed rest and you are coming with us.


Geet (raising her voice): I am not leaving Maan and going anywhere. I will stay here.


Beeji (to Papaji): See how stubborn she has become, I told you to not let her go to the city. See how disrespectful she has become


Geet (to Papaji): Please


Papaji (thought it would be better to not good to give her stress, even the doctor had advised not to stress her): Ok, you can stay here, but you have to do complete rest.


Beeji tried to interrupt but Papaji calmed her and sent her home to take care of Teji and asked her to send Rano over.


Precap: Maaneet moments


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