Milan Last Part

Last Part (Chapter 39)

The whole room was beautifully decorated with rose petals and scented candles. Geet sat in full bridal dress up on the bed feeling very nervous and anxious. Her friends had really scared her about her first night. Geet remembered Anu saying “It is only pleasurable for the guy, it is his right, but all it gives is pain and sufferings to us“. Pragya had warned her “It will be very painful not only during the night but for the days to come as well“. Geet was so nave she didn’t know what to expect. Yeah she had complete faith in Maan but it was a guy thing and obviously he would want his wife to give him all the pleasures and more so he deserved the best in life. But what was she to do. She was dying out in fear and her blood pressure started dropping.


Suddenly the door opened and Maan entered the room. She clutched the sheets in fear as he approached the bed. As her anxiety grew she hugged her knees and sat feeling extremely frightened as what to expect. Maan was over the moon, today Geet was his wife, his soul mate, finally his life felt complete.

He slowly lifted Geet’s Ghooghat to see her beautiful face, but she had bowed her head in fright. Maan gently lifted her chin to look at her, but he was stunned to find her body so cold. Her eyes depicted fear and terror, he wasn’t able to understand what was wrong with his Geet. She seemed fine in the ceremony, then what went wrong. He sat beside her and very delicately held her shoulders, but she started shivering.


Maan: Kya baat hai Geet, are you feeling cold.

(What happened Geet, are you feeling cold.)


When she didn’t reply, he gently caressed her face. But as soon as he touched her, she moved back. Maan was taken aback.


Maan (confused): What happened Geet, why are you moving away from me. Did I do anything wrong?


Again she didn’t reply, rather she didn’t know how to convey her feeling to him. What if it angered him or saddened him, she didn’t want to spoil the night for him, but what she failed to understand was that, she was scaring him by her behavior. Maan shifted back and held her shoulders again very tenderly.


Maan: What’s the matter Geet? Tum muje kuch bhi bata sakti ho.

(What’s the matter Geet? You can tell me anything)


He lifted her chin to meet her eyes, for the split second their eyes met he saw tears in them, but then she looked down.


Maan (really worried now): Geet please, speak up. Why are you crying? You are scaring me now.


Not knowing how to look into his eyes and tell about her fears, she just hugged him or rather crushed him.


Geet (teary voice): I am sorry Maan, I don’t want to spoil your first night, I don’t know why but I am feeling very scared. I know you deserve the best and I am yours and that you have all rights on me. I will not stop you, please do whatever you want to.


Maan was extremely shocked by what all Geet was saying. His first night, whatever he wanted to do. This was supposed to be their night and not his. Why was Geet talking as if only he had desires? He was very confused.


Maan: Geet, what are you talking, my desires, my night? You are not making sense, Jaan


Geet: Aur nahi toh kya, everyone told me guys have their needs and desires which a girl must oblige to especially on the first night. Yeah, I am scared that it will hurt but don’t worry, you can do whatever you want.


Maan was furious at the idiots who talked such rubbish to Geet. It was sounding like he was to rape her or something. He would never force Geet for anything, he wanted her to enjoy as much as he would. He wanted to see desire for him in her eyes, but those morons ruined everything. But he would get his Geet out of this. He vowed to kindle the desire in her heart, but first things first how to get her out of this terrified state. He knew his speaking won’t help, she was way too frightened to understand anything. He will have to very delicately pave his path. Then an idea stuck him.


Maan put his hand on the burning candle on the side table, deliberately burning it. He was really hurting but he made sure to not even as much as flinch. Then he pretended as if the candle fell on his hand and he got burned.


Maan: Ouch…


On seeing his burnt hand, Geet forgot all her fears, everything and rushed like mad to get the ointment. She very gently applied the medicine, blowing air softly, soothing his wound.


Geet (while bandaging his hand): Bahut dard ho raha hai na. (It is hurting a lot na)


Maan (gave her his lop sided smile): It’s better now princess.


Finally Geet smiled. Maan was happy that he had won his first battle, Geet was back to normal. Now onto the second and the more difficult challenge, to seduce his innocent beauty.


Maan: Geet you remove your jewelry, place it in the drawer and then you change. I will also change.


Geet: Ok.


Geet went to the dressing table and started removing her jewelry, though it was Maan’s dream to remove Geet’s wedding jewelry very sensually, tenderly caressing and relishing her soft, delicate skin but he could let go anything for his Geet. Maan stood behind her and started undoing the buttons of his Sherwani.


Maan: Ouch


Geet: Kya hua Maan. (What happened Maan?)


Maan: It is really hurting to unbutton, could you please help me Geet.


Geet: Sure Maan.


Not understanding Maan’s naughtiness and plan, Geet very innocently started un-buttoning his Sherwani. As she unbuttoned, his well toned chest was visible. She started feeling butterflies in her stomach. Maan made sure she only removed his Sherwani, so now he was standing bare-chested, hardly an inch away from her. Her breathing became uneven looking at his broad, smooth chest, his taut shoulder muscles, his bulging biceps and his chiseled abs. He looked ravishing in the romantic atmosphere with scented candles and rose petals all around. Geet did not understand this new feeling that she was getting with his proximity.


Maan wanted to see her desire increase and he just opened the nara of his Churidar and let it fall in a puddle near his feet. Geet was stunned by his sudden action not knowing what to do and was just staring at him with desire forming in her eyes. He was standing in front of her in just his boxers, making his masculinity quite obvious to her. She didn’t know what emotion she was experiencing but she couldn’t remove her eyes from staring at his Greek God like body. Then Maan did the unthinkable. He slipped his boxers very sensuously down shocking Geet. He stood stark naked in front of her, his body glowing in the lights of the candles. Geet was not able to bear it any more, she was just drinking his beauty with her eyes. Her eyes glowed in deep love as well as immense lust for the delicious item in front of her. Maan was feeling very conscious stripping like that and standing bare in front of her, but may be this was the only way to ignite the fire in her. He was going all red at the way Geet was staring at him, his aroused manliness, as if she would eat him alive. On the other hand, she wasn’t sure as to what she wanted, she wanted him but how she had no clue.


Geet (hoarse voice): Maan, I want to kiss you, touch you, feel you.


Maan (spreading his arms): I am all yours Geet, do as you wish dear. Come to me love.


18 + Part Begins

Geet almost jumped on him in her bridal dress. He fell back on the ground with her on top of him. Geet smacked her lips on his and kissed him passionately as if her life depended on that one kiss, biting him hard on his lower lip. He moaned in the kiss as she licked the blood of his lips. They slowly deepened the kiss penetrating deep within each other’s mouths, exploring all the hidden treasures. Their tongues played with each other creating havoc to their senses. Geet roamed her hands all over him, his smooth back, his taut chest, his well-carved abs, his sides, not getting enough of him as they fervently kissed each other. As if her assault wasn’t sufficient torture for him, when he was trying so hard to control himself till she was completely engrossed, before making his move, her heavy dress and embroidery were scratching him all over the place arousing him further and he moaned her name.


They parted for some air but were again lost in another enthralling kiss, Maan slowly opened her blouse buttons making sure she didn’t realize it. He next unclasped her bra, she flinched slightly, he deepened the kiss and she was soon lost in the pleasure of it. He softly fondled her br*****, caressing them softly massaging the hardened n******, taking her to new heights of pleasure. She moaned his name. She bit him wildly on his neck not able to bear it anymore, while her hands traveled to his hidden parts caressing him lovingly and he groaned in desperation hardening instantly. Today he was willing to let her explore him while he would fulfill his desires to relish her body another time when she was more comfortable with him.


Maan knew she was ready and he softly lifted her and placed her gently on the bed after undressing her completely on the way, kissing her zealously all the while. They parted for air when Geet spoke.


Geet (voice filled with desperation and want): I am feeling very strange Maan, I don’t know how but I want more of you Maan.


Maan: Princess are you ready to ride in the clouds, love.


Geet: yes, please take me with you.


Maan very carefully entered her making sure she wasn’t hurt while kissing her deeply. Geet let out a deep moan in his mouth more out of pleasure than pain. Slowly they found their rhythm, moaning each other’s names in sheer pleasure, kissing and feeling one another still not getting enough of each other. He kept increasing the thrust till they both reached their climax. Maan let out a moan and finally collapsed on her, both having become one.


18+ Part Ends

Their souls met and their Milan was complete. Finally our Monster and Princess became one body, one soul Smile


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