Milan Part 17

Chapter 17


Here Rajji had heard what Beeji was saying and after seeing Maan leave the house, she ran and told Geet about it. Geet got worried about Maan, because she knew how much he hated his mother and ran behind him.


Maan was running very fast trying to take out his frustration. Though Geet could see him, since it was a straight road, but neither was she able to reach him nor was her voice able to. She was continuously running behind him, shouting “Maaannn”.


Suddenly she fell as her sandal broke and her foot got twisted. She immediately got up not wanting to lose him from her sight and saw that her strap had come out rendering her sandal unusable. She didn’t even think twice, simply removed them and started running bare foot behind him. Later a torn pricked her foot, but she was least bothered about it, just plucked it out and continued running. Nothing was going to deter her today from her mission to reach and console Maan, even when a glass piece pierced her foot she did not stop. She removed the glass piece and resumed running not bothering that her feet were bleeding now.


Here Maan had been running vigorously for the last half an hour and his body started showing signs of weakness and he stopped momentarily. He didn’t know that he had reached the Handa fields. He saw that some people where beating a man with sticks and then he saw that a person running towards the injured guy with a knife. Maan intervened and fought with the goon making him drop the knife. It was then that Maan realized the guy who was being beaten was Teji. Teji had collapsed to the ground owning to the hitting by the men.


Maan started fighting the men. He took a stick and blocked their attack on him while screaming to the car driver who was shivering in fear taking shield of the car


Maan: Teji ko lekar ghar jao, mein yahan sambhal loonga.

Driver: Ji


The driver managed to pick up the injured Teji and drag him to the car. He placed him on the back seat and started the car while Maan was handling the goons. Maan alone was too much for them and they weren’t able to reach to Teji. The driver rushed the car towards the house. The in-charge of the attack (Kaalia) managed to get out of the fight to a clear area and called his right hand man.


Kaalia – Oye, tum log kahan rahe gaye ho?? Teji toh bhag gaya, but we won’t leave this man. Jaldi Aao.


In 5 minutes two jeeps full of people arrived there. By the time they got down from the jeeps, most of the existing goons were all lying broken on the ground with the exception of the Kaalia. While Maan was fighting the remaining one or two.


Jaggu, the right hand man of Kaalia came towards Kaalia dragging Geet.


Jaggu: Boss, aap ke liya surprise hai. (Pushing Geet towards him). Teji ki behen, she was running on the road and we brought her as a present for you. (Jaggu gave his gun also to Kaalia)


Maan (on seeing Geet, knocked the remaining two and rushed towards Kaalia and Jaggu screaming): Leave her alone.


But before he could reach them, the whole gang leapt on him. Kaalia was pleased to know that he had this guy’s weakness now


Kaalia (laughing and grabbing Geet): Jaggu, Tie her hands to the tree. (turning towards Maan): Oye, tu. If you hit any of my men or as much as touch them, I will shoot her in return (hahahahaha laughing sarcastically).


Maan (immediately stopped fighting, how could he ever let Geet get harmed): If you touch her also I will rip out your hands.


Kaalia (to Maan): Oye, if you speak also I will hurt her. (Maan simply shut up) (to his men) Arey, isse katirdhari karo aache se, kya kar rahe ho.


One goon hit Maan on his mouth with a stick, cutting his lips making them bleed.


Geet (screamed): Unhe Mat maro!!


Kaalia (amused): Arey, wah, kya pyar hai. If you hit one, the other screams. (to Jaagu): Oye, Tie her mouth too. (Jaggu tied Geet’s mouth.) (to his men): Oye, continue beating him.


They pushed Maan to the ground and started kicking him in his stomach. They were hitting him quite badly which would have made any man scream in pain, but how could he. Geet’s eyes were looking at him with love, concern and pain not able to see him like this. He maintained eye contact with her and assured her that he was all right.


Kaalia (to his men): Arey, maza nahin aa raha. Make him scream, I want to beat her (hahahahahaha).


The goons made Maan stand up and started beating on his torso and legs with sticks, one hit on his shin was so hard that blood came out of his mouth as a result of it but he didn’t even flinch. The next they smashed tube-lights on his chest and head, but Maan just borne it silently for his love. While here Geet was dying a thousand deaths seeing him bleeding badly, struggling to break free, she didn’t want to be his weakness, she wanted to help him. In her attempts to free herself, her dupatta slipped and fell to the ground, showing her milky skin to Kaalia.


Kaalia who was already really enjoying himself seeing Maan beaten, thought about increasing his pleasure.


Kaalia (moving towards Geet while talking to Maan): Arey, I am so stupid, I was thinking of beating such a beautiful thing. She is too delicate to be beaten, rather how about if I taste her (hahahaha and he touched her face and neck)


Maan (screamed): Remove your filthy hands from her.


Maan he tried to move towards Geet. The goons tried to stop him but he punched and kicked them out of his way. When he reached Geet, Jaagu stabbed Maan in his stomach. Maan kicked Jaagu very hard rendering his incapable of anything. Maan leapt towards Kaalia but Kaalia fired a bullet, it hit Geet and she collapsed. Maan snatched his gun, picked him up and threw him injuring Kaalia and ran towards Geet and held her.


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