Milan Part 15

Chapter 15


Maan: You sleep here, I will sleep in the other room. Good night.

Geet (smiled): Good night. (She thanked her Babaji that Maan understood her silence as well)


Maan went out and asked the yacht to be taken to the shore and went to the other room to take a nap. The captain woke him up when they reached the shore. Maan went to Geet’s room to find her sleeping innocently like a baby. She looked so adorable that he was lost in her. He walked in trance smitten by her beauty and sat beside her. He kept staring at her, admiring her beauty and innocence.


The yacht’s sudden movement brought him back to reality. He didn’t want to wake his princess but then, they had to head back since both had office the next day (or shall I say today since it was past midnight). He picked her up very gently making sure not to wake her and carried her to the limo.


He tenderly made her sleep on the back seat, she started stirring since her head was awkwardly placed, and she was missing her pillow. Maan immediately sat near her and placed her head in his lap. She snuggled in his lap as if realizing who her new pillow (wink Wink) was and hugged his waist tightly and slept as if she didn’t want to leave him even in her sleep. He chuckled at her gesture and made her comfortable. Then he laid his head back to take a nap.


When they reached the private section of the airport, the driver stopped the car and tapped on the window. Maan woke from his nap and motioned the driver to wait. He slowly opened the door, removed her head from his lap to place it on the seat so that he could carry her. But as soon as he moved, she made a baby face (in her sleep) as if missing his warmth. He smiled and picked her up and carried her to the private jet. He made her comfortable in the seat and put seat belt and held her hand while take off. Once they were in mid air, he reclined their seats so that both could rest peacefully. When they were about to land, the airhostess whispered to wake him up, since he had strictly told the staff to not disturb them till landing. He made their seats upright very gently so as not to disturb her sleep and held her hand while landing and even in sleep Geet dug her nails in his hand just like she did while takeoff. He always understood her every need, however small it may be and whether she expressed it or not (or shall I say whether she was awake or not).


Once they landed, he again lifted Geet softly and carried her down the aircraft to his Mercedes. He placed her in the passenger seat and reclined it so that she would be comfortable. Then he put seat belt by bending over her, but when he tried to get up he felt a slight tug at his shirt button. He realized that her bracelet had got stuck in it. He tried to untangle them, but due to the awkward position he wasn’t able to do so and he could feel that his constant pull at her bracelet was disturbing her sleep, so he just broke his button. At the same time Geet moved her hand and it touched his perfectly toned abs which were now exposed with the broken button. A shiver went down his spine by her soft touch, her single touch was enough to send him to heaven. A small smile formed on Geet’s lips as if enjoying the touch.


After some time when he gained back his senses, he slowly removed her hand and went to the driver’s seat. He drove to her apartment, they reached in the wee hours of the morning. He parked the car, but was in 2 minds whether to wake her up or to carry her, since the morning had broken and few people had come out for morning walk, he didn’t want them to misunderstand her. He could tolerate anything against himself but never ever anything against his Geet. He blew softly on her face, she moved a bit and few of her hair locks came on her faced. He very softly tugged the locks behind her ears, deliberately letting his fingers remain a fraction longer on her cheeks. She woke by his sudden touch and smiled finding him near her as if her dream had come true. He smiled back.


Maan: Wake up, princess.

Geet: Good morning

Maan: So how was your sleep?

Geet: never better


Then Geet realized that she had to reach the office and they must be on the yacht.


Geet: Oh God, Maan how will I report back today.

Maan (smiling his lop-sided smile): Look out Geet

Geet was shocked to see that they were in her parking.

Geet: But…. We were…. How did…

Maan: Relax Geet.

Geet: But I was slept in the yacht, then when did we travel and how did I come in the car and here.

Maan: it is simple Geet, I carried you


Geet just looked at him with love and admired his love and care. She realized that he carried me from yacht to limo, to the plane and then to his car, but she never woke up, in fact this was the best sleep she ever had.


Geet (filled with love): Maaannn (and hugged him, he hugged her back, after some time she broke concerned if he was able to sleep) Par, aap toh so nahi paye, and you have office today.

Maan: Don’t worry, princess. I slept.

Geet: Sachi…


Maan just nodded his head.


Maan: Acha chalo you go and get ready for office, I will also leave, ok.

Geet: hmm


Geet was about to open her door when she turned back.


Maan: What happened, Princess?

Geet (hugging him): Thank you Maan, it was the best day of my life (tears of happiness flowed from her eyes).

Maan (breaking the hug and cupping her face wiping her tears): No tears , princess.. not even of happiness…

Geet smiled and nodded.


Geet went to her apartment while Maan headed back to his mansion. Both were very happy today, they were dancing while getting ready. Their faces were glowing today, the world was smiling so were they. Maan was very pleasant in all his meetings and Adi almost collapsed seeing MSK smile. It was 6 in the evening and Maan had finished all his meetings and was looking out of his office window hoping to catch a glimpse of her. When suddenly he saw her rushing out of Malhotra’s office building, it looked like she was crying. Maan ran down seeing her like that, he died a million deaths seeing her condition, and caught up with her.


Maan (holding her shoulders):What happened Geet, why are you crying?

Geet (between sobs): Maan… Daarjee… he… he… had a heart attack and is very serious…

Maan (hugging her): Don’t worry Geet, everything will be alright. Come I will take you to there.


They sat in his car and started for Hoshiyarpur


Precap: Geet’s family’s reaction on seeing Maan.

              Beeji: How can we trust this guy, his mother left her family so can he.


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