Milan Epilogue

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Maan woke up to find his princess snuggling into him and sleeping so peacefully. Hayee… she looked so angelic with the golden rays of the early morning sun shining on her face that he was completely lost in her divine beauty adoring his Jaan and drooling over her first thing in the morning (wink Wink)


Geet caressed his taut chest and chiseled abs in her sleep as if she just couldn’t have enough of him and he chuckled seeing his Sherni and blushed remembering how he had stripped in front of her yesterday. His cheeks became all red remembering the look in her eyes yesterday as she completely devoured him when her sinful hands travelled to his secret part and he inhaled sharply, hardening instantly as she gently caressed his manliness in her sleep. His grip tightened around her waist as he moaned her name closing his eyes, not able to bear her gentle teasing and caressing any more awakening Geet. She blushed deep red realizing what naughtiness her hands were up to even while asleep.


She withdrew her hands instantly and Maan opened his eyes to find his dear princess shying away. Hayee… she looked so cute with her red cheeks that he simply wished to eat her alive. Maan pulled her more into himself and she instantly hid her face in his chest dying of shyness.


Maan (teasing her): Arey meri Sheni sharmati bhi hai? (Geet snuggled more into him just not able to face him blushing completely red as he continued in his husky bedroom voice) Arey yesterday toh someone was in full mood to explore me kissing, licking and biting me, aaj kya hua?

(My wild tigress feels shy too? Yesterday someone was in full mood to explore me kissing, licking and biting me, then what happened today?)


Geet (complained in a baby voice still hiding in him sharam se pani pani): Maaannn….


Hayee… she sounded so cute and adorable how could he tease her more and he pulled her reluctance self out and kissed her completely red cheeks nibbling gently as she made a baby face not knowing how to face him after her night’s adventures while he showered her face with wet kisses.


Maan (Oh… his cute little shy and slightly grumpy princess): Arey princess, smile na I was toh just teasing you (he nudged her winking at her) I simply loved my Sherni yesterday and want her to love me the same till eternity.


Geet (Poor Geet, she was simply getting redder and redder if it was even possible hehe, she cribbed slightly not able to bear his teasing): Maaannn….


She just couldn’t meet his intense gaze and shied away from his bedroom eyes when the pure white satin sheet slightly shifted from his bare torso and Geet almost shrieked seeing her artwork breaking Maan’s dreaming session of admiring his princess.


Geet gently caressing the scratch marks and bluish red bruised skin courtesy her numerous love bites as tears brimmed her eyes. Maan followed her gaze and realized that she must be feeling guilty.


Maan (not letting her speak as he could see her overwhelmed and choking with emotions as she gently caressed him. He cupped her face softly and made her face him): Nahi princess. (she tried to speak “So…” but he didn’t let her complete) No angel, you will not insult our love by feeling guilty. I am so proud of our love, it is truly my honor that you desire me so much. No tears Jaan, I am blessed that you love me so much. I am truly blessed that you gave me such cherish able memories of our Milan, princess. Yesterday we became one body, one soul, so no more tears Mishti. Please smile na.


And Geet smiled amidst her tears. She felt so bad how much she was scared yesterday, how she almost spoiled their pure and divine oneness but she felt so proud of her Maan how he not only relaxed her but even brought her out of the shell that she had receded into. She was truly blessed to have a soul mate so understanding, loving and caring as Maan and she hugged him overwhelmed at his absolutely pure and divine love.


Geet almost wrapped herself around him not wanting to let go of her love. She was so grateful of Babaji to have blessed her with Maan. He instantly stiffened, completely aroused as his hardness touched her softness while Geet felt butterflies in her stomach as she realized his totally aroused self and instantly melted getting all wet.


Maan (inhaled sharply as his manliness brushed her softness, totally lost in her feel, completely aroused as he groaned her name in desperation): Geeettt…. (as if seeking her permission to love her, wanting to make sure he didn’t hurt her yesterday and it was as pleasurable for her as it had been for him.)


Geet (It was as if she understood his unsaid words): Love me Jaan, I wanna be yours forever.


It was all that Maan desired and he instantly flipped her over, entering inside while kissing her zealously. They made love to each other the entire morning till they were completely exhausted and breathless yet wrapped around each other just not getting enough, almost merging in one wanting this moment to last till eternity.


They reluctantly broke apart after Maan’s phone had rang around a zillion times reminding them of the remaining ceremonies via voice messages. They finally got ready and rushed to the Handa Haveli.


As the functions finished, Rano Maa, Papaji, Rajji and everyone bid goodbye to them as Maan and Geet left for Delhi to embrace the beautiful and golden life that lay ahead of them.


As soon as Maan reached Delhi, poor guy was totally absorbed in work. Even though he was dying to spend time with his princess, he just couldn’t owing to his business commitments. Yeah he had been reviewing over all the projects from Hoshiyarpur and doing video conferencing but some meetings are only possible by being physically present and he was neck deep in work, totally engrossed just not getting any spare time.


Four days had passed by and his work was simply not letting him even breathe in peace and he was feeling so guilty at not being able to spend any time with his princess. Even though it was Sunday today, poor Maan had to again rush for a meeting and had loads of preparatory work and meetings till late in the evening.


As Geet placed took out his matching tie and wallet, he held his ears.


Geet (Totally astonished, holding his hands): Maan aap yeh kya kar rahe ho? (Maan, what are you doing?)


Maan (making a baby sorry face pleading guilty): I am so sorry princess, jab se humari shaadi hui hai I haven’t been able to spend even a couple of hours peacefully with you, Jaan. I am truly sor…

(I am so sorry princess, since our wedding I haven’t been able to spend even a couple of hours peacefully with you, Jaan. I am truly sor…)


But Geet placed her hand on his mouth not letting him continue as she shook her head.


Geet: Aap yeh kya kar rahe ho Maan. I completely understand Jaan. You have been away from business for so long that it was bound to get hectic na. (trying to lighten the situation as she wrapped her hands around his neck) Don’t worry sweet heart, I won’t leave you even for a second once your work gets back on track (she said huskily, winking at him and Maan was completely lost in his innocent seductress)

(What are you doing Maan)


When his mobile rang and he had to rush for the meeting.


As it was Sunday it was Geet’s holiday and she was really terribly missing Maan. Yeah she understood his situation perfectly but she was really getting bored when Mrs. Mary came in with her special evening tea.


Mrs. Mary: Geet Beti, bore ho rahi ho? (Geet Beti, you are getting bored?)


Geet (she loved the old lady as she was so loving and caring and had been with Maan since childhood): Haan, slightly. (Yeah, slightly)


Mrs. Mary (hesitantly): I wanted to tell you something.


Geet: Bataiye na (Yeah tell)


Mrs. Mary: Actually, it is Baba’s birthday tomorrow. I know he mustn’t have even told you. He never celebrated after his dad passed away. Would you please make it special for him, beti.


Geet (astonished that he had never mentioned it to her, but now that she knew she would leave no stone unturned to make it his best birthday. She hugged Mrs. Mary, really thankful for letting her know): Don’t worry we will make it his best birthday. Come on…


Saying so Geet almost sprang on her feet and literally dragged poor Mrs. Mary to prepare for his birthday. She was so excited planning what to do, how to surprise him when a hot idea clicked in her naughty brain and she got down to business.


Time was quickly passing by and poor Geet was completely engrossed in her elaborate preparation when she panicked seeing the clock.


Geet (calling Adi): Adi Bhaiya, if you are with Maan come outside and talk but don’t mention my name in front of him.


Adi: Rrright… (to Maan): Sssir could I please take this call.


Maan: Yeah sure Adi. But make it quick I want to head home as soon as possible (but little did he know what his naughty wifey was up to).


Adi: Rrright Sssir. (went out, till whispering): Yeah Geet, tell me. I was with sir only.


Geet: Please keep him busy for a few more hours.


Adi (almost shouting): What?????


Geet: Arey Adi Bhaiya, dheere. Maan ne sun liya toh bahut garbar ho jayegi. (Adi Bhaiya, softly. If Maan hears than we will be in big problem)


Adi (softly): What????? (panicking) Delay him more, he wants to leave early. Geet, you want to get me killed?


Geet (in a frustrated voice): Shh… Shh… calm down, it is very simple, just delay him, keep him busy in work, he won’t kill you… (Adi tried to protest) do as I say or else I will surely murder you.


Poor Adi gulped hard, wasn’t MSK enough now toh GSK was also after his life.


Geet (hearing no response, shouting): Arey, are you listening???


Adi (jolting out from visualizing his murder at the hands of both, meekly adding): Yeah, but…


Geet: No if no but Adi Bhaiya, it is Maan’s birthday tomorrow and I am planning a surprise tonight so you have to delay him for a couple of hours as my preparations aren’t completed yet. It is almost 9, make sure he is in office till 11 or 11:15 so that he reaches home just before mid night.


Adi agreed as he too didn’t want to spoil Maan’s birthday surprise. He had always wanted to see Maan smile and he was more than willing to risk his angry boss’s volcanic eruption for the same as well as for Geet who respected him like her brother. Adi prepared himself for the angry wrath of Maan and went to the battle field to delay him.


Adi: Sssir…


Maan: Haan Adi, come let’s finish this last project for tomorrow’s meeting so that I can head home.


Adi: No Sssir


Maan: No, what do you mean no.


Adi: woh… woh… I forgot we have to finish Mr. Mishra’s project report too.


Maan: Why? The meeting is on Wednesday.


Adi: Sorry sssirr, I forgot to tell you, we had to reschedule as he is leaving town so I had to pre-pone the meeting for tomorrow.


Maan (really furious, shouting): What, you pre-poned and you are telling me now? How can you be so irresponsible Adi?


Adi: Sssooorry sssiirrr. I am really verrry sorry, he called today only and as it is such an important contract I decided to pre-pone the meeting otherwise it would have gotten delayed by a month.


Maan (calming himself down, after all Adi wanted the betterment of the company only): Okay, but let’s hurry and finish it up.


But obviously how could Adi hurry up, he wanted to live na, hehe… and hence he made sure Maan left only after 11. Poor Maan was feeling so bad for not even spending Sunday evening with his princess.


Maan (self thought): Bechari Geet, jab se hum Delhi aaye hai, I just haven’t spent any time with her. She must be feeling so lonely na and today was her holiday also, what should I do to make it up to her? (When an idea clicked him) Yeah I will plan a vacation next weekend, waise bhi we haven’t even been for our honey moon (Hayee… he blushed remembering hi Sherni)

(Poor Geet, since we have come back to Delhi, I just haven’t spent any time with her)


By the time Maan reached home he had made up his mind to book the tickets next day itself and he slowly crept inside the front door pretty sure his wifey would be extremely angry on him today (he hadn’t been this late ever), little knowing that it was his Geet’s conspiracy only and the surprise awaiting him.


As soon as he tip-toped into his house he was blown over by the aromatic fragrance all around. It truly felt as if he had entered heaven. He slowly crept into his home completely lost in the divine aroma when a balloon hit his head. He looked up to find a series of red heart shaped balloons with a message engraved on them.




The next series of red heart shaped balloons had a message embossed in chocolate icing.




Maan was totally smitten by his princess and God knows where his imagination was leading him. He gulped hard trying to control his erotic senses and over flowing emotions aroused so simply by his seductress’s hot and provoking messages.




Maan almost floated upstairs to their bedroom and as entered the divine paradise, he was completely awestruck by the whole romantic ambience his Mishti had done up especially for him. The whole room was beautifully decorated with red and white roses along with his favorite white and purple orchids and there aroma just felt heavenly when he saw his princess dressed in a gorgeous red flowing gown. Oh… she looked so angelic that he was completely lost in her, drooling over her without even baiting an eye lid.


Geet (total sensual style): Come on in, my sexy birthday boy.


As his naughty seductress very sensually danced around him, he moaned her name completely lost in her gently teasing and caressing as she very softly grazed his body. She led him to his birthday cake which was in fact a very thin layer of cake with an enormous amount of chocolate icing on it with the following message engraved on it.


Happy Birthday

My Sexy Monster

Come Eat Me Alive


Geet rolled her gown down ever so softly revealing her milky skin underneath. She absolutely shone in the gorgeous red lingerie looking completely delicious and Maan just couldn’t hold himself back. He smeared her lips with a large helping of the chocolate icing and took them in his lips urgently devouring her completely along with the yummy chocolate icing. Geet moaned his name arousing him further as his sinful hands explored her sexy body further.


Maan was in absolutely no control today as he ripped his clothes off while carrying her to bed while Geet chuckled seeing his desperation. Yet, he somehow controlled the urge to take her in just then itself as he truly wished to devour her, explore her so much more. He removed her b** as he smeared her womanly asserts with the extremely melting chocolate icing before he was completely lost in exploring all her hidden treasures with his merciless and sinful lips kissing, licking, suckling and biting her br***** while he caressed her sides as she shrieked in pure pleasure as her hands gripped his hair tightly pulling him more to herself loving him shower his love on her.


He completely undressed both of them as he smeared her waist and hidden treasure completely in chocolate before he softly licked her up while nibbling and kissing away pleasuring her, worshipping her. She instantly melted completely wet as she moaned his name just not able to bear it any more.


Geet: Maan please love me na Jaan.


That was it, he couldn’t control anymore and almost instantly he was inside her as he rocked her world taking her to the peaks of pleasure riding amongst the clouds as they both moaned each other’s name kissing each other zealously as if there was no tomorrow. He kept on increasing the pleasure till they hit their climax and collapsed yet still wrapped around each other almost merging as a tear escaped from Geet’s eyes.


Maan (worried): Princess, did I hurt you?


Geet (blinked her eyes silencing him): Nahi Jaan, this is the best moment of my life. I was so stupid that I was afraid of our love but I am truly blessed that you love me so much. Thank you Maan for coming in my life, for understanding me, my every stupid fear, for loving and caring so much about me and for showering your divine love on me. Please love me like this always Jaan.


Maan (overwhelmed at her love): Forever and ever Mishti. (he pulled her more into himself snuggling into her as he continued) In fact this monster is truly blessed to have got my angel, my princess. Thank you wifey for brightening my dark life Jaan. (as he completely wrapped himself around her cocooning her within him as if protecting her from the whole wide world)


As time passed by their love grew stronger and stronger and even as a month passed by both just couldn’t have enough of each other.


Soon it was time for Rajji to join school and Maan emotionally blackmailed Rano Maa and Papaji to come alone and stay with them.


Rano Maa (over phone): But how can we stay it is our beti’s sasural (in-laws house)


Maan: But Ma isn’t it you son’s home too.


Rano Maa: Haan par beta (Yeah but son)


Maan: No if no but, if you really consider me your son from your heart then you will come and stay with us.


And Rano was truly overwhelmed at his love, how could she ever deny her divine son and they too came along to stay with Rajji. Rano Maa and Papaji used to visit Hoshiyarpur often but stayed most of the time with their son and daughters.


Finally Maan’s longing for his family ended as Rano Maa and Papaji adored their son while his little sister Rajji truly respected him and looked up to him and of course his angel, his princess, his Pari, his Jaan, his Geet without whom he just didn’t exist. Soon their family was complete as Geet gave birth to a little princess, their ‘Nanhi Pari’ and Maan was completely over the moon.


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