Milan Part 16

Chapter 16


They sat in his car and started for Hoshiyarpur. Geet was silently crying, and Maan didn’t know what to say or do to comfort her except for driving as fast as he could. It was an 8 hour drive and they started at around 6. Maan had been continuously driving for 4 hours now, he realized that Geet hadn’t had anything since evening and it was post her dinner time. He didn’t know how to make her eat dinner, because he was sure if he asked her she would just refuse.


Then an idea stuck him when he saw a dhaba in the vicinity. He parked the car at the dhaba, she was surprised that they stopped but then she thought that probably he was tried since he had hardly slept the previous night, had been working non-stop and driving for the past few hours, so she kept quiet, not wanting to make him feel guilty by showing her restlessness to reach home. Maan knew that she was feeling restless, but he wanted her to eat something (funny he didn’t even realize he hadn’t had anything since breakfast, since as usual he had skipped lunch. I only thing that ever mattered to him was to see Geet happy). They both always knew how the other was feeling in spite of all the effort the other did to hide it. (lol)


Maan: Chalo Geet, I am feeling very hungry

Geet: Hmm


They both got out of the car and went to the dhaba. This was the first time Maan was coming to a dhaba, he was taken by surprise to see food being laid in open on jute khats. He tried to not look surprise else Geet would sense his discomfort. They got seated and Chotu came to take the order.


Chotu: Aap kya leinge?

Maan: menu card toh do.

Chotu: Kya?

Geet (she realized he had never been to a dhaba, and wouldn’t even be able to eat here but stopped so that she would eat. She smiled a little seeing his love and care): Chole, dal makhani, butter chiken aur 4 butter naan.

Maan (was happy to see her smile finally)


Soon the dinner arrived. Maan just looked at it, not wanting to eat it. But then what to do, how to make her eat.


Geet: You were so hungry, then why aren’t you eating?

Maan: I am eating, you also start na.

Geet: But I wasn’t hungry, you were.

Maan: Arey, how will I eat alone, yaar. Please give me company, my dear princess.

Geet (smiled hearing princess): I know you have never been to a dhaba and that is why you aren’t able to eat.

Maan: Nahi…

Geet (she cut him): You don’t know how to lie. You just stopped so that I eat and you know how much I love dhaba food.

Maan (just gave his lop-sided smile)

Geet: Par, I will only eat if you also eat.


She made a bite and brought it near his mouth. He took the bite and did the same. They shared an eye-lock (Maaahhhiii) while feeding each other lovingly. Both felt peace being so close to each other and were lost in the moment. Finally when the food finished, they came back to reality.


Maan: Chale

Geet: Maan…

Maan: Hmm

Geet: You must be tried, you hardly slept yesterday and having been working since morning and also driving for the past so many hours. Please rest for some time.

Maan (cupping her face): Don’t worry, princess. I am absolutely fine. Come on chalo.


They left from there. After some time Geet slept off. It was around 2am that they reached Hoshiyarpur. Maan didn’t know where her house was so he decided to wake her up. He turned towards her to see her sleeping so very peacefully, she looked so majestic that he automatically started bending towards her lost in her beauty. After some time when he came back to reality, he whispered in her ears


Maan: Princess, time to wake up (and placed a sweet kiss on her cheek)

Geet (woke up blushing): Hmm.

Maan: Tell me the way, Sweeto.


She told the way and they reached her home. His father opened the door. (In the house Daarji, Geet’s mom, dad and small sister Rajji used to live along with Beeji and Teji veerji.) Geet hugged him and started crying


Geet: Papaji… how is Daarji??

Papaji: Geet puthar roh mat, he is out of danger.


Geet smiled between her tears and looked at Maan as if to assure him that she was fine. Maan blinked his eyes to comfort her.


Papaji (to Maan):Putharji app kaun ho

Geet: He is my friend and he only drove me till here.

Papaji: Thank you putharji, Geet ko lane ke liye. Come inside you must be tried.


Papaji showed Maan his room and asked him to take rest while Geet went to her room to rest after taking a look at Daarji from outside since he was sleeping.


Next morning Maan woke up, got ready and came down at the breakfast table where everyone was seated. He took the blessings of mummyji, papaji and beeji then they had breakfast.


Papaji: Beta, aap ka naam?

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana.

Papaji: Khurana Constructions ke malik?

Maan (just nodded)


Just then Teji’s phone rang.


Teji: (on phone)Ok, I am coming (kept the phone). Beeji there is some problem in the fields I will leave (and he left).


Maan: Can I see Daarji.

Papaji: Why not beta, Geet take him to meet Daarji.


They both went to meet him, Maan took his blessing as well. They chated for some time then.


Mummyji: Geet, beta come here.

Geet: Coming


Geet left to find her mom. Here Maan was passing by the hall when he heard Papaji and Beeji talking about him.


Beeji: you should keep Geet under control, why is she roaming with this guy, what is his name yes Maan. Do you even know who he is?

Papaji: He is a nice person, I have always read good things about him. He is a self made man who always stands for the right.

Beeji: Self made man, my foot. We should not let Geet get involved with him, (Papaji tried to interrupt her but she continued)I have seen it in Geet’s eyes. Do you know his family history? How can we trust this guy, his mother left her family so can he.


Maan got wild on hearing about his family, he felt suffocated, how could he ever leave Geet. How can they even think he could do such a thing… oh… he would die before he did that. But he didn’t want to create a scene in Geet’s house especially when Daarji was unwell, but he couldn’t take the frustration as well. So he just left from there. He came out of the house and started running as hard as he could in order to subside his anger.


Here Rajji had heard what Beeji was saying and after seeing Maan leave the house, she ran and told Geet about it. Geet got worried about Maan, because she knew he hated his mother and ran behind him.


Precap: If I give precap you will be scared so let it be


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